Oct 312009

Dreams: dinosaurs, zombies, projects, YouTube, hover flats, bread, work. Big variety this time around.
10:09 AM Oct 1st from web

Come on, coffee. Help me get things done today!
12:11 PM Oct 1st from web

Quilt top: done. Quilt back: done. Now the hard parts: quilting and binding. Must find batting before I can continue.
3:17 PM Oct 1st from web

Oh look, batting! A whole package in the right size, even. Thank goodness for labels. Love labels.
3:28 PM Oct 1st from web

Ugh. Done with quilting for tonight due to sewing injury. Was tired of quilting anyway. Now maybe blogging, less dangerous.
8:22 PM Oct 1st from web

Downtown Cheyenne: the mailboxes that used to be on the 2100 block of Carey Ave are now on the 2100 block of Pioneer. Just circle the block.
2:52 AM Oct 2nd from web

But it was fun to watch car after car, their windows rolled down and mail in hand, pull up to the place where the mailboxes USED to be.
2:54 AM Oct 2nd from web

I’ve tried 3x now to Tweet last night’s dreams, but no go. Thankfully, they weren’t that interesting, so you’re not missing anything good.
9:59 AM Oct 2nd from web

Shit. I am completely unprepared to decorate for Halloween.
1:01 PM Oct 3rd from web

Winding down an exciting day at the races, gathering and Zombieland with a nice round or two of Left 4 Dead. Later: frozen pizza & Fringe!
7:59 PM Oct 3rd from web

And that’s Numberwa … er … a Saturday.
1:41 AM Oct 4th from web

Desperately want overpriced, yummy, creamy designer espresso drinks. But that requires getting dressed, leaving house. Settle for french press @ home.
11:10 AM Oct 4th from web

Fuck. I am never quilting anything this big again. My wrist is killing me & I’m only 3/5 of the way through. Still have binding to do, too.
2:25 PM Oct 4th from web

Ahhh! Finally, the quilting is done. I’ll worry about the binding later; I’m fed up with the quilt for now. On to different projects.
4:02 PM Oct 4th from web

And then there were none.
12:33 AM Oct 5th from web

This last week, which I was working at home for, was just perfect for watching autumn in Cheyenne.
10:20 AM Oct 5th from web

Off I go again. Unwililng, but going. Wish me safe and swift travels. Maybe I’ll pick up some neat prize bag items this trip.
12:35 PM Oct 5th from web

Hustling through the airport while wet from the rain does not make my top ten list of enjoyable activities. At least it is done!
3:20 PM Oct 5th from txt

Fortunately for me, the weather in Sioux Falls is just like the weather in Cheyenne recently.
4:51 PM Oct 5th from txt

This rental car is huge. I could fit three adult bodies in the trunk. Or two obese bodies. Or my entire closet contents. Or about 50 pillows.
5:29 PM Oct 5th from txt
Not bad. Enjoying a buffalo steak in downtown Sioux Falls with a view of the river in the cold rain. Good start to the trip of the week.
5:41 PM Oct 5th from txt

Well of course they have delectable carrot cake.
6:15 PM Oct 5th from txt

Someone in the adjacent hotel room is snoring, deeply and loudly. Wish I found that comforting in some way.
11:06 PM Oct 5th from txt

Yar!! Here be nerds!
8:26 AM Oct 6th from TwitPic

Ss.s. ..s. server room is COLD! (ss. s…sh. shivvv .. vv.vv err)
10:26 AM Oct 6th from web

Why are things not working? Again?!?
10:55 AM Oct 6th from web

And now that everything is working, we’re going to move it all around and undo all the work I had done. FINE, NO IT IS FINE, REALLY! Grr.
1:42 PM Oct 6th from web

Am stuffed on really good steak. Did manage to pass on dessert, so I think my tummy won’t burst. Maybe.
7:51 PM Oct 6th from web

After cutting the bandage off my finger, I managed to slice the next finger. Frustrating.
10:44 PM Oct 6th from txt

Annoying & slightly insulting emails from salesman coworker before my alarm even goes off is a bad way to start day. Not helping headache!
8:05 AM Oct 7th from web

Sioux Falls is entirely enjoyable, other than this rancid headache I have.
2:57 PM Oct 7th from txt

Too tired to blog. Thank you, Twitter.
10:25 PM Oct 7th from web

Sweet holy fuckity fuck – there is snow covering my yard! SNOW!! YEA! SNOW!
9:05 AM Oct 8th from web

