Sep 162009

I haven’t posted much about Cleopatra this year, mostly because I haven’t been home nearly as much this year (wait for my upcoming graph, you’ll see what I mean). Here she is in her glory of the year.
I know, not much action, right? She spent a lot of time growing new stalks and not much time blooming. The crazy cool weather seemed to delay her a bit, too.
This was the extent of her blooming this year. Not many, just 20 or so in one section. But, we love her and I’m sure she’ll burst into bloom next year again.

Nov 132008

So a couple weeks ago I noticed these swollen rose hips on Cleopatra:
Bud or pod thing on Cleopatra.
Cleopatra, who has lost all her wonderful flowers by now and spent some time this summer growing a new, long, vining stalk, has a dozen of these seed pods going strong. Since I didn’t pull the blooms as rose gardeners do the seed pods developed unhindered. Apparently I could grow new, little, evil Cleopatra roses plants from seeds! Or possibly, new roses that have characteristics of Cleopatra’s parents even. This is an interesting idea, as Cleopatra is my first experience with blood-eating roses. Okay, that is an exaggeration. She doesn’t feed on blood (that I can prove!) but she certainly tries to draw it if anyone comes near.

I’ve got some gardener-style research to do. Roses from seeds …. hmm. Maybe.

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Jun 252007

I came home to this:

New lattice.

While I was away, Slick was busy making our front porch a beauteous affair with the long-awaited addition of a lattice.

Our porch with lattice and chairs.

Now our porch is entirely enjoyable and ready for relaxing. Feel free to come over and get some enjoyment.
Can’t you just see yourself sitting here with a chilly glass of Super Lemonade?

Also, Cleopatra’s more recent blooms are rather pink. I am confused at this since the initial ones were more red. Oh well – they are all pretty. I didn’t think I’d enjoy all the pretty, pink flowers, but I really do. They make our porch very pleasant.

Jun 162007

I’m sure every one of you have been sorely missing the plant update (hah) so here you go:

Rose buds last week

As of last week, Cleopatra developed loads of buds. The buds appeared almost deep pink in color, but as they grew larger their red came out. We keep meaning to lattice Cleopatra, but she seems so content to bounce around in the breeze freely instead of being bound, helpless to a grid. Her long, prickly arms are arched over the front of the porch as though she were trying to grow to the door.


Rose blooms today.

The buds nearest the full sun and in the hottest areas have burst into full blooms. They are distinctly red and velvety. If all the buds bloom on the same schedule, we’ll have explosive roses all through the end of June. Lovely. I never considered myself a rose person and I dislike rose-based scents, but I am enjoying these flowers. Plus, no maintenance!

Metal Work gave me some vegetable plants to try my hand at. After spending an hour carving out four tiny holes in my backyard, I’m convinced I’ll need to create some raised beds for successful plant life on our lot. Wade did mention the whole neighborhood is gravel a bit down, but I thought he meant something more like several yards down. It could still be coincidence, but I swear I only have enough compacted soil to hold together all the rocks! No wonder the garlic plants aren’t getting any bigger. They’ve probably grown through all the soil I set up for them and have now encountered the rock barrier.

Also in the front yard, I found this bloom today:

Pink bloom today.

I don’t know what this plant is, but it has had three or four tightly wound, spherical buds growing at the top for weeks now. Every time I’ve looked, except once when it was raining, I’ve found ants congregating on the buds, so it must be tasty. Today, thick layers of this single flower showed themselves.

The pretty plants are doing well, but the grass is toast. As in toasted. Dead. Hay. I suppose we’ll have to water the damn stuff until we have enough time and money to dig it all up and properly xeriscape the area. [Pronounced zer ee scape, BTW, not zeroscape!] And we need trees, dammit. This full sun on the front of the house thing is not cool, literally.

May 242007

I know you’re all just dying to know the status of the plants at our house. So here you go:

Another garlic update.

The garlic is going strong. It is looking a tad droopy, possibly due to the last three days of chill we’ve had, but the color is good and they still seem to be growing. That one in the near middle of the first row (about plant number seven or eight) is the one squirrels dug up, which I replanted. It is growing fine, it’s just behind schedule compared to its neighbors.

Another garlic update.

We still haven’t latticed Cleopatra. We’ve been using the house improvement budget on the upcoming bedroom. She doesn’t seem to mind, she is busy growing new, lush leaves and tiny, fresh thorns. She is probably laying in plans to bite off bits of flesh from us when we’re not paying attention. Slick keeps mentioning that we should fertilize her with human blood, but I tend to think we shouldn’t encourage her when we have so many delivery people coming by so often.

May 072007
The garlic continues to grow.

I am eagerly watching the garlic’s progress. One row is the hard necked variety, the other row is the soft neck. I don’t remember which row is which. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out in a few months when they are more than stalks. I think this weekend I will get some more planty things. We’re close enough with the weather now that it is worth the gamble. I’m thinking of a pizza garden. I hear tomatoes grow well here.

Cleopatra, the man-eating rosebush.

Cleopatra is growing lots of greenery. This makes her thorns less of a danger, but we’re still going to lattice her. She only had one bloom left when we moved in and I believe it was pink. At some point this year I’m hoping to figure out how to splice off new plants from the big one.

Apr 022007

Remember the garlic bulbs I put in the ground last fall as the weather chilled me thoroughly?

Garlic coming to life.

Yea! Here comes garlic. One was dug up by sneaky squirrels, but they didn’t take it so I put it back in the ground and maybe it will continue growing. It does have a small sprout coming out, so it may eventually catch up with the other plants. I’m making garlic!! I put stuff in the ground and it is growing!! Woot!

Cleopatra the biting rosebush coming to life.

Cleopatra, the aggressive rosebush at our front porch, is also sprouting new leaves. We have plans to lattice her so that she does not bite us quite so often.

Yea spring! It is lovely.

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