Dec 012016

I hadn’t intended to finish this quilt so quickly. The log cabin quilt was the next scheduled finish and this was just made from scraps during that work. But then this quilt became much more interesting than the log cabin one and here it is, all done. Honestly, they were both supposed to be done by now, but work got a bit crazy before the turkey holiday and I was going in early and coming home late, so that sucked up my workshop time. Now I’m carving this year’s Legends of the Winter Solstice block, which means the other quilt is going to get pushed even further. Oh well.

49″ x 49″
I love this busy riot of color. As I was making this, I kept thinking about how things that seem impossible at the onset become possible by determined effort. Little bits add up to bigger bits until you’re done. That is a big part of how I accomplish creative work; intuition and tenacity.

Detail. This view shows how easily the tiny bits really come together, if you look closely. There are two massive clues, on the left side.
I went to efforts to make this quilting more spaced apart, bigger, looser. It made for a slightly puffier quilt that usual.

The back. I love this back! Compared to the front, in which the chaos is contained neatly in a box, the back bits look like an amoeba of scraps, only starting to grow in the space.

I very much like this quilt, but it also is going on the pile. I might have to list these on Etsy, if only so the possibility could exist for them to depart my quilt dragon clutches.

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