Oct 172014

And thanks to here is our winner:

The winner!

Congratulations, Stacey!
I will be in contact with you shortly to coordinate prize bag delivery.
Thank you all for playing! I enjoyed all the costume related stories.

ETA: Stacey is out of town currently, so the prize bag will wait patiently until her return.

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Aug 172014
.. and Culprit reveal!

The Sneaky, Strong, Cat Culprit, caught in the act of breaking in!

That’s right, the break-in kitty was Nora! It seems she thought this was the best place to have all for herself, without those pesky, other cats.

This means we have one winner: Ymabean!
Congratulations, Ymabean! I hope to have your prize bag ready for pickup tomorrow at work, maybe Tuesday. I will text you so you know for sure.
Thank you, everyone else, for playing! This was a great response and makes me think about doing more prize bags.

In other, absolutely related news, my door came in Saturday morning. Slick and I picked it up and installed it. It is fantastic, light-friendly and pretty. It also does a great job of keeping cats out of the workshop and my singing inside. Cat Culprit no more!

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Aug 132014

We have sorted out who the Sneaky Cat Culprit is who’s been breaking into my workshop past the makeshift doors! Before we reveal the camera evidence, let’s have a little fun with this.
In the comments, guess who the cat culprit is to win a prize bag! In order of size, here are the cats:
The cat lineup!
Moxie (dense, fierce, top cat of the house, the Queen)
Friday (peculiar, pretty, lithe gal and can turn into cat jelly)
The Captain (slender, sweet boy who is mischievous)
Nora (the hissing old-lady-cat who doesn’t like cats)
Oz (the big, fluffy, orange guy)

You only get two guesses for the contest – they can be in the same or separate comments. If you change your mind, you can overwrite a guess until the deadline. If there is a tie, I’ll either randomize it or give two prize bags. This contest will end at Sunday morning 17 August, let’s say at 0900 so I can sleep in. Go ahead and give a guess, it is easy to participate!

Summary: Comment your guess for the Cat Culprit by 0900, Sunday 17 August.

The SFP (The Standard Fine Print):

You must be a registered user for this blog – because that is how you can make comments! You may have only two entries in this contest. If you make more than two guesses, the latest will overwrite the first, in continuing order. You must either live in a place I commonly drive to or past or be willing to submit a mailing address to me to receive the prize if you win. I’m happy to mail the prize anywhere in the world where it is legal to do so. The prize bag contains items I have collected, been given, picked up, found, bought, made myself, or somehow obtained (probably not stolen, though) for whatever reason and may be desirable, useful, useless, or merely silly to you; I make no guarantees to the value, usability or likability of the prize, although they have been historically well received. The prize bag contents are of my own choosing and are not being provided in exchange for any influence or services from you beyond your comment entry and your eternal, undying devotion to this blog and; therefore, my ego.

Read all about previous contests and prize bags by clicking this link here.

Nov 282013

Congratulations to mnemonic!! list randomizer shot!

Sorry about the morning drawing there, I thought I gave you guys until midnight, like I often do, but apprarently I set it to 2200 – which is my bedtime – and forgot. Sleeping in this morning was great, so I hope I didn’t keep you all on the edges of your seats there.

Way to go mnemonic! Personally, I’m glad you won because AmyKatt, Ymabean and Random are all tied at three wins each right now and frankly, a virtual war might have begun from any imbalance! Ha ha. I kid.
Mnemonic, check your gmail for some coordination details. Congratulations!

I hope everyone has an excellent holiday today. Slick and I will be having our traditional lasagna and movie marathon, the cats shall have shredded turkey in gravy. Those traditional cats!

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Apr 222013

Congratulations to AmyKatt!!
The winner - AmyKatt!!
AmyKatt used the odds in her favor and won! Way to go! As she has requested a custom bunny prize bag (thanks for having a suggestion/opinion) the prize bag reveal will be a couple days coming while I make one up to meet her desires.

Thank you all for playing, I enjoyed reading the entries, even from Slick who was unfortunately a half hour late. Don’t worry, I’ll make it up to him.

Feb 132012

Now that Diva Llama has had some close, personal time with her prize bag, let’s look at what was in there.
Favorite Sequel prize bag contents.
Beginning at the top, we have a big foam corn hat. This, the corn magnet, and the bag of rainbow popping corn to the right came from Indianapolis. Peeking out at the right corner is a postcard from Tyler, Texas. In the middle we have some novelty pens, one is a cow with light-up eyes and moo-sounds from Wisconsin, an eagle head pen from Portland, OR and a tornado pen from Wichita, Kansas. In front of that we have a set of matryoshka doll I got from a gift shop for a Russian museum. In front of them we have a pair of 3D eyeglasses from the ESPN kisosk at a show in Chicago. In the center front we have absinthe flavored chapstick from Etsy seller ForStrangeWomen from which I order my favorite perfume oil and highly addictive clove lip balm. The chapstick is laying on a teensy blanket with five colorful piggies I got in San Antonio. The yellow lollipop contains a scorpion and is from somewhere off the highway in Texas. The remaining unique item is some salmon jerky from Portland, OR and then the left side is piled with ubiquitous hotel soap. After the move to The Arches, I was backlogged with these prize items, so I only took the nicer soaps home with me and left the mediocre soaps for the next guest.

