Nov 042015

Today, Too Lazy To Be Evil has existed in reality for 12 years. 4383 days of my website.
To celebrate this occasion, I think we should do a prize bag. So, for a chance to win the 12 Year Anniversary Prize bag, leave a comment below congratulating me for still being on the internet.

Summary: Enter a congratulatory comment on this post before 0900 MT on 09 Nov 2015, which is next Monday morning.

The Standard Fine Print:
You must be a registered user for this blog – because that is how you can make comments! You may have only one entry into this contest. You must either live in a place I commonly drive to or past or be willing to submit a mailing address to me to receive the prize if you win. I’m happy to mail the prize anywhere in the world where it is legal to do so. The prize bag contains items I’ve gathered or created which may be desirable, useful, useless, offensive, sublime, or merely silly to you; I make no guarantees to the value, usability or likability of the prize, although they have been historically well received.

See this link for past contests, giveaways, winners, prize bags.

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  13 Responses to “Too Lazy To Be Evil 12 Year Blogiversary Giveaway!”

  1. stacey

    Holy buckets! Congrats on still being on the Internet. Also, because I looked it up, the 12 year anniversary gift is silk/linen. (Or pearls if you want to go modern…according to Google)

  2. Wow, time flies.
    You are amazing as always and the Internet deserves to keep knowing it. Your corner is always cozy, inviting, and informative.



  3. AmyKatt

    Congratulations on 12 years! You are talented and amazing and the interwebs are lucky to have your presence.

  4. Congrats on 12 years. It is quite the commitment. Good job!

  5. On a side note. I broke my good coffee mug, it was a glorious 16 ounce stoneware cup that fit snugly beneath my keurig. It said “in the kitchen with David” because I love the Sunday morning QVC show. I miss that mug. All that is left is a Geodon ( look it up) mug I received as a gift. I like it but I miss my Coffee Mug.

  6. 12 years? Really? Time flies. I wish that I had the motivation and dedication that you have to constantly post meaningful thoughts and ramblings. Keep up the good work.

    • I know, time really flies. Meaningful thoughts might be a stretch, haha, but I can definitely get behind the blog as a method of communication, one-sided and with minimal social interaction, as it is.
      Thanks for the comment!

  7. Congrats on 12 years, that’s a long time! Many an internet thing has died well before twelve years.

    (Yes I know I’m late, and am totally fine with that.)

    • Thank you! I’m tempted to make a list of things with a lifespan of twelve years or less, but I have got actual things to do right now instead. Let’s pretend it was a fascinating list.
      Nice to hear from you! Thanks for the comment.

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