About Sarcastra


I am Sarcastra, Queen of Crafty.
I like to make stuff.
I live in Cheyenne, WY.

I work in a technical field most people don’t know exists.
I curse a lot; a fucking lot.
I love Slick madly.
I care for five cats. I’m a crazy cat lady.
I am quite allergic to tumbleweed.
I am obsessive.
I play video games, but I’m not great at it.

My hollow-sounding Etsy store which occasionally displays crafts I’m willing to part with for you, for money.
The ever useful Flickr account which I generally neglect since Flickr wants me to pay for a service I don’t need.
My Craftster profile, so you may see the sorts of things I get up to for swaps or crafty sharing.