Apr 052018

One of my goals this year was to start doing some yoga. It was a vague, loose and easy goal, but March was coming to an end and I hadn’t done anything about it. So, I hopped on to YouTube, screened some videos and made myself a playlist. The next morning, I began!
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It was awesome. I know I’m somewhat out of shape, so I’m not doing the intense workout!, heart strengthening!, invigorating! type yoga, more of the beginner, easy style videos. After the yoga is done, I play a chill, 5-10 minute, guided meditation video (yeah, it is some spacey sounds music and a gentle voice telling you to breathe) afterwards to cool down. This means I’m getting a yoga session and a meditation session in one-morning-go, and I only have to get up 30-40 minutes early. This is good efficiency; I like it. Better yet? I like doing it. I like the stretching, the strengthening. So far, I’ve only overdone it once and I’m keeping watch for that again. It is easy to think yoga is, well, easy/accessible, and it is, but it is also easy to push too far when you’re not used to it.
Not my image, it is licensed for reuse.
Last night I realized I was looking forward to my yoga time this morning and that is unusual – getting up early to do physical activity?!?! Doesn’t sound realistic, I know. Yet, after some yoga and meditation, I feel good. I feel good in my body and not simply tired. I like it and I hope that if I ever forget that I can come back here to my blog post and remember that it isn’t much earlier and I feel good about doing it.

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  2 Responses to “Yoga Love”

  1. Dude, yoga is legit. Nice.