Jul 172017

We still have two baby bunnies living in our yard. They are almost done looking like young bunnies and more like rabbits. The chances of them being around for very long are slim, so I’m enjoying them while I can.
Baby bunny
Bunny 1.

Baby bunny
Bunny 2. I can be sure they are different since they were out at the same time.

And finally, a short video of Bunny 1 eating in the yard, before the mailman comes up the walk.
Same video on YouTube.

The bunnies have thwarted my gardening efforts in the backyard. They’ve eaten all the little seedlings I planted and gnawed half the asters down to nubs. Fortunately, the echinacea is tall enough that they’re not bothering it (or they don’t like it) so I still have something to show for all that dirt and sweat.

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