Mar 202018

Pizza dough, parbake.
Did a few things different on this one. I let it rise longer, parbaked it longer and the texture and doneness was better, but it was also a bit dry and I didn’t put as many spices in it, which made it dull.

Pizza done.
Pizza number five (a few days later) didn’t get a photo because I was very hungry and couldn’t make myself NOT eat the whole pizza before grabbing a camera. I have about seven cameras, but hunger won out. It looked the same as this one.
I adjusted a few more things and it was fine – not that I’d really notice with how fast I wolfed that thing down. Funny though, I split half the dough for Slick to use later, but he didn’t get to it that night. When I checked on it before bed, the dough had grown and burst out of the plastic wrap, forming a sci-fi looking bulge as if the dough was going to keep growing and take over the fridge. It didn’t, but it was a fun sight.

Mar 182018

It rained, then it snowed.
Throwing a blanket.
It was beautiful and made me even happier to be inside my mostly-warm house, with blankets and spoiled cats.
Although, so many blankets!
Throwing a blanket.
Must move blankets to make space for me.

That snow looked dramatic, but a slippery drive to work in the morning aside, it was gone by lunchtime.

Mar 112018

Cherry pie, baking.

It even looks like pie!

Cherry pie, baked.

I think next time I’ll drop the temp a bit and bake it longer. Used a premade crust that had zero flavor to it, so that is a big change, too. Although, the usefulness of these improvements is debatable because I make pie so rarely. I love pie, but eating an entire one before it expired is not likely.

Mar 092018

Friday and The Captain, snuggled on the sofa.
Friday and The Captain, snuggled on the sofa. This is right next to my spot and usually only The Captain will visit for pets and naps when I’m there. Friday does not like to visit me on the sofa, but she seems to be quite comfortable napping there without a human. I wonder if she decided to curl up there alone, then The Captain wanted some warm snuggles and came over and sat on her. He tends to do that.

Mar 062018

small painting from Sketchbox supplies
Got the March Sketchbox Premium over the weekend and made this painting. The box included a small canvas panel, which is uncommon, but it was nice that I had something to paint on immediately. Something besides the box, which I often do. I have very artistic trash. The bronze color is a Liquitex acrylic metallic ink. It was unusual in that it was thicker and more viscous than regular acrylic ink, and also more fluid than other metallic inks I have. Used the Princeton velvet touch brush (the handles on these are like a micro-flocked or short nap velvet feel, posh) to spread the ink on the canvas and the viscosity left swoops in the coverage. After it dried, hours later, the swoops were still there and looked like falling, twisting leaves, so that is what I went with. The box also contained a Faber-Castell Polychromos (my fav cp brand, I have the 120 set and love it) color pencil in “Orange Glaze” color, which I used to add body to the leaves. Next was a Kuretake #7 brush pen. Got one of these in the first art supply box I ever received, over a year ago, and I like it still. Did leaf outlines and details in black with this pen. Finally, the Copic opaque white watercolor ink, which has a fine, long brush tip on the end of that silly cap on the bottle. I used it for leaf highlights, but it was pretty opaque so I knocked it back with water and a stray tissue.
That’s it. Art from an art supply box, made entirely on the sofa.

Mar 042018

Third this winter, this year, anyway.
Homemade pizza
Not great.
Dough undercooked – lower temperature and longer parbake. Maybe longer, warmer rise time, too.
Dough taste – used an ale instead of cheap-ass beer. Prefer taste with cheap-ass beer.
Leftover chicken as topping – fine
Cheese – blend of provolone, asiago, and mozzarella on base; topped with more mozzarella. Fine.
Allover – lower temperature and longer bake time.
Sauce – go back to original sauce recipe, the more marinara style was okay, not good

Mar 032018

Cats investigate the new toy.
Games like The Sims added a new vernacular to anyone wishing to shorthand an emotion or specific feeling. Human behavioral references for nerds.
Anyway, this is The Captain giving the full battery of cat investigation tests to a new item at The Arches. Oz watches on – in confusion I imagine.

Feb 262018

On the weekends I have time to bake things, but this especially happens in the winter when the weather is inhospitable. I don’t want to leave the house and it is cold outside. These things contribute to my baking, which doesn’t happen much at all in the summer.
Last weekend I made pizza dough, and some pizza sauce.
Pretty tasty looking; it was good.
I also made some cookies while I had my mixer out and thought I’d use it instead of a bowl and spoon. Low-grade fun.
I made them with some chocolate (obvs), but at the end thought they might need a bit of oomphf to register as special. I pressed pieces of pearl sugar, which I have for making the extra-fancy dough waffles, into the tops before baking. Gave it a gentle, sweet crunch.
I also made some quesadilla sauce, pretzel dough, and banana walnut bread, but I didn’t take pictures of any of that, so there ya’ go. Need more groceries, now.

Feb 242018

This whole “Saturday Morning” + thing title theme was feeling prosaic and tired, but now that it is something different each Saturday, I rather like it, in an obstinate sort of way.

Almost done mixed media pieces.

This morning, I wanted to do a collage, although I ended up painting quite a bit more than I thought I would. More of a general mixed media piece instead of collage. Coffee and music and art – such a good time. Some parts have to dry before I can finish it, but this is pretty close to done. I used the recent stamp test sheet from making niece’s fabric for the bag lining. Cats, skulls, stars, all very me. Had a good time. Think this Saturday morning art stuff is the cat’s pyjamas.

Feb 232018

Friday the workshop companion cat.
When I give Friday enough attention, she likes to take my comfy office chair in the workshop. This way she can keep an eye on one of her humans, enjoy the space heater, and get more fur onto my quilt. HER quilt, I should say. Look at that thing!! I even cleaned off a kitten’s worth of hair from it earlier this week. Already worse than it was before. But, look at that sweet kitty face!

Feb 202018

The weather app this morning reported that today’s temperature would be a high of 18F and low of 5F and the current temperature was -9F. This is a critical logic flaw. I understand how it happens, but I want our systems to be developing and improving – not us humans accepting something that is obviously wrong and going about our lives. Clearly, this is similarly represented in our entire country and the majority of Americans.

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