Went to put on bunny slippers (in celebration of SNOW) but found I’ve worn large holes in the soles. Time to repair, or just buy new ones.
10:16 AM Oct 8th from web

Planned to do yard work and Halloween decorations today, but the snow changed my plans to buffing my fingernails. They gleam and shine now.
11:07 AM Oct 8th from web

Anyone in the Cheyenne area want a treadmill? Works great, just come pick it up and get it out my house and therefore my way!
11:07 AM Oct 8th from web

Very frustrated by stupid people busy covering their ass & trying to look smart instead of just doing the minimum of their fucking job!!
12:02 PM Oct 8th from web

No one? No one wants a pretty nice treadmill? It has incline and a built in fan! And more importantly, I need it out of my dining room.
12:21 PM Oct 8th from web

Oh. Okay, that’s it. I’m making some stickers.
1:37 PM Oct 8th from web

Have officially succumbed to the cold; turned thermostat up to 65F and might wear worn out slippers anyway.
1:54 PM Oct 8th from web

This link is crafty-painful: RT @chantalbernard: http://www.regretsy.com
2:38 PM Oct 8th from web

How do I have 29 types of glue, 12 types of tape and NONE of them are removable/temporary?!
4:47 PM Oct 8th from web

Okay Slick, I’m officially calling it. No one wants our treadmill; you are clear to dismantle it and appropriate parts as desired.
6:06 PM Oct 8th from web

Now at the stage of tired where perfectly average words look weird and wrong. Going to sleep. Dream well.
2:43 AM Oct 9th from web

Dreams: time- jumping! Yea! Finally back to dream territory I know instead of that dull, stupid non-dream shit. Ahhhh. Better.
9:12 AM Oct 9th from web

Keep forgetting what I’m doing, very distracted this morning. Maybe this delicious cup of coffee can set me on the right track?
9:47 AM Oct 9th from web

There is another enchantingly gentle snowfall in Cheyenne now. Love it.
11:47 AM Oct 9th from web

Craft Night email SENT! Check your inboxes, gals.
12:14 PM Oct 9th from web

Need to drop off mail and pick up some milk & bread to make cocoa & toast (perfect snow weather snacks) but don’t want to leave the house!
4:38 PM Oct 9th from web

FYI, Beer Night guys: if this blizzard keeps up, I will NOT be offering my normal designated driver services – you can hoof it home!
7:17 PM Oct 9th from web
Guess I got my “snowed in” wish. There’s no way I could leave my house even if I did want to.
9:48 AM Oct 10th from web

Left snow shovel in shed & can’t get it without going through 40′ of drift. Those kids that came to the door with their shovel just made $5. I know, they only wanted $5!
3:49 PM Oct 11th from web

Okay Snow, it is Monday and I have to get to the airport – lay off already. Oh yeah, sunshine to get some melt going would be good, too.
9:47 AM Oct 12th from web

Left for DEN early due to weekend snow, but roads were fine after thick fog while leaving WY. Now I sit and wait.
2:07 PM Oct 12th from txt

I know I don’t watch much television, but who gave Tyra Banks a show? I thought it was a joke. Well, it IS a joke …
11:08 PM Oct 12th from web

More telly thoughts: that Progressive insurance with Captain Ahab, that was funny.
11:19 PM Oct 12th from web

My Netflix queue sucks. I may delete the whole thing. I don’t want to watch those movies. Was I drunk?
11:48 PM Oct 12th from web

Difficult to follow conversation with ADHD, multi-tasking customer. Like a ferret on speed! I need coffee to keep up & around.
10:05 AM Oct 13th from web

10:32 AM Oct 13th from web

Partying it up at the casino! Woot!
(the internet really needs a sarcasm tag.)
7:19 PM Oct 13th from txt

Dying from second hand smoke in one night.
8:30 PM Oct 13th from txt

My hair now reeks of cigar smoke, my sweater requires washing and my throat is harshed. Damned smoking bastards.
9:07 PM Oct 13th from web

Dreams: puffins run over by yacht, workman smashed by pallet of falling materials. Are my dreams trying to tell me something?!
7:59 AM Oct 14th from web

Isn’t it time for Girl Scout cookies or those school fund raisers yet? Where are those tempting things – I could go for tasty cookies.
11:59 AM Oct 14th from web

