Apr 202018

Like all creatures, cats are territorial. When I put my second chair in the workshop, Friday quickly claimed it as hers.
Friday claiming her space.
Friday came in and found The Captain napping in HER chair. She looked around, annoyed for a minute, then laid down on top of him. Despite the wide eyes, The Captain was relatively compliant; he is such an agreeable and tolerant cat. Friday was my workshop copilot. I say “was” because last week I moved that chair over to my new painting station. Now when she comes into the workshop, there is nowhere for her to sit next to me that is comfortable. She has meowed her displeasure about the situation to me a number of times.

Oz watching an outside cat claiming their space.
Upstairs, Oz was placidly enjoying the almost-spring sunshine when he saw another cat checking out the yard. He ran to the door so fast I thought he’d go through it. He whipped his tail for a minute or two, but I had to interrupt the drama to go to work and thus caused both cats to depart.

Friday claiming her space in the window with Oz.
Finally, I came home to this scene. It was terribly cute, but you can see that Friday has turned and is about to tell Oz to back off and not crowd her in the window.

Mar 092018

Friday and The Captain, snuggled on the sofa.
Friday and The Captain, snuggled on the sofa. This is right next to my spot and usually only The Captain will visit for pets and naps when I’m there. Friday does not like to visit me on the sofa, but she seems to be quite comfortable napping there without a human. I wonder if she decided to curl up there alone, then The Captain wanted some warm snuggles and came over and sat on her. He tends to do that.

Feb 232018

Friday the workshop companion cat.
When I give Friday enough attention, she likes to take my comfy office chair in the workshop. This way she can keep an eye on one of her humans, enjoy the space heater, and get more fur onto my quilt. HER quilt, I should say. Look at that thing!! I even cleaned off a kitten’s worth of hair from it earlier this week. Already worse than it was before. But, look at that sweet kitty face!

Dec 222017

The Captain and Friday
When I am in the workshop, Friday is my usual companion cat. She demands a big love fit at first, but if she gets that she is willing to peacefully sit in my second chair. I have a cat copilot. If The Captain gets to the spot first, Friday will depart in a huff. Friday says I should have no other cats before her. If Friday is in the chair first, The Captain will carefully squeeze in next to her and snuggle. Thus, half the time I have two, snuggly, cat copilots. It is really nice.

Jul 112017

The other night in the workshop, my two snuggle kitties did this:

The Captain and Friday.
Video was a requirement to capture this sweet moment.
They are my most constant workshop cat companions, although The Captain prefers short visits with a lot of window watching, while Friday is a die-hard PEST who must have attention or she’ll manage to tangle herself in cords and pull an iron onto her head.

Same video on YouTube.

May 312017

While I understand that most other areas in our hemisphere have been enjoying spring for months, we’re still trying to maintain traction in Cheyenne.

These roses are blooming in the sunlight.

The cats like it, too.

The door was only open long enough to get the mail and when I turned back around to close it, the two smallest cats had already staked their claim and passed out happily in the warmth.

Feb 202017

Sunny and warm winter days require leaving the door open as often as possible so the cats may soak up the sunshine.

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Dec 092016

And this is what happens when you put a seat heating pad on the loveseat.

You can see that Oz doesn’t really want to share.

I love the way they tuck their paws when they sleep like that.

Even Moxie will share for this kind of warmth.

Oct 252016

Friday is fascinated by my box of stuffing.
Friday in stuffing.
To save money and fuss, I ordered a ten pound box of the Poly-Fil when I saw it on sale at Amazon. Figured that would last a while. I have finally used enough of it that I can get the box closed again when I’m done. You know how stuffing expands when not being pressurized. Now I pull the box over to my chair and pull out reasonable size tufts with my long hemostats and put them right into the Scrappy Cats. Friday finds this irresistibly appealing. Her eyes get black and she stalks the stuffing tufts. This time she couldn’t contain herself and jumped into the box. Her paws began sinking into the fluff, so she moved to the box flap and attempted to pull out paw-sized bits of polyester. It seems as though she simultaneously wants to touch it and doesn’t want it to touch her.

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