Nov 092015

We have a winner!
Our giveaway winner!

Congratulations to Ymabean!

As part of your prize bag, please choose one of the Bitty Kitties below to come live with you.
Bitty Kitty choice for the prize ba,!
(more details on what these are later in the week)
They’re not in their final form yet, three of them don’t even have hearts at this point. But, the one you choose will get finished up and be part of your prize bag.

Thank you all for your participation. The more people that play along, the more I want to do future contests and giveaways.

Now, time to get cracking on year 13!

Nov 042015

Today, Too Lazy To Be Evil has existed in reality for 12 years. 4383 days of my website.
To celebrate this occasion, I think we should do a prize bag. So, for a chance to win the 12 Year Anniversary Prize bag, leave a comment below congratulating me for still being on the internet.

Summary: Enter a congratulatory comment on this post before 0900 MT on 09 Nov 2015, which is next Monday morning.

The Standard Fine Print:
You must be a registered user for this blog – because that is how you can make comments! You may have only one entry into this contest. You must either live in a place I commonly drive to or past or be willing to submit a mailing address to me to receive the prize if you win. I’m happy to mail the prize anywhere in the world where it is legal to do so. The prize bag contains items I’ve gathered or created which may be desirable, useful, useless, offensive, sublime, or merely silly to you; I make no guarantees to the value, usability or likability of the prize, although they have been historically well received.

See this link for past contests, giveaways, winners, prize bags.

Nov 042013

Today is the decennial (ten year anniversary) of this website. I thought I might do a prizebag or something, but I notice that enthusiasm is pretty low for such interactions, so let’s merely be lazy. At ten years of having a website, I still have it and use it. I still like it. The posting flow varies according to what goes on in my life. The internet provides me with a means of virtual presence, which is pretty damned neat.
Image totally stolen from the internet, then cleaned up, and abused here for your visual pleasure or simple distraction.
Ten years of Too Lazy To Be Evil. Rah!
You are welcome.

Nov 052009

Six years ago, in a drunken fit, I bought a website. It had been discussed and referenced for many months by some friends and I, but never purchased and created. After hearing it mentioned (“we should…”) for the umpteenth time in my alcohol fueled state, I lost it, signed on, pulled out the credit card and went for it. Had to write the verification number on my arm in Sharpie since I had no paper, and did I mention I was drunk? A few days later, after some confusion and many emails, it turns out I really did have a website. It sat, neglected for many moons. My friends never got around to finding the willingness to bring our far fetched plans to life, although we did gather on a message board for a while. So, it ended up just being my dusty corner of the internets and I took it from there.

Six years going, sometimes strong. Happy Blogiversary, Too Lazy to be Evil. My trusty, dusty virtual corner. Here’s to us!

The Blogiversary prizes are all assigned except for two. After I get that last email I will bundle up the items for delivery – probably tomorrow. Our winners, over all drawings are:
diva llama
Ferocious Fluffy

Since there were so many prizes involved, I’m not showing who won what when. Instead, here is a shot of all the prizes from all the drawings together.

All the prizes.

That is a lot of stuff. I have a whole shelf free now.
As an informational aside, all food items have been refrigerated as soon as I got them home, to prolong their life. With chocolate, the chilling and warming can leave a whitish film on the exterior. I have not found this to affect the taste or texture of the chocolate, but it can be disconcerting when you first see it.

And to eek out one more tiny bit of interaction from you dear readers, here are some totes I picked up along the way to deliver prizes in. If you have a preference and you are one of the winners listed above, give a comment. If you don’t comment by the time I pack up prizes, you’ll just get what you get and you’ll like it.

Some prize bag totes, pick one!

Ah, done. I think I may have a tiny celebration with wine and chocolates.

Nov 052009

The numbers turned out oddly, but that is how random works. There were a few multiple winners who spent points to chose their prizes, so emails are being constructed as soon as I play out the hierarchy and wrap my head around it. The choosers will be seeing emails soon – please respond as swiftly as you are able so that others do not remain in suspense about their prizes.


Nov 032009

This has been a long month Blogiversary challenges and contests. For this, the final round of prize drawings there will be no challenge. Instead, every person who has commented in the last month (and thus deemed to be an active reader) is entered into the drawing. If you’re not sure if you’ve commented in the last month, now would be a good time to bang one out. Everyone has received their most recent point tally, so if you’d like to spend those points send me an email. I will be back home tomorrow night for the final prize drawing and will check the PO box for any straggling offline challenge entries before hand. If you’re thinking of putting a point towards prize selection, I’d highly recommend it especially for this round due to the significant variety of prizes. Also, there will be more than three winners. I ended up with more prize items gathered while the contest was ongoing and a couple items I hadn’t counted yet. So, lots of winners and goodies. And soap. Always the soap.

Prepare to spend your day in joyous contemplation of the existence of Too Lazy to be Evil. I know I will.

Oct 302009

After a random drawing of the entrants for this, the third prize drawing. Isn’t this fun?

