The stuff my brain strings together while I rest.

Mar 082012

Last night, I dreamt of carving a lino block for printing postcards. I haven’t done any significant crafty stuff since …. well, shit. I can’t think. I hemmed some pants and reseamed a pillow, but that was merely household maintenance. I piddled around in my sketchbooks. Hmm. The last crafty project I did was the Lafayette postcards, I think. That was in November! No wonder I’m having crafting dreams.

Part of my issue is the unfinished workshop. You saw the pictures of the refinished floor. The walls need done, but I’m even more hesitant to work on them when we still have work to do on the outside of the walls/foundation with sloping and what not, which we won’t be doing until spring. Most of my crafty stuff is in boxes, stacked in the garage. I don’t want to bring much or anything in until the walls are done and I can start moving in, for real, permanently – instead of crafting out of boxes to get my fix. I may have to go ahead a work on the walls before summer. Twitchy craziness might ensue if I don’t. I can still do small projects, but when I do that I feel like I should be progressing on the workshop instead of getting my fix. Difficult balance.

I never did tell you guys about my bunnies from earlier this year. That was a significant project I’m pretty pleased with. I’ll pull those off the shelf and share. They are part of an even larger project which I truly need some dedicated space to work on. I think it will be great – it often is great in my head. This is one of the things I believe will translate.

Subject change.

The kittens are (like many cats) fascinated with the shower and tub. They’ve had a few accidental baths, and lots of time has been spent alternately playing in the still wet tub and cleaning their wet paws afterwards. They get a bit crazy-eyed trying to go after my hair while it is wet. Slick let’s them have their way with his wet hair:

Moxie, licking Slick's hair.
Little weirdos. Also, Moxie is a bit of a shoulder cat. Like a movie parrot on a pirate shoulder.

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Jul 312009

Left GPS at home. Thought Google Map directions were going to get me carjacked, but made it just fine to the damn fine doughnut shop. Rock.
6:33 AM Jul 1st from txt

And now to fill the next five hours while enduring blisters (no walking to kill time) and without spending extra money (on crap I don’t need, like more prize bag stuff).
8:47 AM Jul 1st from txt

From plane to car: 1901 steps. Now to begin the drive home.
4:46 PM Jul 1st from txt

The new look for Followers is annoying – I want the people I block to be completely gone promptly. Don’t need to see pornbot avatars linger!
10:30 AM Jul 2nd from web

Note to self: beating cell phone against desk does not resolve issue that angered you. Leave poor cell phone alone!
10:36 AM Jul 2nd from web

>> @AlphaMaven wrote: I was just rick rolled in ATL at 6am 🙁
4:08 AM Jul 2nd from TwitterBerry

@AlphaMaven Rickrolled in ATL at 0600? Was it better than being duck rolled?
9:56 AM Jul 2nd from web in reply to AlphaMaven

>> @Sarcastra umm, maybe? i don’t know what duck rolled is, and google wasn’t much help on that. though a 0600 rickroll after a redeye wasnt fun
12:06 PM Jul 2nd from Tweetie in reply to Sarcastra

@AlphaMaven Duckroll: Same type of thing, instead of a misdirect to a video or song, it was a misdirect to a picture of a duck on wheels.
A duck on wheels, AKA: #duckrolled.
12:09 PM Jul 2nd from web in reply to AlphaMaven

>> @Sarcastra is that like the bunny with a pancake on its head?
Bunny with a pancake on its head, AKA: #BWAPOIH.
12:29 PM Jul 2nd from Tweetie in reply to Sarcastra

@AlphaMaven Yes, so much so that I tried to work out how I could fit “bunny with a pancake on its head” into the previous Tweet, but failed.
1:56 PM Jul 2nd from web in reply to AlphaMaven

>> @Sarcastra what about the tag #BWAPOIH ?
3:19 PM Jul 2nd from TwitterBerry

Yeah, #BWAPOIH ! I can get behind that!
3:33 PM Jul 2nd from web

Win the latest prize bag …. and have a laugh while you’re at it.
3:36 PM Jul 2nd from web

Oh yes, blond dingbat in coffee shop, I’m sure it is a shock to your delicate & refined sensibilities that ANOTHER Robinhood movie is coming! Sheesh. Chill out.
4:41 PM Jul 2nd from txt

Bunny with a pancake on its head, AKA: #BWAPOIH.
My day right now feels like #BWAPOIH.
4:43 PM Jul 2nd from txt

Long weekends mean luxurious baths with breakfast and books.
9:42 AM Jul 3rd from web

Ever had an unexpected nap and felt like all your sleep gathered and pooled on the side of your face you slept on? No? Just me then, huh?
5:34 PM Jul 3rd from web

Just saw another nasty accident at Converse & Dell Range. That intersection is cursed, I swear.
7:57 PM Jul 3rd from txt

Constantly running on the ticker tape across brain: “Well it makes sense in my head!”
1:56 AM Jul 4th from web

