Dec 312017

My annual EoY Mosaic. Each small picture links to a slighter larger picture. Open in a new tab to save on loading time.

Good luck to all. We are condemned to freedom in our self-awareness and in my heart I know we cannot be defeated.

Dec 292017

Moxie and Slick
Slick and I have slightly differing schedules. By the time he gets up, I’m deleting emails at work. On weekends, he sleeps in. This means that while the cats have been fed and I’m in the workshop on my second coffee, he is still abed. This drive Moxie NUTS! Slick is Moxie’s favorite human, in large part because Slick puts up with her fussy bullshit. On a weekend late morning, I often get a workshop visit from Moxie, which is otherwise unusual. Her pitiful mews (pronounced “ow” – no “me” to it) lead me upstairs to open the bedroom door. This time I took a pic of her joy at being reunited with Slick. She pushed herself under the covers and began grooming his beard while he was still asleep. Between her sharp tongue and terrible breath, Slick was awake quickly. Poor guy; he could barely contain his grimace for the photo I insisted he be still for.

Dec 222017

The Captain and Friday
When I am in the workshop, Friday is my usual companion cat. She demands a big love fit at first, but if she gets that she is willing to peacefully sit in my second chair. I have a cat copilot. If The Captain gets to the spot first, Friday will depart in a huff. Friday says I should have no other cats before her. If Friday is in the chair first, The Captain will carefully squeeze in next to her and snuggle. Thus, half the time I have two, snuggly, cat copilots. It is really nice.

Dec 182017

I feel so much better now. The Solstice Party is done, and I think it went well. The invitations did arrive to people’s homes before the party. The house is almost completely restored to its pre-party state and I have no unfulfilled deadlines left for this year!
Me, being silly. I am often silly. It is always a party in my head.
I feel so much better now. I’ll probably say that again, still. Like when you get sick and have a fresh appreciation for how healthy you are all the other times. That is how I feel about my time and obligations now. The existential, self-absorbed naval-gazing is calming down, slowly. And I feel the desire to get into the workshop for some sewing tonight. We’ll see if that holds up.

A red stove by Yurie Nakagawa.
Photo by yurie_nakagawa on Instagram. I just love it. I didn’t ask permission to use this photo because I cannot understand the kanji. So, if I get an angry message with kanji in it (how will I know? I’m assuming there will be many exclamation marks. I realize my logic may be faulty in that. Like, what if the writer is simply very enthusiastic about life and everything and I misunderstand and take down the photo she was excited about. Man, am I an asshole for this? Probably just overthinking it. Also, not editing. Fuck it. I’m leaving this up and the photo, too. Not like this is a well-trafficked place on the internet; it will be fine.) I’ll just pull it down.

Anyway, that stove summarizes how I’m feeling, right now this morning, anyway. Slick and I spent almost the entire day Sunday on the sofa, luxuriating in doing nothing. It was cold outside, he made pancakes and we watched a handful of movies while the wind whipped at our windows. Inside, there were snuggly cats, fuzzy blankets, and general relaxed happiness. It helps that I have a rare, quiet day at work today before the madness starts again – I think that is giving me somewhat rose-colored glasses now. More than that, this is a feeling that only happens at the end of the year, after the Solstice Party and before the calendar flip, before the End of Year Mosaic, before the new year files. Quite particular this one, even leaning towards temporary happy today, the way it is.
I’ll take it. That works. Hope you’re having a good, winter Monday, too.

Dec 052017

The winter Solstice Party for 2017 will be held on Saturday, 16 December starting at 1800 – which is 6pm for you folks really bad at simple math. The invitations are already late, so consider this your notification. If you’ve been invited before, consider yourself invited again.

At the rate things are going, the invitations will arrive in the mail a day or two before the party. If anything goes wrong at this point, I’ll either hand them out at the party (for those who give a shit) or mail them belatedly, like greeting cards. I am currently fighting against being overwhelmed, and this is how it is going to be.

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