Oct 092009

The first chance to gain a point is here! And it is offline! Woot – so exciting, right?

Jackalope, poorly doctored photo, stolen from the Internets - source (or blame) unknown.

The task: find a postcard with a jackalope or armadillo (photo, drawn, whatever) on it (double points if you find one that has both!), write on the back of it “Jackalopes/Armadillos are too lazy to be evil” (filling in for whichever animal you’ve found), and mail it to

PO Box 666
Cheyenne WY 82003-0666

and that’s it. You get a point. In addition to the delicious point, you also get to find out about other offline challenges. It is like a line of dominoes, you see. If you’re not into the offline stuff, don’t worry. There will be online challenges, too, and soon. I wanted to get the ball rolling on this offline one since it initially involves depending on the USPS, which is beyond our mere mortal control.

Get going!

Nine banded armadillo photo, stolen from the Internets - source unknown.

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  3 Responses to “Blogiversary Contest; Offline Task”

  1. You seriously have a post office box of 666? Very nice.

    I don’t plan on leaving my house though. Mwahaha.

  2. Is there a deadline to do this? Did I miss reading it? Please advise. Thanks! ~d.l.

    • There is no deadline. Although, you’ll only get points for it if the card reaches me before the end of the Blogiversary Contest on November 4th.

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