Funniest thing in my dreams this morning: bunnies with leopard spot fur.
10:45 AM Jul 4th from web

Immediate responsibilities fulfilled. I am now free to play computer games as desired. Free! FREE!!
4:31 PM Jul 4th from web

Thanks, Cheyenne, for yet another absolutely smashing and spectacular fireworks display. Well done.
1:45 AM Jul 5th from web

Most mundane dream item this morning: one ounce tube of toothpaste. I was very excited. Too much travel.
11:39 AM Jul 5th from web

Alright, computer games are really fun, but the time flies.
1:59 AM Jul 6th from web

Coolest item in my dream this morning: paddle wheel personal airship. Oddest: outlined goat women.
9:48 AM Jul 6th from web

Cheyenne is getting pelted by an impressive hail storm right now. Spooky is freaking out.
2:55 PM Jul 6th from web

Well, that was an incredible hail storm. The cat is checking the house integrity now. The rose blooms have been battered to death.
3:09 PM Jul 6th from web

Dreams: Had to break up a showing of the Church of Irony, w/ the Sacred Iron Scroll on display. They had a permit, but were run by a madman.
9:24 AM Jul 7th from web

Did I sleep next to magnets and erase part of my memory? Why can’t I remember my passwords this morning?!
9:49 AM Jul 7th from web

No, stupid retail pattern, I will not do paper piecing – you suck. I shall conquer you with MATH! Take that, lameness. Later. After coffee.
10:29 AM Jul 7th from web

So, Cheyenne, the free movie in the park tonight is “Iron Man” at the Lions Park amphitheater. That may be worth a sunset walk & picnic.
1:29 PM Jul 7th from web

Internets, I am ashamed of you. Enough of the grief porn already. There is a world beyond celebrities & melodrama, I swear it.
3:21 PM Jul 7th from web

Again with the hail!
3:49 PM Jul 7th from web

Werewolves? No. Very werewolves? No.
12:53 AM Jul 8th from web

10:09 AM Jul 8th from web

Screw it all. I’m going to play games.
2:23 PM Jul 8th from web

Dreams: Tried to visit my sister in California while there for work. Rental car turned into a moped after I wondered about CA cell phone use
9:51 AM Jul 9th from web

Dreams: An old friend had a heart attack after being razzed. Recovery included listening to an uncharacteristic pop song in ambulance.
9:56 AM Jul 9th from web

Dreams: Visited a Scientology center. They tried to get me to use auto grease as hand cream. And their walk-in freezer was turned off.
9:57 AM Jul 9th from web

Ooof, killing zombies really takes it out of you. Need sleep.
2:22 AM Jul 10th from web

Dreams: if an ensorcelled lacey coverlet falls in love with one on Halloween, just go with it. Easier than the bitter, rejected coverlet taking revenge.
9:51 AM Jul 10th from web

Denver traffic sucks!
5:10 PM Jul 10th from txt

Dreams: was very, very tired, but had to make it though the woods before I could sleep. Kept losing path, heard pranksters about, kept going …
9:35 AM Jul 11th from web

Dreams: Made it to clearing with great relief that I could finally sleep safely. New dream: ran in to an friend I last saw 12 years ago.
9:36 AM Jul 11th from web

Dreams: She showed me some of my drawings had been published, then mocked my software. Nice to see her. Lots more crap, not worthy of type.
9:38 AM Jul 11th from web

Am in significant need of steak, eggs & coffee. And foot rub. And dessert. And shoes before I can leave the house. Wake up, Slick!!
10:48 AM Jul 11th from web

For the love of all that is atheistic, be kind to shaggy-haired gals, today. Please.
11:40 AM Jul 11th from web

Dreams were too epic length for Twitter. You are excused from dream recollection today as it may interfere with coffee making and drinking.
9:39 AM Jul 12th from web

Two Swallowtail butterflies are playing in my back yard. Pretty.
11:55 AM Jul 12th from web

