Oct 262009

Another guessing game for this round of point gathering. Here at Too Lazy to be Evil, I’ve enjoyed putting up new banners and finding different ways to have an entertaining header on the blog. My favorite method is to get the title into a photograph, whether by editing the text onto a good picture or by creating the title and photographing it. This challenge is to place the below banners in the order they appeared on the blog, chronologically.

Step One:

list the banners’ corresponding letters in order of appearance, oldest at the top (number one) of your list and the most recent banner at the bottom of your list (number nine).

Step Two:

tell me which one is your favorite and if you have some time, tell me why it is your favorite.

A disordered list of banners to be ordered chronologically for points.

You must complete BOTH steps!!! Enter your lists by 2359 MT on Thursday night, 29 October. I know I’d meant to do this earlier in the week, but this week is too busy to cram a challenge earlier into, so next week will have to be the short straw.

The three closest entries will be awarded points and those points will be automatically entered into the Friday prize drawing unless the reader emails me to do otherwise. Email me, if you haven’t already, if you would like to spend points to be entered into the Friday prize drawing even if you don’t succeed in this challenge. Email me if you’d like to spend a point to know what prizes are being drawn for on Friday. Email me if you’d like to spend a point now so that you may choose from the available prizes if you then win on Friday.

As a side note, the offline challenges are still going on and some people are racking up points while the rest of you slackers watch the telly and raid the fridge with your cat. The offline challenges do not have a deadline, except for the obvious end of the entire Blogiversary contest on November 4th. Lots of opportunity there.

Get going peoples! I am having a great time with this and I hope you are, too.

Edited to add:
One astute reader had a question. The answer is that if a banner was displayed twice, with another banner in between those two times, count the FIRST time said banner appeared as its date. Any encores do not apply.

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  6 Responses to “Blogiversary Contest series, online challenge 3”

  1. e
    I love the winter trees as it is a picture you took and i love the perspective.

    I also love the pumkin. all the time and effort that you put in for a very spectacular result.

    total guess obviosly on the banners but hey, i play.


  2. 1. F
    2. G
    3. E
    4. I
    5. A
    6. H
    7. D
    8. C
    9. B

    STEP 2:
    My favorite is your current banner because I love that you made it out of those cute, puffy origami stars that I know how to make. But since the current banner is not a choice, I choose B. This is because I saw this box of letters before you made your banner. When I saw your banner after the fact, I was amazed at how creative and clever your design was and I would have never thought to do something like that.

  3. I have a question, if I may. . .

    In Banner A, did you actually carve that into a pumkin or was that a Photoshop thing? I mean because I always thought it was an animation of some sort, but if you carved and photographed it. . .I’d be highly impressed. 🙂

  4. After reading Yma’s post. I think I have the answer to my question. WOW!!! I am dazzled and amazed!

  5. DL, yes I did carve that pumpkin title last year and yes I did use Photoshop to animate it. Slick took photos of it for me with the inside light off, then on. Then I used those shots in Photoshop in timed layers to show the pumpkin with the light coming on.

    In other words, of course I carved the pumpkin!! Come on!

    The backside was also carved with our street address and outlined with purple lights I poked through from the inside, but I didn’t want my address showing for all the internets to see.

    The pumpkin, however, being of completely organic material, grew an impressive amount of watery mold sludge and was disposed of without a memorial service. Thus, it lives on in the banner alone.

  6. 1 D
    2 E
    3 G
    4 F
    5 A
    6 H
    7 C
    8 I
    9 B
    Part 2. I like the snowy, ice tree best. It’s crisp and clean and natural, go mother nature

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