The winners of this round:

Congratulations! Each of you has won two prize items. You will receive an email shortly with details about your prizes.

Finally winding down here. Just one more online challenge to go and one more, final prize drawing. Then we’ll get back to regular bloggy stuffs.

Oct 302009

Sorry I didn’t post this sooner, but the answers didn’t change and I had to be asleep early last night.

The three fantabulous readers gaining points in this challenge are:

Congratulations! These three point winners are automaticaly into the prize drawing to be held tomorrow. This will be the next to last prize drawing as we wind down towards the Blogiversary on November 4th. I’m finishing up a convention today and I hope 25N will be open so I can get home, but if I can’t I still should be able to run the prize drawing from wherever I get stuck. We’ll see. You still have time to spend points before this drawing, if you wish.

Good luck all!

The banners were ordered as such:

C, January of 2007, photo taken while we were house hunting. This little bear was laying alone in the backyard of an empty house, in an otherwise empty yard.
F, October of 2007, photo of an abandoned building near our neighborhood, with Photoshop effects added.
H, December of 2007, taken just after an ice storm went through Cheyenne.
I, June of 2008, photo taken at the end of our honeymoon in Ireland.
G, September of 2008, chalk on my backyard patio.
E, October of 2008, photo taken in the Philbrook museum in Tulsa. Statue (forgot who made it) is of Eros and Cupid battling over the defenseless heart on the ground.
B, October of 2008, spelled out in sign letters of which I purchased a pallet’s worth. This was done while I was sorting them into boxes to store.
A, October of 2008. If you look closely in the year end photo mosaic of 2008, you can see a tiny shot of me in the initial carving stages of this pumpkin. This is also the pumpkin Spooky is shown with in the same mosaic.
D, February of 2009. I love this papercutting and may frame it, even though (or especially because) I bruised my fingertips making it.

Oct 262009

Another guessing game for this round of point gathering. Here at Too Lazy to be Evil, I’ve enjoyed putting up new banners and finding different ways to have an entertaining header on the blog. My favorite method is to get the title into a photograph, whether by editing the text onto a good picture or by creating the title and photographing it. This challenge is to place the below banners in the order they appeared on the blog, chronologically.

Step One:

list the banners’ corresponding letters in order of appearance, oldest at the top (number one) of your list and the most recent banner at the bottom of your list (number nine).

Step Two:

tell me which one is your favorite and if you have some time, tell me why it is your favorite.

A disordered list of banners to be ordered chronologically for points.

You must complete BOTH steps!!! Enter your lists by 2359 MT on Thursday night, 29 October. I know I’d meant to do this earlier in the week, but this week is too busy to cram a challenge earlier into, so next week will have to be the short straw.

The three closest entries will be awarded points and those points will be automatically entered into the Friday prize drawing unless the reader emails me to do otherwise. Email me, if you haven’t already, if you would like to spend points to be entered into the Friday prize drawing even if you don’t succeed in this challenge. Email me if you’d like to spend a point to know what prizes are being drawn for on Friday. Email me if you’d like to spend a point now so that you may choose from the available prizes if you then win on Friday.

As a side note, the offline challenges are still going on and some people are racking up points while the rest of you slackers watch the telly and raid the fridge with your cat. The offline challenges do not have a deadline, except for the obvious end of the entire Blogiversary contest on November 4th. Lots of opportunity there.

Get going peoples! I am having a great time with this and I hope you are, too.

Edited to add:
One astute reader had a question. The answer is that if a banner was displayed twice, with another banner in between those two times, count the FIRST time said banner appeared as its date. Any encores do not apply.

Oct 232009

I must say guys, I was glad to see the participation this time around. I mean, I have to get these prizes out of my house, so I am glad people are playing.

The winners are:
Diva Llama

Congratulations! Each of you has won three items this round. One of you elected to spend a point to chose from the prizes, so the other two will find out what you’ve won after those choices have been made. You will receive an email from me today with details of your goodies.

Thank you guys for playing! There will be another challenge and drawing next week, although we may move it up from the Thr and Fri standard to spread things out better as the last week isn’t a full week. Stay tuned for more prize-filled fun!

Oct 192009

Time for another point garnering opportunity.

This will also be a number guessing contest related to the blog. Guess how many posts mention the words fuck, fucking, fuckity, fucker, fuckers or fuckity fuck in them. You may want to use the search feature and waste lots of time counting for your guess. You may want to just go ahead and guess since it will be hard to count and your count may not equal my count and my count is the one that matters. Guess a number between 50 and 250 before 2359 MT, Thursday, October 22nd. I will again chose the three closest guessers. Those guessers will be automatically entered into the Friday prize drawing unless they email me otherwise.

If you would like to spend a point for an entry into the Friday prize drawing (whether or not you win the number guess) you must email me. (You can spend multiple points for multiple entries, if you wish.) If you want to spend two points to reduce someone else’s point count by one, you must email me. If you want to spend a point to find out what prizes are being pulled for randomly on Friday, you must email me. Got it?