My workshop is a Sarcastra convection oven, despite my attempts to make the fans REMOVE the hot air. The battle continues.
11:53 PM Jul 12th from web
ATTN: Clothing manufacturers; please make tops for busty gals! We can’t help where we gain our weight! Don’t make us resort to DIY clothes!
10:25 AM Jul 13th from web
Wouldn’t you think that an old west place like Cheyenne, WY would have real fabric stores? We barely have quilting fabric stores. For shame!
11:00 AM Jul 13th from web
Day was derailed by last minute meeting in Ft. Collins. Got almost nothing done besides that. Would like to be playing games. Maybe tomorrow.
11:19 PM Jul 13th from web
Changing to Entourage on my laptop after umpteenth critical failure of Mail. Now importing emails from 6/2008 – slow! Going to have cereal.
9:50 AM Jul 14th from web
And now I get to experience the mind-numbing trial of reorganizing all 982 emails to new folders. Better be worth it or we’ll be scrubbing!!
12:10 PM Jul 14th from web
Imported now up to 1160! I cannot sort as fast as Entourage can import from Mail. Emails are storming the folders, Bastille-celebratory-like.
12:40 PM Jul 14th from web
Lo! Behold! I am the Great junk store Scourer! I shall find all the 10 pack of zippers for $1.50 and ancient snaps! Yield to my crafty will!
5:59 PM Jul 14th from web
Crafty inspiration burning bright … and right when I’m hungry. Poor timing, Muse.
9:50 PM Jul 14th from web
Moodlet: Inspired!! Woot!
1:17 AM Jul 15th from web
Dreams: summary; nanotechnology can be an amazingly cool and a coldly terrifying thing in the future of floating buildings and platforms.
9:25 AM Jul 15th from web
I DON’T WANT TO GO!! I’m having work resistance. I’ll be fine once I’m on the road, but I can feel my heels digging in while I’m still here.
11:19 AM Jul 15th from web
DEN economy East is full. Haven’t seen that before.
2:28 PM Jul 15th from txt
(was meant to read DEN economy lot)
I hate you, BlackBerry! You increase my typos.
2:36 PM Jul 15th from txt
A salad can be so unsatisfying when one really wants pizza. Damn hard-to-reprogram brain!
2:56 PM Jul 15th from txt
Rental car smells heavily of Old Spice. Sort of comforting.
6:18 PM Jul 15th from txt
Yes, my Tom Tom XLS burns through battery faster than my BB, but I don’t care. I would feed it fresh blood if it wanted. This thing is great!
6:37 PM Jul 15th from txt
My show is missing scenes. Each missing scene is labeled as missing. Distracting! The down side of downloading your telly.
9:03 PM Jul 15th from web
Not a fan of early morning meetings in a forward time zone. Makes for very short nights and I like my nights.
12:19 AM Jul 16th from web
Waiting patiently in the cool morning weather to be let into the building where I will do the work.
7:46 AM Jul 16th from txt
The work got a bit messy and the hopeful plan for my day cracked and shattered into tiny, tired pieces. Hungry, tired, wired.
6:09 PM Jul 16th from txt
Why are all the people on the telly fat? Why are the cars all squat? What is this “ratio” button on the remote?
11:35 PM Jul 16th from txt
Tired, Present me promises Future me she can sleep as long as she wants tomorrow.
7:42 AM Jul 17th from txt
Hope I get a second wind for the drive from DEN to Cheyenne. Then a third wind for Craft Night. Then a LOT of sleep before the work again.
12:46 PM Jul 17th from txt
Damn you, flight delays! You are personifying into a demon for me.
12:58 PM Jul 17th from txt
Craft Night with the lovely AmyKat was very nice and now I will collapse in exhaustion. Tweet you guys in 10 hours or so! Dream hard!
10:17 PM Jul 17th from txt
My workshop is so hot I’m tempted to knock a hole in the wall and cram an AC unit into it. Tempted.
3:01 PM Jul 18th from web
Dreams: Zombies? Zombies! Lots of damned zombies. Ammo resupply. And before that, school buses, one old and one new. Dull dreams, over all.
8:56 AM Jul 19th from web
Woot! Most of the work done! Now I just have to pack so I’m not stumbling around at o’dark thirty and falling over my suitcase.
2:05 PM Jul 19th from web
Hearing the Frontier Days concert from my house clearly. Hmm.
9:03 PM Jul 19th from web
Just finished a long walk in the light rain in downtown Cheyenne. My hair is a snarled tangle, but that breeze & cold raindrops felt great.
10:00 PM Jul 19th from web
Solo Cow Game is predictable. ALL YOUR COWS ARE BELONG TO ME! No fun with no passenger to play with.
7:53 AM Jul 20th from txt
DEN security lines very bad this morning: 52 min. Add a far away gate change & I nearly missed my boarding. Missed breakfast, regetting now.
8:20 AM Jul 20th from txt
I think that when your own, overblown security is preventing you from fixing bugs and problems, you should reconsider. And seek therapy!
3:16 PM Jul 20th from web
The work is dissolving into a hot, sticky mess. Not having fun. Maybe the problems will just go away if I get some sleep. #wishfulthinking
5:15 PM Jul 20th from web
