Apr 302009

Here I go, off to Houston again for work. Trying to mentally prepare for the humidity when we land. Send dry thoughts my way!
12:14 PM Apr 1st from txt

Okay, why is my left eyelid twitching?? That can’t be good.
12:21 PM Apr 1st from txt

People always give these sad, curious looks when I eat alone at restaurants. That’s another button I need: Business Traveler; it’s okay!
5:26 PM Apr 1st from txt

Oh good, multiple hours of waiting in this warm office again instead of doing the work. At least I’m not hungry this time. Yet.
9:57 AM Apr 2nd from txt

Houston rush hour traffic is trying to make me miss my flight!! Wish me luck!
3:52 PM Apr 2nd from txt

Phew!! Just made it. Now I just have five hours of flying and driving and then I can enjoy home and sleep. Not bad.
5:06 PM Apr 2nd from txt

Hmmmm. Window seat with no window. Tricky bastards, you got me this time.
5:28 PM Apr 2nd from txt

Have I mentioned for the 100th time how much I love being home? Good.
11:24 AM Apr 3rd from web

Too much coffee – having some sort of caffeine crash now. Nap?
1:49 PM Apr 3rd from web

Cheyenne gets more snow? I thought we were done with the snow already. Glad I don’t have to do anything tomorrow, in case it builds up.
1:19 AM Apr 4th from web

Alright, where was all the hype about this blizzard? Cheyenne has some significant snow blowing all over right now. I’m not shoveling that!
10:40 AM Apr 4th from web

If you ever get famous, try this list of dressing room requirements. Let me know if you chose the A or B list. http://tiny.cc/contract
12:31 PM Apr 4th from web

Haven’t had soda for a few weeks & now I REALLY want a Mt. Dew. Do I want it enough to get through the snowdrift at my door? Hmm. We’ll see.
4:53 PM Apr 4th from web

Recently, in Medicine Bow, WY: http://tiny.cc/deer
5:04 PM Apr 4th from web

So much snow has drifted in front of my doors I’m not getting out of my house until the sun comes back in full force. And I’m lazy.
2:42 AM Apr 5th from web

I think shoveling a truck load of snow off my walks falls firmly in the ‘exercise’ category. Now for a hot bath and some coffee to wake up.
11:59 AM Apr 5th from web

http://twitpic.com/2w4fe – Coffee = good!
5:27 PM Apr 5th from TwitPic

The meetings always start too early on Monday mornings.
9:02 AM Apr 6th from web

Yes Spooky, this is the same chair I blog & browse the internets from, but I also work from this chair. Stop meowing on calls with me!
11:31 AM Apr 6th from web

Piles and piles of snow
Clearing the walk takes an hour
But don’t have to mow!
12:41 PM Apr 6th from web

Anger: Big Company Rips Off Indie Crafter: Oilily versus Rosa Pomar http://craftingagreenworld…. I don’t even like the dolls, but this is BAD!!
5:44 PM Apr 6th from web

I cannot find my tailor’s chalk and therefore cannot function as a proper sewist. Damn. Must cheat to move on now.
8:49 PM Apr 6th from web

White china marker is a good substitute for tailor’s chalk in a pinch. This was a pinch. Don’t judge me!
9:09 PM Apr 6th from web

And now I can’t find my nice Mundial scissors. This means I’ve been away from serious sewing for far too long.
9:15 PM Apr 6th from web

Why am I still up? Hoot, hoot. Tomorrow will suck.
4:44 AM Apr 7th from web

Hello springtime!
12:57 PM Apr 7th from web

I always feel much lighter and energetic after a haircut.
5:39 PM Apr 7th from txt

All my 324 updates are gone. I wish Twitter would become a membership so I could pay them & not have these problems I can’t bitch about.
7:56 PM Apr 7th from web

There is no way I should be up before the sun, but here we are.
5:36 AM Apr 8th from txt

So much sun today. Makes me want to put on more sunblock. Or make my servant carry a sun umbrella for me. Wait. Where are my servants?!
12:02 PM Apr 8th from web

Some asshat at the McDonald’s drive thru in KC, KS just told me to have a ‘blessed’ day. Screw that & screw you, Blessed! Give me my coffee!
2:06 PM Apr 8th from txt

First time at a Cheesecake Factory restaurant – didn’t expect it to be this nice.
5:34 PM Apr 8th from txt

http://twitpic.com/30zmg – Not a great pic but there is a stellar moon coming up right now.
6:54 PM Apr 8th from TwitPic

Completely uninspired. Need coffee, I guess.
7:31 AM Apr 9th from web

Amazing how repeatedly asking the same question continues to get you the same answer and information, huh? NO. Just learn already!! Sheesh.
10:11 AM Apr 9th from web

I may be irritable. Watch your heads.
10:12 AM Apr 9th from web

Give me COFFEE!! I demand coffee.
10:16 AM Apr 9th from web

Bonanza in Ankeney, IA has a salad bar twice as big and abundant as the buffet. I like that trend.
11:45 AM Apr 9th from txt

I’m discouraged. I can’t find any of the things I need to make the crafts I’m set for. I’m finding everything else in the world though.
1:33 PM Apr 10th from web