And now off to dinner at a snooty Italian restaurant. Can’t I just have that tasty food in a place where I can wear jeans and a sweater!?
4:34 PM Oct 14th from web

Consternation! Snooty place booked, now at seafood place where everyone is wearing jeans and sweaters. Yargh!
5:08 PM Oct 14th from txt

Resisting dessert, resisting a visit to the neat gift store, resisting, resisting. I am a resistor! Only so much, though.
7:20 PM Oct 14th from web

Frontier has oversold their earlier flight, thus I have zero chance at standby. Now what to do for 5.5 hours in STL airport?
12:53 PM Oct 15th from txt

With this much time I can do everything. To start, I shall watch the boarding of the earlier flight I have no hope of getting a seat on.
1:05 PM Oct 15th from txt

Just saw a STL airport cop zip down the flatscalator whilst riding a Sedgeway. Fast!
1:09 PM Oct 15th from txt

This plane can’t fly fast
Enough into the sunset,
Swiftly to my love.
5:13 PM Oct 15th from txt

And ….Traffic! Damn you construction!
9:47 PM Oct 15th from txt

I’m up and I’m mostly dressed. I’ve had coffee, I’ve checked the internets. What excuse do I have for not getting down to business?!
11:05 AM Oct 16th from web

Cheyenne Oktoberfest this Saturday in the Depot Plaza.
4:36 PM Oct 16th from txt

We’re off to Beer/Craft Night. Woot!
6:28 PM Oct 16th from web

Need coffee-making robot for these chilly, lazy mornings. I’ve been consulting the internets oracle for an hour -without coffee! The horror!
9:43 AM Oct 17th from web

Enjoying a late breakfast at Penny’s Diner. And by breakfast I mean an excuse to eat sinful pie.
11:23 AM Oct 17th from txt

Too late for coffee, too early for bed. Just right for arson.
11:06 PM Oct 17th from web

Phew, Twitter is back. I know it wasn’t down for everyone, but it was for me. I almost logged on to my blog and posted. I know, the work!
11:43 AM Oct 18th from web

Ah, Internets. You are still there. Hello and good morning, my favored oracle.
8:59 AM Oct 19th from web

My craft desk is overflowing with project pieces and parts. I am intimidated, but must forge a path. If only I had a plow …
12:43 PM Oct 19th from web

Was really enjoying a long and loud post-lunch belch before I realized my car windows were down … and so were those of the car next to me.
2:26 PM Oct 19th from txt

Who likes to rock the party? We like to rock the party!
8:18 PM Oct 19th from TwitPic

Dreams: another serial killer, brightly colored, rare kestrels, old trucks, socks. Halloween pranks and old houses.
10:41 AM Oct 20th from web

After an exciting evening of stocking up on toilet paper, pillows & paper towels, then playing three rounds of Scrabble, I am beat. And a very dull person.
1:46 AM Oct 21st from web

Scrabble is just fucking with me now.
12:41 PM Oct 21st from TwitPic
Was wondering why my computer’s sound seemed so quiet til I realized I had my headphones (hanging behind monitor) still plugged in. Need more coffee.
2:30 PM Oct 21st from web

In my dream this morning, I had the perfect coffee. Alas, it was but dream coffee.
10:52 AM Oct 22nd from web

Godiva chocolate truffle coffee is just sinfully good. Like I need more excuses to drink more coffee!
11:58 AM Oct 22nd from web

I think we’ve accidentally stumbled upon playing themed Scrabble.
7:35 PM Oct 22nd from TwitPic

Woke up with nasty headache. Seems an ominous start to the day, but I shall combat such superstition with modern science = pain pills, FTW!
10:09 AM Oct 23rd from web
Forgot I had my speakers on and the automated virus database update message startled me out of my chair!
6:38 PM Oct 23rd from web

Caffeinated, crafting, ordering on Amazon. Must crash soon .. can’t … go on. .
12:55 AM Oct 24th from web
Sleep= FAIL. Too much caffeine yesterday. Guess this means I get an early start today. Hell must be pretty cold right now.
7:34 AM Oct 24th from web

No, I don’t want you to show me how you knit, I don’t like it! Are people daffy?! They’re like knitting evangelicals. Back, knitters, BACK!
9:19 AM Oct 24th from web

OMG Dansko makes boots – I am in trouble.
11:12 AM Oct 24th from TwitPic

Was really tired when I misread this as “farting goat”. RT @1953diygal I want a pet Fainting Goat.
7:43 PM Oct 24th from web