Just had 6,000 calorie dinner at a grimy Waffle House. Will now either culture a disease, yak, or go into grease coma. Taking bets, weigh in!
7:51 PM Jul 20th from web
People! Give me the information I need! I hate sitting here while the clock is running and I’m NOT doing the work! I am here for a reason.
9:57 AM Jul 21st from web
More data entry! Accidentally, periodically zoning out.
5:03 PM Jul 21st from web
It seems that the added stress of working three hour late can be unwound with a snifter shot of Jameson and a rare steak.
7:01 PM Jul 21st from txt
How is it only Tuesday?? It feels like Thursday. Suck.
10:50 PM Jul 21st from web
Just heard a tiny girl spouting that “if you don’t read the bible you don’t love Christ”. She can’t read yet. Brainwashing starts so early.
11:40 AM Jul 22nd from txt
Today has turned out a lot better than yesterday. I don’t think a medicinal whiskey will be required after the work this evening. I hope.
3:41 PM Jul 22nd from web
Just had one of those surprise naps, when you didn’t mean to nap, barely recall laying down, but wake up an hour later, fully napped. Nice.
7:18 PM Jul 22nd from web
And now it is very late, or very early depending on which side you’re looking at it from. My side is the one that will be tired tomorrow.
12:40 AM Jul 23rd from web
So far today has been lots of fluff, emails and frustration, little productivity. It could be worse, I could be on fire. I do have a job.
9:33 AM Jul 23rd from web
Watching streaming of CFD parade on laptop while I wait for the work. I must be homesick.
9:44 AM Jul 23rd from web
10:07 AM Jul 23rd from web
The work is trying to kill me. Just now quit for the night. Knackered!
7:20 PM Jul 23rd from txt
The countdown clock on the work has started! Only a few hours till I can begin the long trip to my wonderful home.
8:47 AM Jul 24th from web
Rain in Houston is weird. The heat and humidity don’t go away, there are just room temperature raindrops added.
10:38 AM Jul 24th from web
Finally! Finally on a plane that will get me closer to home. It has been a very long workweek. This weekend should keep me sane before more.
1:45 PM Jul 24th from txt
The word “fuckstick” just sounds so … priapic, don’t you think?
9:35 PM Jul 24th from web
I am up before 0800. Something is wrong with my life.
7:58 AM Jul 25th from web
Dreams: snake worshipers burned down our house with copious amounts of gasoline. We saved Spooky, our stuff, then got a big insurance check.
8:01 AM Jul 25th from web
Sushi for breakfast = life is getting back on track. I approve.
1:26 PM Jul 25th from web
I am the Garlic Dragon! Fear my breath!
2:21 PM Jul 25th from txt
Finally got some crafting done. Now to pack for ANOTHER week away for the work. I’m getting cranky about all these long, away stretches.
8:03 PM Jul 26th from web
Time at home goes way too fast.
1:37 PM Jul 27th from web
Actually, I don’t mind waiting 3.5 hours due to a delayed flight this once. I have a lot of email and such to get done. Works out for me.
6:52 PM Jul 27th from web
I am overscheduled. I need a way out. I have to get my swap stuff done. If only I got sick more easily … Nah. Maximize weekends? Yeargh!!!
8:44 AM Jul 28th from web
I miss home. I miss Spooky. I miss Slick. I am tired and need sleep. This is not a good Tweet.
5:25 PM Jul 28th from txt
Okay, two problems down. Now to actually start the work and see what pops up. Wish me luck!
7:47 AM Jul 29th from web
Wow. Less than one hour into the work and already a major meltdown. I’m going to start looking for a new job. Or hide under a rock, maybe.
9:44 AM Jul 29th from web
Well of course they are testing the alarm system here with me. When and where else would they do it?!?
11:08 AM Jul 29th from web
At the cougar bar in Frontenac, feeling out of place.
4:57 PM Jul 29th from txt
I’d ask the lady next to me where she got her great purse, but she is really busy getting too close to the very senior guy next to her.
5:39 PM Jul 29th from txt
Phew!! The work obligation of a big dinner and conversation in a nice Tuscan restaurant is fulfilled! Now I am free!
7:45 PM Jul 29th from txt
Yesterday went surprisingly well. Now if nothing blows up before I get out of here, I’ll be grateful.
8:41 AM Jul 30th from web
And there it is! The big meltdown of the work I was afraid would happen. Dammit.
10:16 AM Jul 30th from txt
Should know better than to get my hopes up-it stings when they’re dashed. Better to have simple plans that can be tossed-no hopes attached.
11:10 AM Jul 30th from web
Okay, the work is about halfway done for today. Just waiting on more information, as is often the case.
11:56 AM Jul 30th from web
This is going to be a long night.
4:50 PM Jul 30th from web
That’s Numberwang!!
9:09 PM Jul 30th from txt
Slick has diverted my itching into bitching. Not sure if this is an improvement.
2:10 PM Jul 31st from txt
Had caffeine!! Love coffee!! Feel great now! Woot!
7:01 PM Jul 31st from txt
Note: dead cat background with I am a sucker text.
9:12 PM Jul 31st from txt

