May 162011

A couple posts ago I told you that Spooky has abandoned her Dish in favor of her new furniture. Slick managed to get her back on the Dish for about five minutes by tempting her with her favorite mice.
Spooky, back on her dish with the veteran mice toys
This is the phase of play when she has slowed enough to NOT send them flinging away with her batting paws, but when she is still frisky enough to draw blood if you try to take them from her.

The veteran mice toys, close view.
These are some tough mice. They are made by Fat Cat, Inc. and I suggest buying a number of them as soon as you know your cat likes them. You need a few, not because they will fall apart (look! look at the damage they’ve taken!) but because cat toys invariably become lost down air vents, behind couches or refrigerators or who the fuck knows where. They have a whole line of different toys for different cat preferences (cruchers, jinglers, etc) but these catnip mice with a simple ball inside are Spooky’s favorite.

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  2 Responses to “Spooky, her DishBed and the Veteran Mice”

  1. Those mice are really cute! But we can’t have them because our dog likes to gut all the cat toys. It’s about the only power he has over the 3 cats in the house.

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