Nov 162017

Sometimes the best way to deal with being creatively sluggish and behind on your schedule is to say FUCK IT!!! and play Minecraft until your feet get cold. Repeat as needed.

Nov 152017

It is the middle of November?! And the Solstice Party is in the middle of December?! I should have the handmade invitations in the mail this week?! I haven’t even started the sketch for carving! I need a day off, or three, to catch up.

Sep 042017

Earth's moon.
Sometimes, when you spy a beautiful, glowing moon on a Friday night, you simply have to spend half an hour crawling around your front yard with your tripod to find a shot mostly clear of tree branches that will allow you to catch some crater edges.

Apr 192017

I might be the last person ever to get a bread machine, but it always seemed unnecessary before. Not that it’s necessary now, but I finally had enough reasons to go ahead and get it.

The first loaf – almost perfect! A small bit of fall on the corner there.

It is an oatmeal honey white bread and it is great toasted. This is the small size loaf.

Banana walnut loaf. I had a slice of this with coffee on Easter morning and it was perfect. However, I realized that even this small loaf was going to be TOO MUCH for Slick and I to eat ourselves, even over a week. Thus, I sliced up most of it and took it to an Easter art reception – more on that in the previous post.

This is going to be the problem with the bread machine, having so much bread and dough-based items around when using it. It will be quite nice to have this thing do dough kneading work for me, and I’m hoping my coworkers won’t be too upset at all the fattening up I cause by bringing in extras for them to polish off for me.

Nov 092016

I cannot post much, I am incredibly sad. Our country is a majority of misogynist, racist, bigoted, morons and it has now been very publicly proven. There is no more telling yourself that “most people” are okay; no more pretending that humanity is generally decent. There aren’t enough bunnies, kittens, rainbows, sweet wine, beautiful fabric, or finely crafted poems to sooth my soul – I must have some time to find tolerance for this repugnant monstrosity in our daily lives.

Nov 022016

Vendor: We’d love to hear your thoughts on our new features.
Vendor: (nervous laugh deflating into awkward silence)

Coworker 1: …and again, I’m sorry.
Sarcastra: It’s okay, I already told Coworker 2 I was going to blame him.
Coworker 2: But this isn’t my fault!
Sarcastra: I didn’t say it was your fault; I said I was going to blame you.
Coworker 2: I can take that.

Coworker: [angry] Do you know how many problems this is going to cause?!
Sarcastra: [positive] Enough to keep us employed for years!
Coworker: …
Sarcastra: Job security!

Sarcastra: Wait, let me write this down or I will forget in the future.
Coworker: You think we’ll do this again?
Sarcastra: I meant Monday.

Sarcastra: I need Project A to be more important, so I can get some motivation to work on Project B instead.
Coworker: You can do my Project for me!
Sarcastra: Fuck you!

New person in group: Why don’t we get started since we’re all standing here?
Sarcastra: [pats new person on elbow affectionately] We are going to be friends.

Coworker: I might not be able to get this done when I said I would.
Sarcastra: Well, try your best and I’ll judge you accordingly.

Aug 112016

Sometimes, such as yesterday, I have long, dull, meaningless work days that slog past slowly, but it is okay, because the evening is to be mine! I focus on the evening when I think I’m going to get a full four hours of workshop time. Four hours! So much productivity! Real progress! Looking forward to workshop time! I will quilt! I will draw! I will build a cabinet! I will be creatively productive and efficient! Everything will be blissfully awesome.

Instead, I had a vicious, monster headache and could only recline in the dark, not moving, trying to be patient, trying not to whine or whimper. That sucked. No sewing, no drawing, no cleaning, no workshop building, nothing. That also sucked.

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Aug 092016

Brazilian Cheese Bread
Yeah, I know it is August. Technically, I made these in August, too, but it is summer and I only turn the oven on at night when I can survive the heat in the kitchen, so I am glad I made anything at all for the month. These are rolls of Brazilian Cheese Bread. They look excellent!

Brazilian Cheese Bread
But the taste? Yuck. The main ingredient is tapioca flour (instead of the more common (in America) wheat flour) and I didn’t care for the end result. The taste, the texture, the viscosity – I was not pleased with anything except the appearance of these roll-biscuit-bread things. Now I know. Really, if I hadn’t sprinkled cheese on top of them before baking, they probably wouldn’t look that good either.

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Jul 142016

I need more time!!
Work, groceries, yard work, exercise, more work.
Need more time.

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Jul 112016

You may have noticed that my projects’ progress bars have been stagnant for a while, over there on the side. A number of them merely need photographs, or a few finishes before photography. I don’t know what to say, besides I don’t want to. After a couple of weeks of NOT finishing the things, I gave up and decided it was okay to just do what I felt like. What I felt like was working some more on improvisational quilting. The green and black patchwork was the second, and I’ve only last night finished the flimsy (top cloth) for a third. Can’t exactly put my finger on what is going on with the muse in my head, but I’m following this somewhat divergent path for a while.
Path in Vedauwoo.
At some point, I will have to finish up those ongoing projects, if only so I can check them off the list and move them (somewhere?!?!) to a Completed Project area and out of my way. But not today.

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