Apr 032007

.. is good stuff.

PVC mouse maze

You can just see Phineas’ nose peaking out of the front entrance there.

$40 at Lowe’s for a rearrangeable mouse ‘Lego’ maze of PVC. Awesome. We plan on changing it every few days when we clean their cage. Since our dishwasher gets sterilizing hot, it will be easy to clean. All three like to sleep in the big tube in the back. As suspected, Widdershins cannot play in half of the maze part since it has a left turn. She gets as far as that left turn, then freaks out and backs up, out of that half of the tubes.

We failed to get lattice for Cleopatra and also failed to do our taxes, but tomorrow is another day!

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  One Response to “PVC”

  1. kewl! I bet “the kids” love their new toob system. Looks way fun (except for Widdershins, that is).

    Don’t feel bad, I didn’t get my taxes done this weekend as planned either. We’re in the same boat. . .and it’s sinking fast! Don’t worry, we’ll find some debris to float on until we get rescued! 😉

    Until then. . .
    I remain,
    diva llama

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