Apr 142017

Nora is our craziest cat. She is the biggest, but won’t fight the other cats when she should. I could make a long list of her crazy behaviors, but you get the idea. She also might be our sweetest cat, when she’s alone with people it is nothing but loving and purr. She even has a double purr, where she’s purring with a low and high pitch at the same time. Nora loves the love.

Mar 022016

Nora and Slick, playing with sisal rope.
Slick recently fixed up our cats’ scratcher posts with fresh sisal rope. The old rope has become the new favorite toy, especially for Nora. She also likes sitting atop the Christmas tree box, which is why we are so delinquent in storing it away; here it still sits in March. We’re going to have to put up a shelf right there for Nora. It is her favorite television watching spot.

Aug 212015

The Captain, using the catwalk.
The Captain was the first across the catwalk. So far, it has been successful in keeping the cats off of and out from behind my monitors. It has been, expectedly, of no assistance keeping them from trying to eat my paintbrushes.

Moxie, stalking through the door.
Slick caught Moxie stalking him from the other side of the door.

Nora, happy.
Nora is the fastest purr in the west and she would like you to pet her belly.

Oz, in my spot.
This is my spot on the sofa. Oz likes to use it when I’m not there.

Friday snuggling with The Captain.
Friday is my workshop companion cat. When I am sewing and push her away, she pouts on top of the badge station. When The Captain takes her spot, she simply snuggles on him.

I hope the cats lead you into a fine weekend.

May 262015

Nora, enjoying the few hours of sunshine we had this weekend.
Nora, the grumpy cat who hates other cats.
She doesn’t get the door to herself often because she doesn’t like to share.

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Mar 102015

Sweet, crazy Nora likes to be covered up for her bed naps.
Nora, under a fuzzy blanket.

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Feb 132014

I left for work in the middle of the night. After an hour or so, the work was cancelled, so I came home.
The cats did not expect me back so soon.
Nora and The Captain on the fat chair.
They were blinky and confused.

Dec 302013

This year I got myself a sweet Canon T4i with a very nice lens. It is superb and I’ve enjoyed learning to use the many, many settings; albeit slowly. Recently, I shelled out for an amazing macro lens so I could concentrate on the sorts of photos I like to take. For Christmas, Slick got me a shiny tripod, putting my cheapo travel tripod to the quiet corner.

With all this, I’m starting to get up to some cat photos to share.
Nora, snoozing.
I can quietly sit across the room and take close-up, detailed pictures of relaxed cats. My workshop has been off-limits for a few days, which means Nora has been forced to socialize with the other cats and share the same rooms with them. She is displeased with the situation, but likes the fuzzy blanket on the couch.

Moxie, snoozing.
My archives are full of photos of Moxie with one eye open. She cannot be bothered to open both eyes merely to see what’s going on. Sleep is important, because it is what she wants to do, and she is Moxie after all.

This camera, my lenses and tripod are great and I’m going to really enjoy getting used to them this next year.

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Dec 172013

This is where the cats can be found during the winter months:
The boy cats, Oz and The Captain, on the furry blanket snoozing on the sofa.
In the warmest room, on the furry blanket, laid out asleep on the sofa. The living room is the heart of our house and thus, the favored room for the cats to hang out in. Oz is curled in a corner, but The Captain likes to stretch out a bit.

Three cats, Oz, The Captain, and Nora on the furry blanket, snoozing.
Nora, despite her desire to have nothing to do with any other cats, couldn’t resist the pull of the blanket.

They are funny when we come home and they’ve been sleeping. Four sleepy, blinking and bleary cats sit together to watch us come in while they wake up. Very serious about sleep.

Sep 162013

My Friday is a clever cat. Her latest plan involves taking over choice spots.
Friday, working her way into Nora's spot.
The best seats in the workshop are my seats. The moment I stand up, there is a cat in my chair. Nora had taken this chair over while I was doing work standing. Friday wanted the chair, but didn’t want to fight with Nora for it. She approached and looked up at the chair for a while, I assume to make sure Nora was sleeping. Then Friday jumped up onto the chair and stood there, over Nora for a bit. She slowly sat down on the chair beside Nora and I took this picture. A few minutes later, I saw her leaning over heavily on Nora. After that, she was snuggled up on the chair with Nora, half laying on her. Sneaky Friday. Some time later, Nora became tired of serving as a pillow and departed the chair, leaving it all to Friday, who happily slept there in a small furry ball of purr the rest of the night. She is devious, this pretty Friday cat.

Late last night, I scrapped a secret project. I am still excited about it, but it has grown larger than intended and no longer suits its original purpose. So, it moves to the running project list and I find something else to suit the original purpose. This means I have no crafty photos to show. Oh well, it happens.

Sep 062013

The workshop counters have been mostly cleared to better facilitate more building of furnitures and less sawdust on craft supplies and tools.
Nora, on the workshop counter.
Nora, again thrilled to be the only cat in the workshop, feels that this is a good piece of work for her. Obviously.

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