Jan 052009

This morning as I dreamed away, I had to stop my travels to pay a toll. The toll booth was broken, so everyone had to go inside to pay. I was unable to get to the second floor where the auto-toll machine was located due to a faulty ladder/stairs arrangement. Thus, I found the cashier and went into her office. I lamented that I only had a $50 bill when the toll was a mere $2. She pulled out her cash box to make sure she could break it. When she did, we discovered that she had a $2 bill in the stack, but a special looking one. Unfortunately, there was a post-it note attached to the $2 bill stating that someone wanted it. While regretting that coincidence, I saw a $9 bill in her hand and exclaimed that a $9 bill was absurd – it must be fake! She told me that it wasn’t fake, it was new. It had been determined, globally, that $9 was approximately how much one would pay for a cup of tea, a biscuit and a tip and therefore all countries had produced a $9 bill (or their equivalent). It was an attractive piece of currency, but I was astonished at the $9 amount. One can get a frou-frou cup of coffee, a biscuit and tip all for $6. Perhaps tea is more expensive in my dream world? I’ve no idea.

May 292007
Bad Ideas
Dismembering a body with only a small knife is slippery work.
Using a hang glider as a form of travel during a storm is functional, but not ideal.
Good Ideas
Stealing the brand new, fast car after infiltrating the enemy headquarters.
Always know where to find more guns, swords, bombs, keys, cars, answers.
Oct 032006

I dreamed that I had a problem with one of the magazines I ordered from Ymabean (actually through MandEvil, but you know). (Thanks for the housecall BTW.) I called customer service for help, but they informed me they did not assist customers over the phone anymore, only in lucid dreams. I was instructed to enter a dream and a Ms. Green would help me.

Before that, I had two very detailed, long and occasionally disturbing (relative to other folks, I think) dream “sets” that correlate. I’m not going to itemize them for you because it would take me a couple hours to type them up and a chunk of time for you to read as well. The summary of form is this: in a regular old apocalyptic, resource-scarce, military-police setting. In this, I fell asleep and dreamed even more disparaging events, but woke up (back into the first dream). I was relieved to be back in the first dream setting and that the first in-dream happenings were not real. Later in the night I had another dream that was going on just fine until some dramatic scene change happened (plane crash) and it began leading into the in-dream from earlier. I realized the previous in-dream was what was about to happen in this, second dream and actually woke myself up from it.

I try greatly to avoid lucid dreaming since I already have such involved dreams. I’ve mostly got myself trained to ignore any lucidty, but it does make them easier to remember.

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Jun 142006

So last night was another dream marathon for me. I’ve gone the whole day without thinking of them, so the details and clarity are already fuzzy.

The dream series started with Slick and I traveling (looked like Spain, in the country) to an ancient rock monument, but on the way there we passed communications towers. At each tower was a pair of black suited security men. On we went, until we were almost there when we came to a small rock cabin just before the monument. A group of men were holding some guy and yelling questions at him. Lots of details lost here, but when as we left through the cabin door, the dream changed and …

I was at work. Bummer. I was finishing my shift and passing down information and… well, I can’t really give the details here since some work people read this blog, but someone at work was acting VERY uncharacteristically and it was weird and off-putting. Finally, I was leaving work. As I passed through the hallway, the further end was taped off with caution tape and five women stood on the other side of the tape. I thought they looked like a PTA on patrol. As I left the doors to work…

I was in the parking lot of a King Soopers. Slushy snow covered the parking lot and it was very late. A teenage boy walked past me, said half a sentence then laughed. He looked up at me then said, “Sorry, it’s the 5 AM talking.” Confused, I walked through the parking lot looking for my car. A woman in a red parka pushing a cart with her child trailing along side asked if I was okay. I replied that I just didn’t know where my car was and as she passed I added to myself, “or how I got here.” Finally, I found my car and shoved some of the slushy yuck off the door and got in and turned the key and …

found myself in a different car, leaving FLunch. Everyone else was getting into their cars and leaving the restaurant as well. We were somewhere in the desert and the sun was blindingly bright. I saw Salamander getting into his new, vintage green something or other at the other side of the parking lot and decided to follow him out to make sure his car ran okay. Somehow my car ended up in front of his car, but decided this was good enough for just looking out for someone. I traveled down the road a bit and stopped at a traffic light, which in this world was not a red light, but a large, flashing LED. I stopped a few feet past the Stop Here line, but figured it was okay since there was so much room ahead of me. The road I was on was a minor two-way running under a large, complex system of multi-lane overpasses. I looked into my rearview mirror just in time to see Salamander’s brakes mostly fail and his car rear-ended mine, sending both our cars into the intersection. We both quickly got our cars over to the side of the road and a few other cars stopped, with people getting out to make sure everyone was okay. As everyone was looking over the cars, a cop pulled alongside and notified me he’d be giving both me and Sal tickets for “simultaneous departure” from the parking lot. I was dumbfounded, but took the ticket and got into my car and …

