May 112011

I’ve had two requests for more Spooky pictures, so here you go. Since she is a shy cat this might be the most you guys get to see of her no matter how much you are over here to The Arches.

Spooky, snoozing on the oversized ottoman.
Specifically, all these shots are of Spooky enjoying her new furniture. The ottoman here, is the spot she lays on when she is willing to receive attention from us. Here she is falling asleep in the gentle sunlight, although wary of me and my cell phone camera. Two shots edited together into an animated gif. See the tufts of fur in front of her? No matter how much we brush her (when she’s up for it) she still rips out small chunks of her fur, especially now that winter is ending and the days are warm.

Spooky, in the fat-chair, with pillows.
Here she is in her chair. She likes the pillows. When she sits down she purposely arranges herself so she is propped up on the pillows. The fat chair is where she sits when Slick and I are in the living room. She watches us and the tv from there. The back of the chair is where she sits to look out the windows. Conveniently, both sides of the back cushion have indentations precisely where she lays for window viewing. All the furniture will be broken in to the cat’s shape. And covered in fur bits.

Spooky, sitting on the love seat.
Spooky also expanded to the love seat. It took her a while to warm up to this one. Initially, she would avoid it or only walk across the back of it to her Dish. This is now her second favorite napping spot during the day.

Spooky, posing adorably.
Slick sends me photos of Spooky being cute or mischievous while I’m on the road. Love those fuzzy little paws!! These shots make my day.

Speaking of her Dish, she has almost entirely abandoned it now. We’re thinking of taking it away to put a small dresser there to hold our DVDs and reuse the Dish in the squirrel experiments coming up. Who wants to lay on a metal disc when you have three big pieces of squishy furniture to comfort you?

There you go, adorable Spooky pictures.

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  3 Responses to “Spooky Love”

  1. AmyKatt

    Thank you for the pictures! I feel fortunate to be one of the few “strangers” who has not only seen Spooky but has actually been allowed to pet her. She is so shiny!!

    • She really is quite shiny. We need to brush her to help out with the extra fur she’s shedding for spring, but all three of us keep forgetting. I think Spooky knows you are a cat person. She is not quite so displeased by your pretense and she is other people’s. Of course, sometimes she doesn’t even want us around! Spoiled cat, she is.

  2. She’s so pretty. I love the animated blinky gif!

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