Oct 162009

Well this was an odd one. In a devious strategy I’m not sure I fully understand, no one sent me any emails for entry into the drawing. Thus, the only people entered were the three point winners yesterday (by their automatic entry). Um, well played?? Since I was choosing three winners and there were only three entrants, I passed over the random number drawing part of it.

The winners are:

Mnemonic (now back to 3 points),
ChevyIIRagtop (now back to 6 points) and
Rickster (now at zero points).

Congratulations! You have each won two items. Said items will be delivered to you at the final contest end (Nov 4th) or you may trade or bet with other players as your strategy dictates. I will be emailing each of you tonight so you know what you’ve won.

I must say I expected a little more competitiveness off the bat, but maybe you’ll all warm up as we move along.

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  2 Responses to “Blogiversary first round winners!”

  1. Huh. I apparently screwed up reading the last post, because I completely missed that entire sentence.


  2. dagnabit! I just read the post today. I’m with Random. Fail. At least I am in good company. So is it too late to send a postcard?

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