Apr 022018

Over the weekend, I had an almost an entire Saturday in the workshop. A small pot of coffee and some dark, moody music helped fuel what I can only call a creative frenzy.
Finishing up a rabbit stamp.
This little guy is the only pic I have from the day, but I did quite a lot. It started as a desire to do a quick collage, then realized I wanted to more than that. Okay, two pieces. Found some ambiguous and commitment-neutral art board to fit the bill – and almost fit on my desk.

Tangent, I really have to sort out my workshop. I’ve been making and not cleaning up or organizing much. That and having WAY TOO MUCH art stuff (of all types) means I am crammed in there with my stuff. My workspace is reduced to my desk top. I have GOT to stop, and clear off surfaces, organize items into their homes and spiff up the other work areas. Can’t use the painting spot because all my unloved metal working stuff is there instead. Can’t use my carving area because I have woodworking stuff stacked in front of it. Etc. Must deal with my stuff.

Back on track. I had fun doing a collage item pull, then failing to consider my composition and instead creating a new drawing, which I then turned into a sweet papercut, which I then turned into a block print. I can’t do anything easy, some things have to have three (or five) variations and renditions before I can accept them as done. Arrangement started, color theme began, meaning danced at the edges, but then I needed a rabbit stamp. Yes, I’ve carved about 20 rabbit stamps already, but none of those are this one. Got some progress in and realized I had a sub-theme, so (of-fucking-course) I had to cease progress again and explore, develop, define and create small items for this sub-theme. You know, because it isn’t enough that I have a fucking sub-theme, but I also have to create complimentary items for it, then go back to the original theme, again. Meta, layers; meta-layers.

I didn’t get done by 0020 (yeah, I wrecked my bedtime) but I got a solid start on it – maybe close to halfway even. It was great; a packed day making things and having FUN mostly nonstop. The next day I was creatively exhausted. Like an artistic hangover. I tried a few times to go back to the collages and finish them, but it was a one-sided effort. My willpower against my empty imagination bank.

Willpower: should I glue down these pieces here, or find another one for balance?
Muse: Ummm…
Willpower: Okay, leave that one. What about a color wash?
Muse: Eh.
Willpower: Alright, what about this piece? Does it go here, or over here? Or both? Or neither?
Muse: (zzzz…)
Willpower: This is pointless.

Then I cleaned, folded laundry, and organized stuff in multiple rooms. At least a little bit of the stuffs organized was in the workshop, so that is good.

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