Aug 282017

The week before last was very busy at work, so I only got one painting done. I”ve combined it in this post.
Previous week’s single painting:
Spider queen in her web.
Spider queen in her web.
I decided to paint a spider this time, and while sorting out how to go about that, came across the Moche, an ancient civilization in Peru. From artifacts, it is believed they were a matriarchy (women led, queens and/or priestesses) and one of their sacred animals was the spider. Thus, this spider lady wears a crown. I took my design inspiration from their pottery and jewelry artifacts. Also, I got a masking pen recently and was able to try it out on the web.

Last week’s paintings:
As of this painting, I started a new theme selection process. Instead of agonizing over what to paint that will fit into a lunch hour, I open my draw/paint inspiration folder, close my eyes and scroll wildly for a bit, then click. Whatever is selected, I have to paint somehow. It is working.

Lunch hour painting, Cave Cats
[Selection was the title “Cave Cats”] This is not the way I thought this title would lead – I envisioned pointy, lithe. dark cats changed from generations in caves. Instead, I came across some Irish mythology involving a cave and giant cats to defeat. This two-headed cat monster guards the Oweyngat (Cave of Cats) and the rare, magical flowers which grow at the entrance. Smart questors will bring treats and be ready to provide chin scratches. Furthering Irish myths into my graveyard world. I used Scottish wild cats for a creature reference. Originally thought the green was too green, technicolor, unrealistic, but then I remembered the way Ireland was green and I think I nailed it. Search my blog for Ireland and recall all the green for yourself!

Painiting of ensign wasp on bittersweet nightshade flower.
[Selection was a microscopic close up of an ensign wasp] Killer of cockroaches. Ensign wasp (aka nightshade wasp) on a bittersweet nightshade flower (solanum dulcamara). For an idea of actual size, these flowers are about half an inch across and the ensign wasp is about 1cm. The ensign wasps are mislabeled as parasitic, since they will insert their baby eggs into roach eggs. The wasps then devour the roach in the egg as they grow, and later hunt and kill cockroaches. Good job, insects!

Brain Corrugator 1000 painting.
[Selection was an image of a brain and various notes & ideas]
Thought it would be funny to have a product for your brain. The new Corrugator 1000 will empower you to wrinkle your gray matter faster and more efficiently than ever before. Don’t be left behind!

Pumpkin Vine
[Selection was a sketch of vines with flowers in a circle.] Decided it was okay to go ahead and get excited about autumn a little. I hope to grow pumpkins in the wasteland of my backyard one day. I may turn this into a sticker or card or something.

Another week of artistic productivity over lunch!

Aug 222017

Slick and I drove to the center of the path of totality for the solar eclipse. It was excellent and I’m glad we went to the effort. Here is an animation of the field where we parked, had a picnic and laid on quilts in the grass, staring at the sun through protective glasses.

Very cool. I know the traffic was terrible for many, but we were close to our goal to start and stuck to the back roads. There was about an hour total spent on gravel roads, but we had almost no traffic woes at all. That was nice.

Aug 182017

Moxie checking out my bagel with cream cheese.
Moxie came over to inspect my bagel to see if I was worth her energy to be sweet to, for the price of sharing my breakfast. She is a complicated little cat, but this trade is a simple and obvious one, to her.

Aug 172017

Rabbit in the side yard.
Whilst in the backyard propping up my broken echinacea plant (I’ll share if it survives) I saw a rabbit who’d found the perfect sunbeam through the hedgerow. It was shining only on her and she was stretched out in it, practically glowing.

Rabbit in the side yard.
I tired to get closer for a better shot, but she turned to flee. They are prey animals, after all.

Rabbit in the side yard.
Immediately, I stopped, then stepped back slowly. She returned to her spot cautiously.

Rabbit in the side yard.
Mostly obscured by the corner of the house, I watched her start to relax again. Then I went inside and relaxed also.

Aug 142017

Lunch Hour Paintings
Ever since I discovered the existence of pangolins (through an art museum) I have loved them. They’re as incredible as armored dinosaurs. They are REALLY hard to paint though, not because of technique, but because of reference images. If you do an image search, you’ll see that about half the photos of pangolins depict their horrendous abuse, poaching, hunting, and worse. Hard to look at.

Lunch Hour Paintings
This dog is having a relaxing time with his new record.

Only two paintings to share from last week. I have other projects taking time, but they are not in a state ready for sharing.

Aug 072017

Lunch hour painting
Thinking about fish and space. The two work together. Space is where the really big, rare, idea-fish live.

Lunch hour painting
Sure, you can summon a cat spirit; easy with some cat nip and sacrificial moths, but they give terrible advice, lick the flavor off your Doritos and shed spirit fur everywhere. You just can’t sticky-roller that stuff away. The purrs are otherworldly, though.

Lunch hour painting
A bit random, I’ve been thinking about how to make large numbers of small poppets. This came about when it was time to paint. Two of the white rabbits are suspicious of the black cat in their safe rainbow area.

Lunch hour painting
The Bone Raven, one of the magical creatures in the graveyard. He’s not awake often.

Lunch hour painting
Wanted to paint a squirrel doing something human and as a human, I definitely wait impatiently on Amazon deliveries. Once I thought it, I had to paint it since squirrels are so fast and jumpy.

Aug 032017

Recall how I said I’d be working on the latest quilt over the weekend to get it done?
Remember when I explained that I had enough fabric to last decades?


When I went to bed on Friday night, I had the perfect vision of a zip pouch made of a fabric, the print of the fabric was a bit grunky, the background was a deep, sweet red. The zipper on the pouch was black. I was enamoured.

So, instead of doing what I said I would, I spent the weekend making this fabric design.

The red I wanted doesn’t exist in Kona cotton, so I took three yards the darkest hot pink that does exist and overdyed it with cherry red. It took a lot of time, but the color was perfect. Meanwhile, I drew the design, scanned, printed, exposed screens and mixed up printing inks.
Making fabric
It took another day to get the printing done, there was a lot of mess. It is excellent! Just what I envisioned.

Making fabric
This is the first layer alone, in a silver-glitter white combo.

Used my handmade fabric to make a pencil case.
Then, using my max-visibility zip pouch method (calling it a pattern seems wrong, since it can be made in any size instead of a limited pattern) I made a zip pouch from my new fabric. It is EXACTLY like I saw it and wanted it.

Used my handmade fabric to make a pencil case.
The start tab has a cheeky eyelet for hanging.

Used my handmade fabric to make a pencil case.
The interior lining is a thick, silver glitter star print.

Now I have in my possession the precise thing I saw in my head. I don’t think I can appropriately convey how happy, satisfied, and generally blissed-out this makes me. I swear I get a warm feeling in my chest when I see it and hold it. As well, I have somewhere to corral my drawing pencils for my latest drawing sketchbook. To maximize chances of success, I made two in one go; the second is listed in my Etsy shop, if this is somehow your dream, too.

After all that, I did finish the quilt; although, it is awaiting the final de-lint and de-thread session before photography.

Aaaah. Excellent.

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