Favorite Sequel prize bag contents.
These are the TLTBE items in the bag. Two custom Sharpies will help DL towards completing her set and the buttons are my creations, three watercolors and my carved stamps and one black and white photo I took with a Holga in a downtown Cheyenne alley. The standard TLTBE and winner swag buttons are missing this time, only because they are stored in the garage with all my other workshop stuff, which I cannot reach without tearing out half the garage, and plus it was snowing all weekend.

So, there we go. Another prize bag, finally. I hope that, despite trying to get into my workshop this year, there will be a few more before we flip the calendar again. As always, if you have any suggestions for the contests, please speak up. I don’t even mind (really, do encourage) if your suggestions give you some sort of advantage! Also, because I like it when people comment, I may have to consider some sort of multiple entry bonus for regular commentators. (hint, Hint, fucking HINT!)

Feb 122012

The Sequel prize bag, just before delivery to Diva Llama.
The prize bag has been delivered. The content picture will be posted tomorrow to give diva llama a chance to enjoy her prize bag spoils before you fellow readers begin envying it.

As a strange side note, it turns out I live closer to Diva Llama than I thought. Today, as I was walking to her house to drop off the prize bag, I made an effort to look up at the house addresses as I passed so I didn’t overshoot my target – all the cute little Avenues brick houses blend together. I tend to zone out into my own thoughts and outdoor enjoyment while walking and normally only manage to check for traffic before I cross roads. The truth of this statement is apparent in the fact that we’ve lived at The Arches for 16 months and only today realized I live two blocks from Diva Llama instead of four. Say our house is at the 500 block (it isn’t -don’t panic and think you forgot where I live) and Diva Llama lives at the 100 block – you would think that we live four blocks apart. This is what I thought, but was wrong. Today as I noted addresses, I discovered that the 300 and 200 blocks are missing. I don’t know why. Our avenue does a tiny bend at one intersection, but it is very minor. Yet, after that kink in the road, the addresses jump over two blocks worth of numbers. Thus, the walk goes from my 500 block, past the 400 block and then BAM, I cross a street and there is Diva Llama’s 100 block. I’d always found walking to Diva Llama’s house to be a short trip, but didn’t give it much thought.
So that was interesting.

Feb 092012

Courtesy of, the very best site for all your randomizing needs and detailed explanations of what random really means.
The winner, random selection via because they're a bit awesome.

Congratulations, Diva Llama!!

Your prize bag will be delivered to you quite soon, possibly even tonight. After delivery, the contents will be posted here for all to covet.

Thank you, everyone, for playing. I appreciate your comments and participation. Sometimes it feels like I’m blogging into the darkness, which is fine. I like the darkness, I don’t mind blogging to it. But, when I know people are checking in, it tends to motivate me to keep up with some posts – I am lazy, you know.

Stay tuned for kitten pictures.

Aug 032010

Yea! We have a winner!

Congratulations, Random!

The randomized list.

That was fun.

Random, I’ll deliver your prize bag tomorrow, please deactivate your home defense lasers for a bit so I can get to your mailbox/porch area.

Everyone else, stay tuned. We’re going to have another giveaway very, very soon. Like a few hours soon. I liked reading the responses for this one. Three out of five commentators want more sleep when they wake up and struggle to get to sleep at night. I am often the same way. Sometimes I don’t want to go to bed because it feels like giving up the day, surrendering. There are still things to do! Time is fast and when you’re still going at night it seems to slip past even faster. And mornings … ugh.

Thank you all for playing! Come back for more.

Apr 122010

The prize items were received last week, so it is past time to share.

No pictures of them post-bag since one was to be mailed off this time.
With an eerily close guess, the big prize bundle went to rynooch.
First prize items.
A box of chocolates from a very nice store in Las Vegas, the ubiquitous hotel soap, a puffy marshmallow pop, some matches from a snooty sushi restaurant in Austin, some super chocolates from somewhere in Minnesota, some more super chocolates from somewhere in Wisconsin, notepad & pen, some of the nicer teas I came across, some carmels from MSP and a Moose Munch bar from IND.

And since I had so many chocolates and sweets, I made a second, smaller prize bag. This went to AmyKatt.
First prize items.
Some Godiva truffles, another silly marshmallow pop, can’t get away from the hotel soap, some chocolates, carmels and matches.

The badges aren’t in these photos, but as previous winners know, you get a badge stating your winnerhood and awesomeness.

