May 312017

While I understand that most other areas in our hemisphere have been enjoying spring for months, we’re still trying to maintain traction in Cheyenne.

These roses are blooming in the sunlight.

The cats like it, too.

The door was only open long enough to get the mail and when I turned back around to close it, the two smallest cats had already staked their claim and passed out happily in the warmth.

May 192017

Oz likes my seat best. He often settles in when I leave in the morning and doesn’t give up the spot until I come home and physically move him. Slick says this means Oz spends more time in my spot than I do, but I say it is still my spot.

Apr 182017

On Sunday, there was a reception at the CAG for their Easter Art show. Not having a piece in the show and cherishing my weekend workshop time, I wasn’t going to attend. But, a friend sent me a picture of the cake she made for the event (an adorable, giant, bunny shaped confection) and asked that I make an appearance, with a hat. Apparently there was a fancy hat contest, too.
Conveniently, this gave me a place to take most of that banana walnut loaf we wouldn’t be able to eat.

When I left, this is what The Captain was up to. Sunning his belly, stretched out in the doorway. I took the side door so I didn’t disturb this cuteness.

My outfit. It was too sunny to wear a black sweater, but it matched the hat so well and protected me from the sun, so I did it anyway. My hat is a concoction of tulle, feathers, springs, fluff, and a clock face on a tall, velvet bowler.

My friend’s hat was the largest, most grand thing. If I recall correctly, this is one she made back in her millener days.

The event went as expected. I’m not involved in shows at the CAG anymore, so it was mostly and hour of chatting with a few folks, snacks, and on my way.

Back at home:

Slick is in the edit/re-re-rewrite phase of his his novel, so The Captain took up his customary writing spot, sitting on Slick’s legs so he can’t go anywhere.

Apr 142017

Nora is our craziest cat. She is the biggest, but won’t fight the other cats when she should. I could make a long list of her crazy behaviors, but you get the idea. She also might be our sweetest cat, when she’s alone with people it is nothing but loving and purr. She even has a double purr, where she’s purring with a low and high pitch at the same time. Nora loves the love.