Now get to guessing!

Flipping the bird.

Current Public Point Standing

Ymabean: 15 points
diva llama: 13 points
Random: 10 points
Cali: 6 points
ChevyIIRagtop: 6 points
mnemonic: 3 points
Roxanne: 3 points
Ferociuos Fluffy: 2 points
Passions Flower: 2 points
shplink: 2 points
Caindris: 1 point
Rynooch: 1 point
AmyKatt: 1 point
Slick: 1 point
Squishy: 0 points
Rickster: 0 points

Oct 162009

Well this was an odd one. In a devious strategy I’m not sure I fully understand, no one sent me any emails for entry into the drawing. Thus, the only people entered were the three point winners yesterday (by their automatic entry). Um, well played?? Since I was choosing three winners and there were only three entrants, I passed over the random number drawing part of it.

The winners are:

Mnemonic (now back to 3 points),
ChevyIIRagtop (now back to 6 points) and
Rickster (now at zero points).

Congratulations! You have each won two items. Said items will be delivered to you at the final contest end (Nov 4th) or you may trade or bet with other players as your strategy dictates. I will be emailing each of you tonight so you know what you’ve won.

I must say I expected a little more competitiveness off the bat, but maybe you’ll all warm up as we move along.

Oct 132009

Chance to get more points! Here we go:

Guess the difference between how many comments have been made on this blog and how many posts have been made. I will let you know that I occasionally write posts that are private, so you will never know they existed and thus be unable to count them; as well as comments that have been marked as spam which won’t show up and therefore cannot be counted either. In short, guess a number between one and one thousand by 2359 MT on Thursday, 15 October. Since we need to have multiple winners in the subsequent drawing for prizes and I can’t guarantee people would want to spend their points, the two closest people in this guessing game will get a point each. Plus, who doesn’t want points?!

If you don’t want to play this number guessing challenge, you can still spend a point for an entry in the drawing. That will come later – like Friday. This challenge will just get two people (or more in case of a tie) points. Points can be spent for prize drawing entries, or for prize info or for more nefarious purposes. Don’t hoard them or anything, they are only good if you spend them. You can’t take them with you!

If anyone is confused, let me know and I’ll sit down and write way too many words to explain it better. But, you guys are smart, this is nothing for you!

Now get to guessing! Get those points!

Oct 092009

The first chance to gain a point is here! And it is offline! Woot – so exciting, right?

Jackalope, poorly doctored photo, stolen from the Internets - source (or blame) unknown.

The task: find a postcard with a jackalope or armadillo (photo, drawn, whatever) on it (double points if you find one that has both!), write on the back of it “Jackalopes/Armadillos are too lazy to be evil” (filling in for whichever animal you’ve found), and mail it to

PO Box 666
Cheyenne WY 82003-0666

and that’s it. You get a point. In addition to the delicious point, you also get to find out about other offline challenges. It is like a line of dominoes, you see. If you’re not into the offline stuff, don’t worry. There will be online challenges, too, and soon. I wanted to get the ball rolling on this offline one since it initially involves depending on the USPS, which is beyond our mere mortal control.

Get going!

Nine banded armadillo photo, stolen from the Internets - source unknown.

Oct 082009

I’ve hinted, threatened, cajoled and promised. Finally, it is here. This is the beginning of the biggest contest yet, the blogiversary contest. We’re starting now and going for a full four weeks to culminate on the Too Lazy To Be Evil blogiversary of November fourth. I have gathered a metric fuck-tonne of prizes over the past couple months, so there will be multiple winners.

As well as the normal slew of contests that will get these prizes out of my house and into your hot little hands, we’ll have a parallel point system. When you successfully complete a challenge or contest, you get a point. A point means an entry into the random drawing. There will be a few ways to gain these points besides challenges and a few ways to spend points besides prize drawings. For starters, comments so far this year will give you points. That means some of you are starting off right now with points in your bucket, ready to play without any effort required. See the list at the bottom for the comment point awards. Besides using points as entries for a prize drawing, you’ll be able to spend points. You are able to spend a point to see what prizes are being drawn for ahead of time. You can spend a point ahead of time to allow yourself to chose from the allotted prize pool for a drawing if you win – quite handy. Also, you’ll be able to spend points to take away other contestant points, because what is a contest without a little challenge?

Current Point Standing

Ymabean: 15 points
diva llama: 13 points
Random: 10 points
Cali: 6 points
ChevyIIRagtop: 6 points
mnemonic: 3 points
Roxanne: 3 points
Ferociuos Fluffy: 2 points
Passions Flower: 2 points
shplink: 2 points
Caindris: 1 point
Rynooch: 1 point
AmyKatt: 1 point
Slick: 1 point

So there you go, the competition is already on. Stay tuned for a challenge or contest very soon to get you some more points, to be immediately followed by the first prize drawing.

In case it wasn’t clear, points for comments are closed. Comment all you want, but you won’t get more points for it right now.

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