Oct 192009

Time for another point garnering opportunity.

This will also be a number guessing contest related to the blog. Guess how many posts mention the words fuck, fucking, fuckity, fucker, fuckers or fuckity fuck in them. You may want to use the search feature and waste lots of time counting for your guess. You may want to just go ahead and guess since it will be hard to count and your count may not equal my count and my count is the one that matters. Guess a number between 50 and 250 before 2359 MT, Thursday, October 22nd. I will again chose the three closest guessers. Those guessers will be automatically entered into the Friday prize drawing unless they email me otherwise.

If you would like to spend a point for an entry into the Friday prize drawing (whether or not you win the number guess) you must email me. (You can spend multiple points for multiple entries, if you wish.) If you want to spend two points to reduce someone else’s point count by one, you must email me. If you want to spend a point to find out what prizes are being pulled for randomly on Friday, you must email me. Got it?

Now get to guessing!

Flipping the bird.

Current Public Point Standing

Ymabean: 15 points
diva llama: 13 points
Random: 10 points
Cali: 6 points
ChevyIIRagtop: 6 points
mnemonic: 3 points
Roxanne: 3 points
Ferociuos Fluffy: 2 points
Passions Flower: 2 points
shplink: 2 points
Caindris: 1 point
Rynooch: 1 point
AmyKatt: 1 point
Slick: 1 point
Squishy: 0 points
Rickster: 0 points

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