Nov 242011

Although my last day isn’t technically until next week, I am done with the work at (MegaCorp, Inc.). Being in Lafayette for my last trip last week closed the work travel circle nicely as it was the first site I did the work at solo. That was about 3.5 years ago. Closure and shit.

Being home after my last trip was strange. For a couple days it was uplifting to be done, to have finished something. Then, as often happens with large accomplishments, I was bummed. I knew it was coming. Every time I finish a big thing (a semester of classes, a huge paper, a crafty creation, a job, whatever) I am exhilarated with completion for a time, then depressed and dismayed after the thing is done, as if rudderless. For example, this is the stage in which I often sign up for a swap immediately following a swap completion. In this case, I already have my next job lined up, so the mopey mood didn’t linger.

You know I’ve been conflicted for many months over leaving this job. I love the money, I like travel, I can do the work well and the flexibility of the hours is great. But, I want to be home consistently and it turns out that money really doesn’t buy happiness. Unless, of course, money is the thing that makes you happiest, which I think is the case with some of the salesmen. So, leaving this job isn’t such a huge deal. However, getting used to a five days a week, set schedule again after years of freewheeling is going to be a difficult adjustment. I’m going to have to learn to work with the same people, every day, instead of possibly the same customers for a couple days every few months. Having a corporate controlled computer is going to be a sharp turn, too. Seeing the full scope of a project from beginning through to end will be a satisfying change. Lots of adjusting to do all around. But that starts next week. Let’s get on with the now.

Moxie and The Captain, napping in the sunlight.

Today I enjoyed Thanksgiving here at home with Slick and the kittens. [They have names now, see upcoming post.] I made a tasty turkey, stuffing, gravy, potatoes and a rum cake. We overslept, overate and generally fulfilled all the typical turkey day expectations. My life is good. I am happy. Me and my loved ones are healthy and doing well. I hope you are all doing well or on the path to getting where you want to be. And I wish everyone kitten-level happiness.

Oct 182011

Spooky the cat is gone.
My last picture of Spooky.
She worsened over the weekend and Monday morning it was clear she wasn’t very happy about her enormous lump physically interfering with her life. We took her to the vet Monday and said goodbye; she was calm, if irritated in general.

There is a Spooky shaped hole in our hearts and the house is lonely in a particular way. There is no little black cat curled up in the best seat, soaking up the sunshine. When I walk past the bathroom, no multi-syllabic meows demand I turn on the sink faucet. No loud, purring noise wakes me in the morning.

We miss her, much and often, but we are glad for the many years of small, furry companionship.

Dec 122008

Photo of Bettie Page, stolen from the internet.

Yesterday, Bettie Page, the absolute goddess of pinup, died. I’m sure many will remember her for her racy dominatrix and bondage photos, but she could have ruled the world with her playful, frolicking shots on the beach, in the home. She was (and to me still is and will always be) the supreme queen of pinup. If I didn’t appreciate her anyway, I would simply because she made her own lingerie. Tough to top.

Photo of Bettie Page, stolen from the internet.

Photos stolen from the internets.

Sep 172008

We knew it would happen.

Squirrel, trapped in a no-kill trap in our western neighbor's aspen tree.

Here is one of the fresh & happy squirrels stuck in a trap in our Western neighbor’s aspen tree. I warned them, but I guess the lure of the nearby black walnut trees was no match for their caution. I would’ve freed the thing if it were reasonable, but the tree is next to Wade & Wilma’s front door, they were both home and the cage was up the tree. Dang. I’m sad for the squirrel.

In other tamelife news, the previously mentioned cat Alexis was reported missing just a few hours after Slick and I finished photographing the Squirrel Escapades. Signs were up the next day and there was no sign of Alexis. Last night, she was back and the corner neighbor told us Alexis had been turned in to the local pound, but reported as owned by another family. Strange business all around, but Alexis is back home, eating our grass and freaking out Spooky through the screen door. At least one of the critters made it home.

Nov 012006

Goodbye Rock N Roll Ranch.

Last day of the RRR for us.

The Rock N Roll Ranch was a good little place for us to spend six months. We saved money and had the best landlord ever. It was only 340 sq ft and had a disproportionate number of spiders for that space, but overall it wasn’t bad. Halloween was our last day there. The keys are turned over, everything is clean and the RRR is eagerly awaiting a new tenent.

Hello HallowHouse.

Our house, decorated for Halloween.

Late on October 30th, I was out trying to buy Halloween decorations. All the stores had tossed their cool stuff and replaced it with the spreading Christmas crap. Sad. We managed to put up some spirals of lights around the posts and rainspout as well as some lawn lighting. We got about 20 trick-or-treaters over the night, so that was cool. Next year the decorations will be twice as much. Lots of lights, actual jack-o-lanterns, sounds, whatever we can get our hands on. Plus, we’ll start at least a couple weeks before Halloween, instead of a couple hours before sunset on Halloween.

Life is good.

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