Nov 052009

Six years ago, in a drunken fit, I bought a website. It had been discussed and referenced for many months by some friends and I, but never purchased and created. After hearing it mentioned (“we should…”) for the umpteenth time in my alcohol fueled state, I lost it, signed on, pulled out the credit card and went for it. Had to write the verification number on my arm in Sharpie since I had no paper, and did I mention I was drunk? A few days later, after some confusion and many emails, it turns out I really did have a website. It sat, neglected for many moons. My friends never got around to finding the willingness to bring our far fetched plans to life, although we did gather on a message board for a while. So, it ended up just being my dusty corner of the internets and I took it from there.

Six years going, sometimes strong. Happy Blogiversary, Too Lazy to be Evil. My trusty, dusty virtual corner. Here’s to us!

The Blogiversary prizes are all assigned except for two. After I get that last email I will bundle up the items for delivery – probably tomorrow. Our winners, over all drawings are:
diva llama
Ferocious Fluffy

Since there were so many prizes involved, I’m not showing who won what when. Instead, here is a shot of all the prizes from all the drawings together.

All the prizes.

That is a lot of stuff. I have a whole shelf free now.
As an informational aside, all food items have been refrigerated as soon as I got them home, to prolong their life. With chocolate, the chilling and warming can leave a whitish film on the exterior. I have not found this to affect the taste or texture of the chocolate, but it can be disconcerting when you first see it.

And to eek out one more tiny bit of interaction from you dear readers, here are some totes I picked up along the way to deliver prizes in. If you have a preference and you are one of the winners listed above, give a comment. If you don’t comment by the time I pack up prizes, you’ll just get what you get and you’ll like it.

Some prize bag totes, pick one!

Ah, done. I think I may have a tiny celebration with wine and chocolates.

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  5 Responses to “Happy Blogiversary to me”

  1. Congratulations! I for one am thrilled to get to come visit your not-insignifigant little corner of the webverse. Thanks for all the great swag over the years.


  2. Blog Mistress Note: the spider tote has now been claimed.

  3. Not the greeeeen one, thanks.

  4. YAY!! Congratulations TLTBE!! Love all the fun, read-y things & contests you’ve put out over the years. You are an inspiration to my silly blog that will never live up to TLTBE but tries! Here’s to many more years of blogging delites! Happy Blogiversary!

    p.s. I’d be thrilled with the spider bag but any would do really! Thanks so much!

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