Oct 082009

I’ve hinted, threatened, cajoled and promised. Finally, it is here. This is the beginning of the biggest contest yet, the blogiversary contest. We’re starting now and going for a full four weeks to culminate on the Too Lazy To Be Evil blogiversary of November fourth. I have gathered a metric fuck-tonne of prizes over the past couple months, so there will be multiple winners.

As well as the normal slew of contests that will get these prizes out of my house and into your hot little hands, we’ll have a parallel point system. When you successfully complete a challenge or contest, you get a point. A point means an entry into the random drawing. There will be a few ways to gain these points besides challenges and a few ways to spend points besides prize drawings. For starters, comments so far this year will give you points. That means some of you are starting off right now with points in your bucket, ready to play without any effort required. See the list at the bottom for the comment point awards. Besides using points as entries for a prize drawing, you’ll be able to spend points. You are able to spend a point to see what prizes are being drawn for ahead of time. You can spend a point ahead of time to allow yourself to chose from the allotted prize pool for a drawing if you win – quite handy. Also, you’ll be able to spend points to take away other contestant points, because what is a contest without a little challenge?

Current Point Standing

Ymabean: 15 points
diva llama: 13 points
Random: 10 points
Cali: 6 points
ChevyIIRagtop: 6 points
mnemonic: 3 points
Roxanne: 3 points
Ferociuos Fluffy: 2 points
Passions Flower: 2 points
shplink: 2 points
Caindris: 1 point
Rynooch: 1 point
AmyKatt: 1 point
Slick: 1 point

So there you go, the competition is already on. Stay tuned for a challenge or contest very soon to get you some more points, to be immediately followed by the first prize drawing.

In case it wasn’t clear, points for comments are closed. Comment all you want, but you won’t get more points for it right now.

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  1. I better hide my points from Diva Llama…

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