Now I am missing evil. What to do?
1:53 PM Apr 10th from web

I found nefarious, but that just doesn’t work. I need evil.
2:00 PM Apr 10th from web

Mission accomplished. Now, to sit back, wait for the casserole to cook and indulge my addictions.
9:57 PM Apr 10th from web

Oh, look! Here’s the internet! I knew I left it somewhere. Now that I’ve found it again, back to action.
12:04 PM Apr 14th from web

How did I lose 18 colors of glitter?! Where is my glitter! I have finally reached critical mass in my craft workshop. Damn.
2:51 PM Apr 14th from web

I give up. The glitter is a goner.
5:34 PM Apr 14th from web

http://twitpic.com/3ctny – Damn. Parking at DEN pretty full today.
11:14 AM Apr 15th from TwitPic

Yeah, far too little sleep – having trouble using BB trackball. Wish I could nap on the plane.
12:27 PM Apr 15th from txt

Alright everyone, please send suggestions on things to occupy my mind during the next 5 hours of salesman chitchat, BS & dinner. Ugh! Yuk!
3:52 PM Apr 15th from web

I hate how I can be dead tired all day, then wake up when the sun sets. No chance for catching up on sleep this way.
8:15 PM Apr 15th from web

Oh hell. Everything is broken and I’m concerned that half of it is my fault. Not good.
12:44 PM Apr 16th from txt

Starbucks Doubleshot;
Sweet, soothing sounds of comfort,
Whispered from my cup
2:50 PM Apr 16th from web

Sometimes I wonder about the direction I’ve taken my life in when the most notable accomplishment of my day is a cell phone game high score.
5:35 PM Apr 16th from txt

To the red SUV hauling a trailer on I 45 N : your engine is smoking. You might want to look into that. Soon.
6:06 PM Apr 16th from txt

Just saw about twenty deer spread along the highway munching on wildflowers in the sunset. Pleasant.
7:01 PM Apr 16th from txt

Watching an impressive lightening storm as I approach Dallas.
7:36 PM Apr 16th from txt

If you try to eat at a Jack In The Box, does that forfeit your justifiable right to complain about it?
8:39 PM Apr 16th from txt

Damn. Dallas had a bit of rain now both airports are a wet, crowded mess. My flight is already delayed two hours & it will only get worse..
2:06 PM Apr 17th from txt

I just watched a very made-up blonde on her cell phone wander in to two people before stopping to have a loud conversation beside me.
2:31 PM Apr 17th from txt

Can’t believe I leave town for three days & there is sudden snow everywhere & possibly closed highways. Dammit! Where is spring already?!
3:23 PM Apr 17th from web

Oooh. About to get a plane in! I have hope.
4:39 PM Apr 17th from txt

I’m actually on a plane now so I have high hopes of at least making it to DEN.
5:02 PM Apr 17th from txt

Psych! You thought you were getting to Denver when your plane took off that way. Didn’t count on them turning around did ya’?! Hello OKC.
7:34 PM Apr 17th from txt

Taking another shot at getting to Denver. After 7 hrs of trying to get even to this halfway point I just want to uncrease jeans off my legs.
8:10 PM Apr 17th from txt

Denver! Finally. Now to see about the drive.
9:57 PM Apr 17th from txt

Well of course they have plowed all that slushy snow up behind my car. What else would they have done today?
10:31 PM Apr 17th from txt

I25 just south of WY border is Very Bad. Closer to Cheyenne, it is even worse. Cheyenne itself is unbelievably bad tonight. Not going out. Don’t go.
12:54 AM Apr 18th from web

Long day, harrowing drive, safely home. Spooky & I are going to bed now for as long as we can stay under.
12:55 AM Apr 18th from web

Watch the sun come out in full force tomorrow morning & destroy all evidence of this massive snowfall before you get to see it. My luck.
12:58 AM Apr 18th from web

I love home. 9.5 hours of sleep was great, too. Now for a hot bath to unknot my stressed muscles and coffee to give me a little zip today.
11:35 AM Apr 18th from web

Surely enough, the sun melted away the most dangerous snow build up. I didn’t even have to shovel the walk. Freezing tonight is undesirable.
8:16 PM Apr 18th from web

Spooky the cat comes in and yells at me when it is past bedtime. I tell you, she has a set schedule and likes us all to follow it.
1:28 AM Apr 19th from web

I forgot how delicious Cocoa Puffs are. It’s like dessert for breakfast. Good for when I don’t have cupcakes.
9:50 AM Apr 19th from web

Oh man, I’m already running behind schedule! I’ve barely started!!
1:31 PM Apr 19th from web

How is it that every slow Sunday driver knows to get in front of you when you’re in a hurry!?
2:14 PM Apr 19th from txt

Nice! Free room upgrade!
8:08 PM Apr 19th from txt

Successfully did the work. One step closer to home.
11:21 AM Apr 20th from txt

More work done. Even closer to home now. Is it obvious that I miss home & Slick?
1:17 PM Apr 20th from web

