Jan 162018

It seems that Saturday mornings are my favorite time in the workshop. The entire weekend stretches out before me, there is a fresh pot of coffee, Friday (my workshop companion cat) is happy to be there, and there is that strangely pleasant, almost “hungover” feeling from the Friday night weekend-start celebration the night before that makes me want to be creative in a free, chill and short term fashion. I like that. I’m often trying to scratch down the most clever of the ideas I had when falling asleep the night before, or to flesh out the tidbits I do recall, anyway. All of this combines to be simply the best feeling; peaceful, happy, mortal and alive. Love it.

Last Saturday, I felt like painting and decided on the most recent tree sketch. I didn’t want the self-pressure of a “serious” painting, so I grabbed some mid grade acrylics from the stash and a pair of 4″ canvas panels, set up my desktop easel right on my computer desk and played some techy-meditation music.
Painting with Friday the cat.
Friday joined me, of course. That is her chair now. My kitty co-pilot. I don’t know how I’m ever going to get all her cat hair off that quilt.
As often happens, it took longer than I thought and I ended up spending almost three hours on these little things. That’s okay, I enjoyed doing it. They didn’t end up the way I envisioned them – which is true of every single tree + light painting I’ve ever done, and is probably the biggest reason I’ve never shared any of them before.
Tree paintings
Here they are. I still need to finish the backs. I’m going to cover them and put small hooks on them so they can hang up in the house. Maybe. I think I only want one, instead of two. If it turns out that way, I’ll put the other in my Etsy shop. Perhaps someone else is out in the world, wanting a tiny, simple painting.

I haven’t been able to paint over my work lunch breaks lately, and I wonder if this recent painting desire stems from that lack.

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