I was in a department store. I was on the second floor of a very beige store filled with stuff and I looked down to the first floor, through the escalators to see a girl I was stationed with on my ship. She was looking for a new, cute purse but thinking about her asshole boyfriend. I wanted to tell her something encouraging and hopeful, but [with my fancy present knowledge] I knew it wouldn’t matter one whit what I said. I went to get on the escalators down and …

found myself in the fenced backyard of a house. I held a blunted spoon-like tool in my hand and had the entire situation pop into my head. Some form of massive, nasty radiation had occured. This radiation had killed billions of humans around the world, but not killed any animals. In fact, it made the animals angry, smart and rather active. Somehow, the house in front of me was full of animals, but also held the key to an escape for me. [talk about your quests] I ran to the back door and shoved the spoon-tool against the door catch to open it, mostly. I climbed over what appeared to be initial barricades from the inside which had been abandoned. The kitchen held two gorillas and I ran through as quickly as I could. The adjacect dining room was full of monkeys and one of them nearly got hold of my arm as I passed. Outside the house I encountered some kind of strange, large rabbit thing which was distracted by me, but then an attack from another animal. I found the substance [a maleable, white roll of putty stuff] I needed and made my way back into the house. In the front yard I was attacked by a faintly aqua colored bearded dragon [the reptile, not a fantasy creature]. It managed to bite my leg, but through my jeans and I beat, kicked and bludgeoned it off and went on. In the side yard I saw the creature I laughed about the rest of my waking day. A fanged squirrel. Not kidding one bit. The squirrel was a striped brown one [more common on east coast, not like the ones here] and seemed to be guarding a small garden of vegetables [think of the little Victory Gardens of WW2]. I made a wide path around the squirrel and got back into the house. In a nearby bedroom lemurs, ferrets and some other critters were destroying furniture and curtains. I peeled off some of the substance roll and formed it into rough lumps and placed them on the shelf they were supposed to be on. I needed to burn them, so I picked up a lighter and started lighting. The scene changed and….

I was in the same post-strange-radiation world, but in the future. Life seemed to be moving along in a semblance of normal business, but there were fewer people. A truck drove by with a dog at the steering wheel and another pushing pedals while a middle-aged man sat in the passenger seat. Some kind of order had been settled into, but it looked odd to me. I woke up.

So, that was fun but jumpy. I recently had realized that all my dream splits [when one dream splits into two simultaneous dreams] occurred upon passing through doorways. I had remembered a dream from my teenage years in which I discovered doorways could be used for location and time jumping within dreams. That made me think of my split dreams and I finally made a connection. This last night of dreams makes me think my brain is simply and completely fucking with me for thinking I can figure out a logic to something like dreaming.

Goddess: you did not call me, I presume you are very busy. Don’t hesitate to call or email me. Or, just tell me to write it all down and get it over with.

Roxy & The Boge: I sincerely hope your family is settling into your new home with comfort.

Ymabean: did you get the coupon printed out? I was there today and saw that they had a whole rack of new ribbon, with lots of pinks and blues.

MetalWork: are you happy on your new shift? Are you finally getting enough to do? Have you made the sleep adjustment yet?

Sis: from your latest word, you are moving today. Instead of filling your inbox up, I leave this message here for you to find when you get set up in your new place. Email me, comment here, or drop a postcard. Let me know how long you guys think you’ll be staying there and give me your address so that I can begin some self-guilting about not sending you stuff yet.

Apr 022006

Lots of dreaming got in the way of remembering most of them. One left off with people at a party in slightly old-fashioned clothes. The party however, was on a fairly modern boat on the water. A woman in a maroon velvet dress and a man in a black suit made their way up some stairs to a large room paneled in dark wood where people were drinking champagne. Elsewhere something nefarious was happening, but the dream faded off.

A new dream. The nefariousity has been made clear. The Goddess has been kidnapped!! The napping just happened and it is nighttime. I am in an oceanside cottage with wood shingles. Outside, the silhouettes of unfamiliar tropical trees are formed against a reflected moonlit night. The water rolls in, dark; but the wave caps catch the moonlight enough to be seen. Someone is passing by on the beach. The phone rings: it is the kidnappers. Somehow I already know who it is and what they will say. I do not answer, but write down the caller ID information, which shouldn’t be there. But, Slick has hacked the phone system in with Igor and much more information is provided than with regular call ID. I am concerned and upset. We must get her back! Slick is on his way, as is Salamanader. RMW is already there talking with shplink, preparing things so that we can leave quickly. Ymabean has just gotten the word on her cell phone. The kidnappers call again and again, this time from a number listed on the east coast (of America) and I write down that address. Still furious and distraught, I try to think of anything I might need to take with me.

At this time (in regular life), Slick woke up to set his alarm as the power outage from earlier had killed it. This woke me enough to start coming out of the dream. I thought to myself, “This is silly. Goddess wouldn’t be kidnapped; she’d beat the shit out of them! She’s taking kickboxing; this wouldn’t happen” and then I woke up. I was really upset she’d been dream-napped.