Ugh. Coffee crash. Must stay perked up – still have the long drive home then an early morning tomorrow.
5:38 PM Apr 20th from txt

Yea! Home. Spooky missed me terribly, spoiled cat. Now for a few hours sleep and then more of the work. Sweet dreams all.
10:59 PM Apr 20th from web

A plea to all my friends: lend me strength to keep my tongue bitten today.
9:51 AM Apr 21st from txt

Okay, I got a couple useful bits. It will be easier to be still now. Thanks for the strength loan, all.
10:47 AM Apr 21st from txt

I reluctantly admit that the presentation training was beneficial. Easier to say now that it is done.
4:17 PM Apr 21st from txt

Oh! That feeling is hunger! I remember now, I need to eat.
9:21 PM Apr 21st from web

What is THIS queasy feeling tum now? I don’t have time for this. OH! Damn! I was supposed to be asleep two hours ago!! Damn you internets!
10:59 PM Apr 21st from web

Damn you coyotes! Damn you to Hell.
11:34 PM Apr 21st from web

Teeth: funny, hard parts
Enamel in a soft mouth
Fangs for tearing hearts
9:47 AM Apr 22nd from web

Having Slick home makes everything better. Especially ice cream. ‘Night all.
12:36 AM Apr 23rd from web

Homemade pizza, a good ol’-fashioned sock burning and ice cream and movies. Sounds like we’re starting our weekend early. Enjoy yours!
9:24 PM Apr 23rd from web

Hope this fresh work drops off before it interrupts my afternoon coffee with Ymabean!
3:06 PM Apr 24th from web

9:23 PM Apr 24th from web

Bangkok Dangerous,
the Nicholas Cage remake,
was malodorous.
12:47 AM Apr 25th from web

Cocoa Puffs make it easier to drag my sleepy ass out of bed after a party night. Dessert for breakfast, followed shortly by coffee. Yum.
11:20 AM Apr 25th from web

Sushi Saturday!
3:02 PM Apr 25th from TwitPic

Glitter Twitter: my glitter is still missing. How do 18 colors of glitter vanish? Where could it be? Is the glitter with the surgical masks?
6:32 PM Apr 25th from web

If anyone is still up, there is some light hail / frost layered outside. It will be gone in the morning but it looks neat right now.
2:05 AM Apr 26th from web

Another wonderful spring day at home finds me full of coffee and covered in glue. No glitter still, but I can’t do everything.
3:09 PM Apr 26th from web

Slick and I are finally finishing Lost tonight. I forgot how much I liked this show! Good stuff.
8:04 PM Apr 26th from web

I was unaware Lost was still going until May of 2010. We are now only two episodes behind the aired schedule. But now we must wait a YEAR!!
3:01 AM Apr 27th from web

Okay, Cheyenne, I thought we were done with this snow business!
10:13 AM Apr 27th from web

Good to see there are still some people left who can identify those funny little marks correctly: http://www.unnecessaryquote…
1:17 PM Apr 27th from web

I’m going to organize a Search Party for my glitter set. House isn’t that big – it has to be here. Also, typing w/ gluey fingers is hard.
3:00 PM Apr 27th from web

I could really use a nice shot of whiskey and a foot rub right now. Wait! I think we have whiskey. Halfway there!
8:37 PM Apr 27th from web

Giant moth in the shower makes for a startling bedtime bathroom visit. Have a nice night, all.
12:59 AM Apr 28th from web

Things keep popping up but I don’t have time to deal with them before getting on the plane! Patience, problems. I’ll be with you soon.
3:03 PM Apr 28th from txt

Oh Sis, did you know how POPULAR this Oregon Ducks shirt would make me when you sent it this way? You are a little bit the devil.
7:09 PM Apr 28th from txt

Something must have happened on 270S. Cops are blocking onramps and I see a woman pulled over taking pictures from an overpass. Meeting!
8:52 AM Apr 29th from txt

Cool – the president is in town! Thanks for the info, AlphaMaven. Now I get to see how badly this messes up traffic for me later. Woot.
9:45 AM Apr 29th from web

Oh good, more gnarly traffic. I was so hoping that getting to the airport could be more challenging. Wish granted! Now to wish for lottery $!
5:13 PM Apr 29th from txt

I hate you TSA!
5:34 PM Apr 29th from txt

I am both relieved and shocked that I made my gate in time. Until next time, STL.
5:42 PM Apr 29th from txt

OMG OMG, the SWINE FLU is coming! Tape your windows shut. Hey, maybe it will kick the Evil Economy’s ass. The economy is OUT to GET us, too.
10:38 PM Apr 29th from web

It has been a long, long, exhausting day (thanks insomnia) & I am VERY glad to be home with Slick & Spooky to care for/shed & purr over me.
11:03 PM Apr 29th from web

I must say, a nice, long, hard sleep will help your attitude overnight. Now for coffee to improve that even more.
11:00 AM Apr 30th from web

Awesome: http://tinyurl.com/d9latl but I know we crafters will do this and more when the time comes!
11:06 AM Apr 30th from web

Cereal for lunch = I need to do some grocery shopping.
6:14 PM Apr 30th from web

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