Guard Bunny

May 272014

Baby Bunny
This is the last photo of our Baby Bunny, taken a little over a week ago. The bunny has not been seen since. We didn’t find a bunny body, so it may have simply moved on to a new home, or it may have been taken off via air courtesy of a hawk or vulture. No matter, the bunny is no longer in our yard. Maybe our original Guard Bunny will come by again to keep our cats entertained.

Ant on a leaf
While I waited for Baby Bunny to show itself again to get the above photo, I noticed this ant on the other side of the yard. Industrious. This is one of those times it is worth clicking the photo, if you want to see the ant.

May 152014

Baby bunny, out as the snow melts.
Baby Bunny is out in the edge of sunshine as the snow from the recent storm melts away. Slick had gone out as soon as the storm stopped and shoveled a path around the inside edge of our yard so the bunny could get through to the grass without freezing in the snow. Sweet.

You know, I haven’t seen Guard Bunny around for a while. Hope it is still hanging out somewhere. Maybe Guard Bunny was actually a Mad Inventor Bunny and created a shrink machine and tried it out. Maybe there is no Baby Bunny.

May 082014

Okay, one more.
Our baby bunny in the snow.
We had a thin layer of snow this morning. It will be gone by noon, I’m sure, but our baby bunny was out in it.
I’ll lay off the baby bunny photos for a short while. In fact, here:
The Captain, sunning his belly.
The Captain likes to sun himself, especially his belly, and nap in the doorway. You can pet him and he’ll purr or stretch, but his fur get so hot!

We did some stuff over the weekend (five days ago!) but I haven’t uploaded the photos yet. I’ll work on that. I keep packing my evenings completely full of relax time with Slick and the cats and even more projects. I will have to get better about including photo and blog time into the evenings.

May 072014

I can’t help it, it is so cute.
Baby bunny in our yard.
And the cats are terribly excited, too. They rush the windows and crowd together to get eyes on it.

May 062014

Our Guard Bunny might have some family.
Do you see the baby bunny?
Do you see the baby bunny? No? I didn’t at first either. Let me help with some zoom and editing:
Do you see the baby bunny?
This is our Baby Bunny.
The cats have been glued to the window screens looking out for it. Pretty damned cute! We’ll see how long it lasts out there. Hopefully the shrubbery will provide some cover and protection for it.

Sep 082013

We have a little rabbit that likes to hang out in a peaceful corner of our yard.
Rabbit, in our yard.
Slick calls it our Guard Bunny. It occasionally dashes past the open doors, exciting the almost-napping in the sunshine cats.

That is all.

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