Mar 292006

One dream the other night was short and I don’t remember the rest of them. It was evening and I was leading my horse, along with other contestants onto the track for some kind of international competition in a series of games. The horse was a very dark brown and its coat glistened in the track lights. Everyone mostly stopped and the people headed into a set of double doors which I assumed to be a locker room. Inside lots of people were standing or sitting and I found a place among them. Then, most people started stripping down to their running shorts and stretching. Oops, wrong room! As I realized this, two other guys made the same conclusion and ran for the exit towards the racetrack. I did as well, hoping my horse was still okay.

That’s it. Not very exciting that one. Got to have some dull ones to even out the wild ones.

Will post moving news very soon. I need just a little more time in this day – not much, just a sliver more.

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Mar 262006

I was in a series of impossibly sprawling, large buildings trying to get to safety. I knew of two helicopter pilots and one of them was with me, a thick gal with fried blonde hair and a blue chamby shirt, making our way towards the side of the complex leading to the helo pad. People were running around everywhere, things were knocked over in the building streets. We arrived at the entrance to the long hall we’d need to pass and saw only a few straggling zombies wandering along inside. ‘Pretty good odds’ I thought, as we jumped into one of the transport carts [think golf cart with no top – similar, but smaller than the ones in airports]. The pilot gal drove as fast as the cart would go, weaving around the bodies standing upright in our way, not fast enough to move towards us before we were past them. We arrived at the other end and found the end hallways barricaded in a maze with a few security guys with big guns on the other side. We made our way through the barricades and one of the corporation bosses was pacing around the inside room. He informed the pilot gal with me that there was a full helo ready to leave outside. She gave me a small wave and headed towards the door. I ran back to the cart and went to get more people.

As I flew down the long corridor, I looked around at the carnage. There was not as much blood as I expected and a few bodies laid in corners. I passed a medium sized room where a couple people were fending off six zombies with a gun and what seemed to be chair legs. I passed a very large atrium type room with a pond in the middle with carefully cultured bonsai trees spread around the edge in stone planters. This room was all white polished stone, sealed and empty except for four tall, thin, pale women with long hair in long red dresses. Not blood red, but flame red. The women zombie creatures were being pulled back by something I could not see and I wondered if this was an airtight room. One of the women things opened its mouth and I could see something not normal about its toungue, which seemed to be split and far too long for its mouth. These things were especially scary. I continued on, passing an older, balding man [zombie] in work overalls. Everything seemed especially strange under the bright office-like flourescent lights from the ceiling. I passed a younger man with light brown hair who seemed very intent upon running across the corridor, but I could not see why. I finally reached the other end and saw that another cart was queued up ready to go, but only one person was near it, holding a big gun. [I just call them big guns because often in the Navy, instead of getting picky about which exact gun would be carried on patrol, they’d just say for one of you to carry a ‘big gun’. I don’t know if this is common for anyone or anywhere else, but it was common on Oceana patrols.] I ran to find more people and the scene changed.

I was in the same town of buildings, but outside. It was only a week or so ago – this was a flashback. The sun was bright and it was before noon. Two people I don’t know, Slick, Versweet [old friend] and I were walking to have lunch. We passed a house whose front half had been turned into a sales stall area, and an old Jewish man we were familiar with was selling freshly made bread. The breeze brought us the smell of warm, rich bread and we paused to enjoy it. The man waved us over, promising to make us a deal, but we smiled and waved him off while continuing to our lunch location. We arrived at the restaurant, which was also an open air type place. Large window openings without glass and double doorways without doors populated the walls. The weather was perfect and mild. Inside we went up the stairs to the second dining area and I could smell pea soup from the kitchen. The room was filled with indirect sunlight as we took our seats and menus were laid in front of us. Then, the scene changed.

I’d found more people and brought them to the head of the corridor. Things were getting worse; screams and shouting echoed from far off and all movement was frantic. One of the people I’d found was a woman with her child, around 9 years old who seemed shell shocked and meekly did what his mother directed him to do. She got them both into the cart as well as the man standing next to her. The man with a big gun was still there, getting another person into the second cart and he handed his weapon to the pilot. To my left was the second helo pilot I knew, a man with short dark hair in his mid thirties who had become a pilot in the Army. He now held what appeared to be an M-16, but it was a little hectic to tell. To my right was a guy from an office, but that’s all I knew about him. He held a handgun and didn’t seem too comfortable about it. We faced the corridor where three zombies had gathered towards us. I fired into their heads and upper chest areas, hitting the targeted areas pretty well. Still, they came forward. The one in the middle was completely bald, having shaved his head in life. He had been one of those guys with a head just ever so slightly too big for his body. Now, his skin was gray and his lips and ears were taking on a shade of blue. There were two messy bullet holes in his face and three in his chest, and now he was too close to effectively shoot before reaching me. I clicked the safety on, flipped the gun around and began swinging at his head. To my left, the pilot was having trouble with his gun and a zombie was closing in on him. To my right, the office guy was not firing and I heard him say “we can’t do this”. The scene changed.

