Feb 162017

This poor Scrappy Cat is finally at 100%. He’s been watching over my work area for months now.

This Scrappy Cat has a split personality and he wants the other half GONE! He abuses Adderall as a sleep deprivation tactic in a battle to silence his invisible friend/second personality, accompanied by a euphoric state of joy and excitement, hence the bloodshot eyes and too-wide grin. Hacker Cat wears a strappy backpack which contains a small composition notebook and two small badges, one reading Hello Friend, the other I <3 Adderall. The inspiration (screenshot from the show)
See the resemblance?

It’s the spit of him.

Themed collar charms and his split personality heart. One side is silver glitter stars, the other is glow-in-the-dark stars on black flannel.

His open belly and AteMouse.

Soft stitched claws.

Stitched paw pads. This was some scraps of dyed fabric.


Backside with his Molle backpack on.

The contents of his backpack, a composition notebook, a badge that reads Hello Friend, another that reads I <3 Adderall.

Glad he finally had his internet debut.

Feb 132017

When you use more than one medium in a piece, it becomes mixed media.

This sketch of a lilac-breasted roller uses water soluble markers, charcoal, graphite and white pastel on Stonehenge shaded paper. It was created as an ArtSnacks Challenge piece, which I enjoy the challenge part of. Not as exciting as last time, but still good to do for myself. It was more difficult than you might think to find good examples of roller prey in Somalia via photos on the internet. That said, all hail the internet!

Feb 102017

First and most importantly, I have to say thank you to all my friends, who are so very supportive in so many ways. AmyKatt and Christina are at my figurative back, and helped gently push me into showing at an ArtWalk evening, whilst providing practical things like space, tables, walls, setup assistance and, literally, the brass tacks. Ymabean came and stayed for hours, helping me talk up my work with strangers, playing tag-in hostess, and being a fount of excitement and creative inspiration. Leialalani boosted the event on social media and followed through with an energetic visit and photography. Krisneener was unable to swing by, but texted her support. And finally, Dondee is one of those gifted people who constantly provides reinforcement, genuine compliments, appreciation, and at all times favors you with her endorsement and favor – she’s like the artistic fairy godmother you always wish you had.

One of the little sayings I live in my life is to fight your corner. Having friends like these in your corner makes it easier.

Here are two shots I took during setup. There were two more quilt additions and I never even took a photo of my table display, but this is something.

The first side people saw when they walked in.

The backside. It was fully lit for the event, with more quilts back there and more light. You get the idea.

At my side, as always, was my gorgeous Slick. He is the one who climbed the ladder to tack all those quilts up and helped me haul things in and out of the car. He was no help with finding stray threads, and for the best of reasons. He said, ” I think the threads are part of it.” I know, he’s sweet.

I hadn’t seen my quilts all hung together like this and it incites me to make more, although I am currently trying to work with clay and get a feel for it, so sewing, carving, and claying with all have to share my creative time.

Feb 072017

It has taken months on this, but I’ve finally started some clay work. In the past, I’ve done air-dry clay, polymer clay, paper clay and just about everything else in the world. Finally, I’m getting into proper pottery since Flydragon, a studio close to my house, has very reasonable firing fees, as well as our kiln we bought used years ago for a steal that gathers dust in our garage. I think I might be able to spruce it up and figure out how to use it. Maybe. Anyhow. With the new year, I’ve got an open creation schedule and started in. I’ve done a couple pinch bowls, a small formed box, and decided my next project should be a slab box.

So, I made a slab coffin. Hah. I like the old style toe-pincher boxes. Yes, I probably should have started with a simple four sided box. The angles were more challenging this way. Also, the rims look funny since it is a keyed lid – it will only fit one way, which I now realize is unnecessary because it is already a one way fit. But I think it will look cool when the finished lid curves over the skull carvings in the box side once it is done.

Besides that, I am participating in the local ArtWalk this month. For three hours, I will display many of my art quilts and some Scrappy Cats, cuffs, buttons, etc to the public at Flydragon Studio on the NW corner of W 17th St and O’Neil. If you’re not familiar with ArtWalk, it is a monthly (second Thr of each month) event when galleries, studios, or similar host and feature an artist, or two, for the evening. Some places have restaurant or food truck catering, too. Personally, I love it. Each month I get to run around downtown and see loads of new art and have the occasional snack and drink. Very nice. And now, I will be showing. We’ll see how the quilts look all hung up. I’ll be sure to take a few pictures for those of you who aren’t nearby.