All winners get a free ad here on the blog, but I stopped printing out the certificate coupons since no one was redeeming them. If you’ve won a contest here (or haven’t but are willing to pay the $5 fee) and want to use your ad, just drop me a line. Don’t forget that I’ll do the basic graphic work for you as long as it takes me 20 minutes or less, or just send me your graphic ad or PSA or photo of yourself or pet or just whatever you want. Otherwise, the ad space over on the left will perpetually offer dental hygiene advice as I see fit.

So there.

Previous Prize Bags:

  1. How About Now? Prize Bag
  2. Texas Two Step Contest Prize Bag
  3. Count My Lucky Stars Prize Bag
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  6. Autumn Haiku Prize Bag
  7. A bunch of Blogiversary Prizes
Apr 032010

We have a winner!!

The BBs found in our yard since late last summer.

Actually, there was enough stuff to make up two prize bags, so we have two winners.
Double yea!

In that silver bowl were 416 BBs, which makes rynooch the closest guess with 411. Our second closest guess was AmyKatt with 462.
Excellent guesses, all.

The prize box is being packed and taped up today and mailed off to rynooch (say something if your address has changed, yeah?) and the alsoran bag will be completed and delivered hopefully tonight to AmyKatt’s front porch. As soon as the prize items are received I’ll let you in on what the contents were so you can use that knowledge to judge future prize worthiness and contest efforts.

Thanks for playing!

Mar 302010

First prize bag giveaway of 2010 here. Since it is spring now and I’m sure you’d all rather be out enjoying the 73F sunshine and cool breeze (like me), we’ll KISS.

Guess how many BBs are in the silver container by Saturday, April 3rd at noon.
Guess contest photo.
Ever since Slick and I moved into this, our house, we’ve been finding these orange BBs in the yard. For the first couple years, we threw them away. As of late last summer, we’ve been bringing them in and tossing them in a jar. This is how many we’ve collected in about six months. The silver container is about three inches high and the same diameter. Since there are about 80 BBs visible just in this shot, I would recommend guessing somewhere between 100 and 900, but do as you wish. Make your guess in the comment section only please and do so by noon, MT this Saturday. I have a pile of prize items, so we may have one big bag or two medium bags; I’m not sure yet.

Fine print:
You must be a registered user for this blog – because that is how you can make comments! You may have only one entry into this contest. You must either live in a place I commonly drive to or past or be willing to submit a mailing address to me to receive the prize if you win. I’m happy to mail the prize anywhere in the world where it is legal to do so. The prize bag contains items I picked up, for free or cheap or otherwise compensated, while traveling for work and may be useful or just silly to you; I make no guarantees to the value, usability or likability of the prize.

Good luck, buena suerte, guess hard!

Previous contests:
1. How About Now?
2. Texas Two Step
3. Count My Lucky Stars
4. The Contest Contest
5. Wyoming Joke Contest
6. Autumn Haiku Contest
7-?? Blogiversary Contests, too many to link!
1. BB Guess Contest (this one!)

Nov 052009

Six years ago, in a drunken fit, I bought a website. It had been discussed and referenced for many months by some friends and I, but never purchased and created. After hearing it mentioned (“we should…”) for the umpteenth time in my alcohol fueled state, I lost it, signed on, pulled out the credit card and went for it. Had to write the verification number on my arm in Sharpie since I had no paper, and did I mention I was drunk? A few days later, after some confusion and many emails, it turns out I really did have a website. It sat, neglected for many moons. My friends never got around to finding the willingness to bring our far fetched plans to life, although we did gather on a message board for a while. So, it ended up just being my dusty corner of the internets and I took it from there.

Six years going, sometimes strong. Happy Blogiversary, Too Lazy to be Evil. My trusty, dusty virtual corner. Here’s to us!

The Blogiversary prizes are all assigned except for two. After I get that last email I will bundle up the items for delivery – probably tomorrow. Our winners, over all drawings are:
diva llama
Ferocious Fluffy

Since there were so many prizes involved, I’m not showing who won what when. Instead, here is a shot of all the prizes from all the drawings together.

All the prizes.

That is a lot of stuff. I have a whole shelf free now.
As an informational aside, all food items have been refrigerated as soon as I got them home, to prolong their life. With chocolate, the chilling and warming can leave a whitish film on the exterior. I have not found this to affect the taste or texture of the chocolate, but it can be disconcerting when you first see it.

And to eek out one more tiny bit of interaction from you dear readers, here are some totes I picked up along the way to deliver prizes in. If you have a preference and you are one of the winners listed above, give a comment. If you don’t comment by the time I pack up prizes, you’ll just get what you get and you’ll like it.

Some prize bag totes, pick one!

Ah, done. I think I may have a tiny celebration with wine and chocolates.

Nov 052009

The numbers turned out oddly, but that is how random works. There were a few multiple winners who spent points to chose their prizes, so emails are being constructed as soon as I play out the hierarchy and wrap my head around it. The choosers will be seeing emails soon – please respond as swiftly as you are able so that others do not remain in suspense about their prizes.


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