About to watch Slick in his big screen debut at the Lincoln downtown.
12:50 PM Oct 25th from txt

Goodbye wonderful, long weekend of joyous fall and romping. Hello looming week of work.
12:09 AM Oct 26th from web

Way too early.
6:03 AM Oct 26th from web
Very busy at the work. Holding up a wall. Not kidding.
11:14 AM Oct 26th from txt

Well the wall can officially hold itself up now. On to plugging in machines.
2:34 PM Oct 26th from txt

Okay, that sunrise was really pretty and all that, but I would much rather have been asleep. Damned the work, getting me up this early.
7:24 AM Oct 27th from web

Lessons relearned this morning: just because you can fit the whole thing in your mouth doesn’t mean you should.
10:25 AM Oct 27th from txt

Have a serious need to kill some zombies today.
1:07 PM Oct 27th from txt

Snow! Beautifully falling fluffy snow!
5:16 PM Oct 27th from web
Worried about traveling to the work in Denver tomorrow since they just closed parts of 80 and the snow has barely begun yet. Fret!!
6:40 PM Oct 27th from web

This show needs to end! My feet are killing me.
5:02 PM Oct 28th from txt

This long day is almost over. Just a little bit more and I can sleep!
9:37 PM Oct 28th from txt

Dreamed I was fighting a ghost that was trying to smother me. Snorted awake to find my face pressed into a pillow wedged against headboard.
12:01 PM Oct 29th from txt

Damned ghosts.
12:02 PM Oct 29th from txt

Thought I was free from the stupid dinners, but it looks like I might get roped in still. Dammit!
6:28 PM Oct 29th from web

Am I free? I think I’m free. Free to be me! Whee. No, I have not been drinking. Yet.
6:50 PM Oct 29th from web
Mistakenly got Strange Brew instead of the movie I intended. Wondered why there were artifacts in what was supposed to be a new movie.
8:50 PM Oct 29th from web

The highway to my home has been closed for two days. How will I get to my wonderful home tomorrow if it doesn’t open!! Damn you, snow.
9:19 PM Oct 29th from web
WTF is with the continued door-slamming at my hotel?! You loud fuckers have cost me an hour of sleep!
7:16 AM Oct 30th from txt
Last day of standing for hours with a smile pasted on my face. My feet already hurt. Just a few more hours.
9:25 AM Oct 30th from web
Why is the highway still closed, but only in the direction and stretch I require to get home tonight?!
12:13 PM Oct 30th from web
Can’t believe I have been waiting for over three hours for a pallet and some shipping boxes. Suck!
4:46 PM Oct 30th from txt
Gave up on boxes, filled out claim info, shrink-wrapped the hell out of everything we had. Shipping the rest from home. Leaving! At last!
5:53 PM Oct 30th from txt

My arms are tired from hauling servers blocks to the parking garage. But we are leaving!
5:54 PM Oct 30th from txt

And that is the distinct sound of a dead battery!! Woot!
5:55 PM Oct 30th from txt

New battery in! On the road, finally. For reals this time. I have hope!
5:59 PM Oct 30th from txt
And traffic. Denver end of day traffic. Still headed home, but at 20 MPH now.
6:07 PM Oct 30th from txt
HOME!! I am home! I love home, home is great. I’m glad I’m here. I like it here. HOME!!
8:21 PM Oct 30th from web
Continuing my vacillation betwixt and between misanthropy and philanthropy.
11:36 AM Oct 31st from web
OH! Oh! Glue explosion! Gem-tac everywhere!
12:13 PM Oct 31st from web
Ah, it’s Halloween! That’s why everyone is dressed funny.
3:27 PM Oct 31st from txt
Ewww, coffee on top of sushi is not so good. Cucumber plus mocha equals unpleasant.
3:39 PM Oct 31st from txt
Hey, Surly Bookstore Guy is dressed all out as a pirate. Nice costume!
3:41 PM Oct 31st from txt
Ah, um… Surly Bookstore Guy isn’t working today. He’s just lurking. In costume.
3:45 PM Oct 31st from txt

Time to dust off the old witch hat. No, really. It is covered in dust.
6:59 PM Oct 31st from web

8:48 PM Oct 31st from TwitPic

So far we’ve had a total of four trick-or-treaters. WTF kids! Is it really so hard to put on a mask and ring the doorbell for candy?!?
9:15 PM Oct 31st from web

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