Jan 242018

Lunchtime doodles.
Had a short lunch and used some water soluble crayons to scribble some colors behind a rabbit space. I thought I’d leave it as colorful negative space, but it didn’t look right, so I grabbed a brush and used outlines to define it. Also used a bit of water to blend some of the back color, then added more lines with fineliners.

Not much in the way of lunch breaks lately. I’m spoiled from the holidays and could use a break already, but there isn’t one coming anytime soon. Tonight, I’ll play video games for a spot of escapism.

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  3 Responses to “Lunch Hour Painting”

  1. I like these a lot.
    They almost look a little forlorn.
    Love the background.


    • Hey, thank you for the comment.
      I do wonder about the extent of emotion that animals feel. All our complex emotions are expressions of rudimentary, base emotions similar to how our complex, wrinkly brains are evolutions of our base, animal brains, which is what I think about every time I feel a violent flare of anger or jealousy, or just want to eat an entire pie at once. I wonder what level of complexity animals have beyond that base. I don’t think rabbits or cats, for example, get to the level of forlorn exactly, but I know that sometimes they feel that want for things they aren’t getting and maybe there is a smidge of sadness, or unsatisfied desire. Like an animal-level of forlorn. Like, I don’t think my cat really feels ennui when he is staring out the window at the bird he can’t hunt, but maybe that is the best way for us overly-complicated humans to refer to it.
      Besides all that rambling, I did not intend them to look forlorn, so it is interesting that you see that!

  2. I only saw a little smidge of forlorn. A hint as it were.
    I feel content when I look at them.
    There are different things each time I look.

    Again, I like.