Looking down on a street corner, two men in old-fashioned suits sat, exhausted. They sit in front of a new brick building whose wall reads ‘1714’ in black stone against white. I think, that cannot possibly be right – this is more like 1814. All the buildings on this block are new and reek of money. The scene pans over and right a few blocks where a festival of some kind is taking place in the street. The two men speak, but their words are like a voiceover now. The younger man said “we’re coming at it from both sides. We’ll stop it.” The slightly older man hangs his head and says “This is terrible. We never should’ve …” The younger replies, “We’ll have it under control.” The crowd laughs and sings, dancing merrily. Everyone is wearing bright colors, feathers in their hats and some carnival masks can be seen. A man stumbles out of the crowd to the edge wearing a severely rumpled great coat and a dark colored hat pulled down to hide his face. A tall man in bright green and gold is pushed out of his way and makes a complaint of some kind. The rumpled man grabs him and takes a bite from his neck, then pushes him away. The surrounding people fall silent, appalled. The tall partygoer holds his hand to the small, bloody spot on his neck and stares at the man in disbelief. The rumpled man is still, the skin of his face is gray. He pulls his hat down further and turns away, quickly shuffling down the street. The scene blurs and the building in the background reads 1714, but in dull, weather-worn numbers. It is present day. The scene changes.

I bring the butt of my gun down against the side of the zombie’s head and there is a distinct crushing feeling. To my left, the helo pilot had kicked back his zombie solidly in the chest and now fires into his face, causing nasty wet impacts and the thing falls to the floor. To my right, the office guy feebly pushes a zombie away and we move to help him. The office guy has his throat ripped out by zombie teeth by the time we stop the thing. Gunshots, two bodies collapse to the floor. We turn to the carts, which have gained a few more people. I tell the mother to move out of the driver’s seat as she cannot drive and hold her child [as she is currently doing] at the same time. She should have a gun, but there is no time. Both carts rush forward, weaving around standing zombies and each other as fast as the little engines can go. As we travel, I realize we won’t be able to make but one or two more trips at most. The bodies of zombies will be blocking the path of our carts and there will only be more of the things coming at us. As we are almost there, I see the giant atrium room has been broken open; glass is everywhere and zombies are entering and exiting the place. There is no sign of the red dress women creatures anywhere and a definite chill goes down my spine. I check the clip of my gun and find it half full. We reach the barricades and everyone piles out of the carts, rushing through the maze towards the room and the helo pad beyond. I wake up.

Okay, I realize that anyone outside my head would think this is bizarre. But, I’ve been having detailed, complicated dreams all my life so it seems … I don’t know, normal – for a dream. I’m not actually crazy, my brain really likes to throw weird stuff together for the dream thing. Just keep that in mind when reading the dream category, alright? Not crazy.

Mar 262006

Stayed a little over at work to finish up some spreadsheet crap, so this day started with me at work – leaving finaly only to discover a dense fog everywhere. Minimal visibility combined with a thin layer of ice on the road made even me slow down severely. After a grocery run and a stop to pick up wiper blades [as mine just shredded yesterday] I made my slow way home, almost turning at the wrong place because I couldn’t see anything. The whole time in the car was like a strange, disconnected dream.

As I gathered my bags in the driveway, ear-splitting sirens filled downtown and the fog began flashing. A police car followed shortly by a ladder truck emerged from they gray heading down 19th Street. I stood silently and watched them pass back into the gray.

Checking my email, I misread the work Lotto pool to say that it won and each share in the pot was 4 million. It took me a few reads to realize the email only said the current jackpot and what each share would be if we won. Phew. I didn’t play this week and that would’ve really sucked.

I feel as though I’ve been stuck in someone else’s lame dream ever since I left work.

My dreams wouldn’t be this tame, but there is a dreamlike quality drifing about. I’m a vivid dreamer. Years ago when I started writing down my dreams for a class, I remembered exponentially more and more of them. My mornings became rushed as I had to take half an hour to jot them all down. Throughout the days, I would recall dreams and life was just ever so slightly off for a couple weeks. Another assignment for the class was to create a personal reality check, to create a habit of questioning awake or dream reality. I believe it was supposed to help people realize, and therefore remember, they were dreaming. I began raising my hand close to my face, examining the lines and scars, for this dream-check habit. One day as I was falling asleep, I had a dream snippet in which I raised my hand to examine it and my fingers crumbled off from the tips down. It was hilarious and weird at the same time. After I’d filled pages and pages of my dream journal, I stopped. I was getting cranky about that extra time it took to write my dreams out. I just put different dates on the pages and turned them in and the silly flake instructor was none the wiser.

I think I’ll start posting my dreams. They usually entertain the hell out of me, so you guys should get in on the fun as well. I know some people would be weirded out by publicly posting such private things as dreams, but I’m not really of the mindset that all dreams have some significant, insightful personal revalation in them. Most of the time, your brain just has data to dump. Guess we’ll see how this goes….

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