Nov 092017

Using foam interlining in a snap flap pouch, attempt #3. No French seams this time.
pouch with foam interlining and snap flap closure
This is fine. Again, using fabric scraps that looked good enough, plus a stripe of small and colorful, patchworked bits. Pretty enough. I like it much better with regular, internal seams.

pouch with foam interlining and snap flap closure
I estimated the width of the flap to match the front of back width, minus the sides that have bottom boxed edges. This worked quite well. I cut the foam to NOT fill the edges so that it could fold flat and not be puffy. Coincidentally, a pack of index cards fit inside this pouch perfectly – which is great because I need storage for a pack I opened and then the cats knocked them off the table onto the floor. That worked out.

The next foam interlining project is much more involved and the foam is the least of it. Hope to get it done soon, but if I don’t that’s fine, too. I’m enjoying taking my time on all the little pieces of this project, which I am completely making up at every step as I go along.

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