Feb 262018

On the weekends I have time to bake things, but this especially happens in the winter when the weather is inhospitable. I don’t want to leave the house and it is cold outside. These things contribute to my baking, which doesn’t happen much at all in the summer.
Last weekend I made pizza dough, and some pizza sauce.
Pretty tasty looking; it was good.
I also made some cookies while I had my mixer out and thought I’d use it instead of a bowl and spoon. Low-grade fun.
I made them with some chocolate (obvs), but at the end thought they might need a bit of oomphf to register as special. I pressed pieces of pearl sugar, which I have for making the extra-fancy dough waffles, into the tops before baking. Gave it a gentle, sweet crunch.
I also made some quesadilla sauce, pretzel dough, and banana walnut bread, but I didn’t take pictures of any of that, so there ya’ go. Need more groceries, now.

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