Feb 032017

I made some Valentine’s inspired cuffs recently. I was really in desperate need of some sewing time, and this was a quick, one evening project.

I used a skull stamp I made years ago and had fun scrounging up enough bits of coordinating fabrics to at least mostly match up eight similar layouts.

These are flatter and more sleek than some of my other cuffs. I started adding beads to these, but they looked wrong so I cut them off. I left out the layer of batting, too. More streamlined.

All eight have similar arrangements, but I put red overlay on four and black on the other four. The ones with red have an almost pink look against the white parts.

I listed them in my Etsy shop since there might be other folks out there with similar tastes. They’re titled Mortal Love. Hahah.I was trying to sketch up something to carve for cards, but couldn’t bring it to life. Maybe this weekend something will coalesce.

Feb 022017

AKA lunar new year

My CNY Rooster card packs sold out in my Etsy shop again. They are popular each year and I look forward to making them as my new calendar starts up.

Been quiet here lately. I’m overloaded and work is almost all of it, one demanding thing after another with additional company drama and changes on top. I’d take a break, but everything would keep piling up while I’d be away making it even harder to catch up – so, no break. Headway is being made.

Feb 012017

Hoarfrost covers Cheyenne today.

I love it when this happens. Everywhere you look you are now in a magical winter fantasy. The greater landscapes, long stretches of white fields and hills with puffy marshmallow sparkle trees, are amazing.

Jan 162017

He lost his head on the 9th and has remained the same since.

I’m considering knocking it over and kicking pieces over to the other side of the yard where my two new, young trees are. They need the water more than the dirt does.

Jan 122017

The January ArtSnacks box arrived a week ago and I have to say I was a bit stumped on what to make for the Challenge with the items – something that would be really fun. The ArtSnacks Challenge is to use all and only the supplies in your box. Obviously, you can add a canvas to work on, as they can only fit small samples of papers in the slender boxes.

The box held two bottles of fluorescent High Flow Acrylic paints in blue and green, a Princeton Snap paintbrush, a Kuretake double ended marker in blue, and a Koh-I-Nor Magnum graphite pencil. This is rough. The blue water-based marker is the same hue as the blue paint. The graphite pencil says HB, but marks like an H – which means it only got a gray instead of close to black. This means I have a very limited color and shade range.

While falling asleep a couple days after unboxing these items, the idea came to me all together, complete and ready to spring into creation. I just had to make it happen.

Acrylic paint on watercolor paper, in green and blue. Another pair of creatures was the teal combination. Since the paints are somewhat translucent, I could layer them, but they wouldn’t get darker than you see in the bottle on their own. Oh, I guess I could have tried burning the acrylic. Next time. The acrylic paint went over the graphite very nicely with minimal to no smearing.
Now to make new colors.

Laying down graphite and covering with acrylic got me far, so I shaved graphite off the pencil and added it to the paint to get a darker shade. It was gritty and required much stirring, but it worked!

The marker being the same blue meant I couldn’t get a new color, but it would help. I drew the diamond cone flowers in graphite, then carved lines in the paper with the razor knife, and colored it with the marker which made the blue darker and different, before coloring over them with the paint. That paintbrush is good for my varied work – I will pick up a couple more when I see them in stores.

This is the finished set, with all the pieces cut out, edged and stuck to some boxed over lines of watercolor paper. In the end, I managed to get a handful of variations from a limited palette; although I did completely use up that marker! It is dead and dry after the swirly background. I propped up everything in a box, arranged a couple lights and took about 80 photos. Movie Maker and some CC music later, a movie!

It is only 15 seconds, but that is enough. It is simple and cutesy and makes me quite happy.

Jan 102017

Work is kicking my ass today, so I only have this to share.

Small, fast sketch on the tablet with stylus. Turns out if you leave your stylus on for three or four weeks, the tiny battery will die. Good thing I ordered extras and carry a spare.
I’ll keep trying this and hopefully get better.

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