Mar 202018

Pizza dough, parbake.
Did a few things different on this one. I let it rise longer, parbaked it longer and the texture and doneness was better, but it was also a bit dry and I didn’t put as many spices in it, which made it dull.

Pizza done.
Pizza number five (a few days later) didn’t get a photo because I was very hungry and couldn’t make myself NOT eat the whole pizza before grabbing a camera. I have about seven cameras, but hunger won out. It looked the same as this one.
I adjusted a few more things and it was fine – not that I’d really notice with how fast I wolfed that thing down. Funny though, I split half the dough for Slick to use later, but he didn’t get to it that night. When I checked on it before bed, the dough had grown and burst out of the plastic wrap, forming a sci-fi looking bulge as if the dough was going to keep growing and take over the fridge. It didn’t, but it was a fun sight.

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