Oct 162011

I have been down sick the last week and a half. Don’t know what I caught, but it kicked my ass and left me wheezing, weak and dizzy on the sofa for days. At first, upon returning home with this bug, I thought I would sleep heavily over the weekend and be good enough to travel on Monday (last Monday!) but it took until today, a week after that, to be good enough to even get in the car and go to the store. And frankly, I’m mostly wiped out after the store trip. I had to call in sick to work; I haven’t missed work due to sickness in over four years. Not that I haven’t been sick, but it has always conveniently happened on a weekend, holiday or vacation. This wasn’t even the fun kind of sick where you could catch up on books, movies or video games. It was a miserable, laid out, feverish, horizontal-only, snooze and hack fest. Yuck. Not so much fun. Slick was quite solicitous and took care of me, bringing me DayQuil, NyQuil and many tissues. Unfortunately, I may have infected him since he’s started to feel draggy now, too. Sorry, lover!

Spooky snuggled with Slick on the loveseat.
Spooky and her lump continue on. The lump is just enormous; her time is short. But for now, she still enjoys the typical Spooky things: treats, oat grass, more treats, napping on Slick’s lap or snuggled up in his arm.

I hope you are all well.

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  2 Responses to “Back among the living”

  1. Well that sucks. Here’s hoping your next week will be better than your last one.

    • Thank you. This one is also a rough starter, but my life is pretty good. Plus, I have lots of supportive blog readers!

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