Oct 302009

Sorry I didn’t post this sooner, but the answers didn’t change and I had to be asleep early last night.

The three fantabulous readers gaining points in this challenge are:

Congratulations! These three point winners are automaticaly into the prize drawing to be held tomorrow. This will be the next to last prize drawing as we wind down towards the Blogiversary on November 4th. I’m finishing up a convention today and I hope 25N will be open so I can get home, but if I can’t I still should be able to run the prize drawing from wherever I get stuck. We’ll see. You still have time to spend points before this drawing, if you wish.

Good luck all!

The banners were ordered as such:

C, January of 2007, photo taken while we were house hunting. This little bear was laying alone in the backyard of an empty house, in an otherwise empty yard.
F, October of 2007, photo of an abandoned building near our neighborhood, with Photoshop effects added.
H, December of 2007, taken just after an ice storm went through Cheyenne.
I, June of 2008, photo taken at the end of our honeymoon in Ireland.
G, September of 2008, chalk on my backyard patio.
E, October of 2008, photo taken in the Philbrook museum in Tulsa. Statue (forgot who made it) is of Eros and Cupid battling over the defenseless heart on the ground.
B, October of 2008, spelled out in sign letters of which I purchased a pallet’s worth. This was done while I was sorting them into boxes to store.
A, October of 2008. If you look closely in the year end photo mosaic of 2008, you can see a tiny shot of me in the initial carving stages of this pumpkin. This is also the pumpkin Spooky is shown with in the same mosaic.
D, February of 2009. I love this papercutting and may frame it, even though (or especially because) I bruised my fingertips making it.

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  1. So what was the correct order?

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