Quilts I’ve made


Partitioned Batch Quiltt
The Partitioned Batch Quilt
57″ x 81″
August 2017
Integrating my ice and snow dyed fabrics (along with others) into a quilt.

The Cats Ate the Jam Last Night Quilt
43″ x 58″
May 2017
Using up some stray log cabin blocks.

Winter Checkerboard Quilt
52″ x 52″
December 2016
Utility quilt for around the house.

49″ x 49″
November 2016
Inspiration of how to do anything, ever.

Going Somewhere Quilt, front.
Going Somewhere? Quilt
32″ x 85″
October 2016
Non traditional use of a traditional block.

Between the Lines Quilt
Between the Lines Quilt
48″ x 56″
August 2016
Letting the Muse help me express my thoughts and feelings.

Kiss Kiss Quilt
Kiss Kiss Quilt
52″ x 52″
August 2016
Improvisation play with blocks.

Summer Pinwheels Quilt
Summer Pinwheels Quilt
Improvisation based on ice dyed fabric color scheme and strip fabric = created fabric. Vague inspiration of summer (not a strong basis, really, more color guidance during construction).
58″ x 58″
July 2016

Green and Black Patchwork Quilt
Green and Black Patchwork Quilt
42″ x 42″
June 2016
Improvisation based on black, green with a lime highlight, and squares. Philosophical inspiration of traditional vs contemporary, and perception of right and wrong.

Don’t Let Your Mind Wander
Don’t Let Your Mind Wander Quilt
48″ x 54″
May 2016
Improvisation based on black, purple scraps, my own themed linocuts, and the philosophical inspiration of perfection vs inspiration, craft vs art, and audience vs artist perception.

Black Cat in Rainbow
Black Cat in Rainbow
About 32″ x 45″
April 2016
Improvisation based on rainbow scraps, the inspiration of my companion cat, Spooky

Don’t Let Your Mind Wander
Serenity & Rose Quartz Gravestones Quilt
56″ x 81″
April 2016
Inspiration combination of Pantone Color(s) of the Year Serenity & Rose Quartz and shapes of triangular Persian gravestones.

Good Colors, More Kitties
Good Colors, More Kitties
Color scheme and subject matter chosen by my Cutie Niece
80″ x 100″
December 2015

Gradient painted quilt
We Live on Earth
42″ x 42″
October 2015
Experimental fabric painting gradient of whole cloth quilt.

ScandiTree birthday quilt
18″ x 24″
September 2015
Tree and Scandinavian imagery inspired wall hanging quilt, custom made for a friend’s birthday.

Cthulhu Rising.
Cthulhu Rising
18″ x 24″
August 2015
Cthulhu and home token theme inspired wall hanging quilt, custom made for a friend’s birthday.

HST quilt.
No name
HST (Half Square Triangle) quilt, playing around with the technique and some freebie fabrics.
41″ x 41″
May 2015

QAYG FMQ Practice Quilt.
QAYG FMQ Practice Quilt
60″ x 60″
March 2015
QAYG (Quilt As You Go) FMQ (Free Motion Quilting) Practicing free motion quilting on small blocks, which were later joined together to make a practical, if not attractive quilt. The cats like it.

Seeing Red
Art quilt with a simplified exploration of seeing color, specifically, seeing red, which the eyeball is pointed at in the border. This was created for the CAG “Red” show.
26″ x 20″
Feb 2015

Centzon Totochtin Quilt.
Centzon Totochtin Quilt
An Easter quilt inspired by the Aztec 400 rabbit gods of drunkenness and parties.
48″ x 60″
April 2014

Rainbow Stripes Quilt.
Rainbow Stripes Quilt
A piece of bright quilting in a dim winter season.
52″ x 52″
December 2013

Quilt for baby boy in blues and brown, with orange highlight.
No name.
Quilt for baby boy in blues and brown, with orange highlight.
October 2012

Twin baby boys quilts, blue and blue
No names
Coordinating quilts for twin baby boys.
May 2011

The Beautiful Quilt
The Beautiful Quilt
Purple bias strip scrap quilt
80″ x 80″
June 2010

No picture? Must find picture, I know I have picture, I still have the quilts, too!
No names.
Two quilts in a western theme, red and pale blue scheme.
February 2009

Baby boy quilt, blue and orange
No name
Quilt for baby boy, blue and orange scheme.
October 2009

Gothic Log Cabin Quilt
Gothic Log Cabin Quilt
Custom made for a swap, gothic image center with a red and black scheme.
About 48″ x 60″
December 2006

Tiny bunny toy/doll quilt