May 272006

This is the wonderful cuteness I wanted to share with everyone. We have fancy mice – fancy meaning hobby. In the midst of our hectic, messy and bothersome move we found ourselves in PetCo getting a new tag for the much-celebrated Spooky. While waiting on a couple ditzes at the tag-engraving machine, we watched the mice for entertainment. Inside the female mouse cage, we discovered a white mouse running furiously in clockwise circles. It just kept going, little circles in place, big circles around the cage, tiny circles if it was interrupted. We decided the mouse was crazy and needed a good home. We also picked out a small spotty mouse that was being picked on by some bigger mice. We traipsed about the store, accoutering ourselves for mice. $41 later, we were mouse caretakers.

Thus, I give you our mice:
Photo of Rorschach. Photo of Rorschach.
Rorschach, the spotted mouse. She loves the running wheel, enjoys cleaning herself and nesting in her spare time. She is curious, persistent and nibbles my hand when the chance arises. She is constantly fascinated by her surroundings and has the biggest ears, relative to her adorable little face. By the by, she shows a healthy appetite and picked up a little weight after settling in to her new home with us. She shows no signs of brain damage or unmouselike behavior.

Photo of Widdershins. Photo of Widdershins.
Widdershins (’cause it’s funnier than Clockwise) is the brain-damaged mouse (as confirmed by a vet assistant later) that is entirely white with red eyes. She enjoys running in clockwise circles – and that’s it. She circles rapidly away from my hand when she encounters it and only stops circling to eat, drink and sleep; before and after which she circles some more. Slick is considering building her a banked track, circular of course, as she does get some speed going.

There, isn’t that nice? Aren’t you glad you stopped by?

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