Oct 182011

Spooky the cat is gone.
My last picture of Spooky.
She worsened over the weekend and Monday morning it was clear she wasn’t very happy about her enormous lump physically interfering with her life. We took her to the vet Monday and said goodbye; she was calm, if irritated in general.

There is a Spooky shaped hole in our hearts and the house is lonely in a particular way. There is no little black cat curled up in the best seat, soaking up the sunshine. When I walk past the bathroom, no multi-syllabic meows demand I turn on the sink faucet. No loud, purring noise wakes me in the morning.

We miss her, much and often, but we are glad for the many years of small, furry companionship.

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  5 Responses to “Goodbye, Spooky”

  1. My condolenceses… I always loved the pics you shared of her. We shared a similar event when we had to trap our ferel cat, because of cancer. But I can tell you, she enjoyed 3 years of running around in the countryside, stalking and eating pretty much anything she wanted to. I know in my heart that Spooky had the best of life afforded to her by you and Slick, since cat lovers are basically owned by the cat. I recall that Slick had set out to record her voices, over the years. I wonder if that’s something you’d post?

    • Thank you guys.
      Scot, the meow recording project never happened. One of those things you think you’ll always get to later until there is no later.
      AmyKatt, thank you for the many times you kitty-sat and checked in on Spooky. We always appreciated it.

  2. AmyKatt

    John and I are sorry for your loss. Spooky will be missed.

  3. I hope it’s not too late to offer my condolences. Sorry to hear the news.

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