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Jan 052017

The prize bag has been delivered, so I can share the contents now!

The goods. Clockwise, starting at upper left, the 2017 daily planner, 2017 year of the rooster card pack, Ghosts in Space zip pouch, some multicolor cats (a custom sticker of my artwork), a green custom Sharpie, a badge stating that AmyKatt is the second 5th time winner, and another badge with my blog icon on it.

I made the simple zip pouch with ghost fabric lining and starry space fabric outside, so I named it Ghosts in Space. Hah. Thought it could be handy to have a pouch to hold pens or whatnot alongside the planner. Or not – zip pouches always end up being useful in some way.

The stars glow, although it is difficult to tell in this photo.

Congratulations, AmyKatt! Everyone else, make sure you play next time for you own chance at neat things like this! I have to make sure to do more prizebag giveaways this year. It seems like something I shouldn’t let slip away.

Nov 302015

This ended up as a wrapped package instead of a bag, but I’m going to leave the title as is.
The goodie prize package, wrapped up and ready for delivery.
Tied with a red ribbon and dropped on Ymabean’s doorstep in the snow.

The goodies in the gift package.
The goods! Starting upper left, a zipper pouch. I threatened to turn the test prints of Moxie into something and here it is. Ymabean is a fan of orange and her Bitty Kitty is orange, so I dyed the print and did a little patchwork along with it. Not bad, I think. Clockwise, we have the Bitty Kitty, at its feet a couple stretch bracelets with owls for Ymabean and frogs for her wife (respective fav animals), the winner badges – I had to press a 5x winner badge. Ymabean is the first five time winner of the bloggy giveaways! Green TLTBE Sharpie (its first appearance here) and some interesting salt scrub soap from Lush. Lush! I buy too much/many things when I go to one. Especially soap. I don’t need soap at all – I have soap for years.
There were fewer items in this prize bag, but they were more time-intensive in their creation/gathering so it balances out.

Congratulations Ymabean!

Now who will be our next winner? Another multi-win? A newbie win? Maybe Ymabean will be the first six time winner instead? Stay tuned to find out!

Nov 092015

We have a winner!
Our giveaway winner!

Congratulations to Ymabean!

As part of your prize bag, please choose one of the Bitty Kitties below to come live with you.
Bitty Kitty choice for the prize ba,!
(more details on what these are later in the week)
They’re not in their final form yet, three of them don’t even have hearts at this point. But, the one you choose will get finished up and be part of your prize bag.

Thank you all for your participation. The more people that play along, the more I want to do future contests and giveaways.

Now, time to get cracking on year 13!

Oct 272014

The prize bag was delivered over the weekend, so now all may revel in the goodness, even if you weren’t the lucky one this time around.

The Happy Halloween Contest Prize Bag, all done up and ready for delivery.
Now that I’m not out gathering up miscellaneous bags all the time, I found some treasured Edward Gorey gift bags at the bottom of the stack. This one was so appropriate for the Halloween contest and the last one (cats) was fitting, too. I hand lettered this contest winner tag – you can tell because it is so damned sloppy.

The Happy Halloween Contest Prize Bag, the goodies.
The goods! First, the special item I mentioned, a pumpkin carving Dremel kit on the right side. Carving up a jack-o-lantern will be so fast and easy now! And messy. In front of the Dremel are some Halloween themed temporary tattoos, Stacey’s first set of winner Sharpies, butterscotch candies, a skeleton cat head pin. Middle front and moving clockwise, some Halloween skull rings, rubber severed fingers, TLTBE and winner badges, along with a big green bunny badge, and some wax vampire fangs. Upper left has some specialized Nerds candy tubes beside a pair of crochet kits in envelopes. Some more cute postcards that I’ll never use, a Death By Pie sticker and a sparkly black cat temporary tattoo finish out the stash this time around.

Phew! Another prize bag wrapped up! I liked this contest a lot; it was one of my favorites. I liked all the short little stories about costumes past. Sweet, funny, fond memories were pleasant to read. Thank you all for playing and don’t forget to come back for more!

Previous Prize Bags:
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Aug 202014

The prize bag has been delivered, so let’s take a look at the goodies inside!
The Cat Culprit Prizebag goodies
Starting right at 1200 we have art! This is a small print from illustrator Manjit Thapp . I liked it so much, I ordered a second to give away and this was the time. At 1300 we have a packet of cute postcards from Mollie Makes. I like them, but frankly I have so many postcards already I’m going to be working on sending them the rest of my life! At 1500, we have a Cashmere lotion that I impulse bought at Bath & Body when I was picking up my bubble bath. That damn store in that damn mall. Continuing, at 1800 we have a delicious Godiva truffle bar and two custom TLTBE winner Sharpies! Closer to that complete set! 1900 brings us a pair of badges, one of drinking party bunnies (part of the Centzon Totochtin) and a 4x Winner button. We’re getting some high-stakes ties going on with the contest winners, here. At 2000 we have a sweet blue washi tape, because you can never have too much washi tape. 2100 is some hand sanitizer with a stylish fox label and finally, at 2300 we have a pad of humorous, check-the-box parking citations. I figure Ymabean will easily find the chance to use these!

There we go! Another prize bag, woot! I am pretty sure I left out a couple trinkets due to the workshop being still covered up from recent construction, but I’ll make sure to find them and add them to the prize bag pool for the future. There was a great response for this contest, so I will try to do at least one more this year. Especially now that Ymabean and AmyKatt are both tied at four wins each, with half the TLTBE Sharpie sets in their packs. Random is only one win behind them, so this is getting exciting! For me anyway, because, yes, I am a nerd.

Aug 192014

The Catch the Cat Culprit Contest was won by Ymabean and the prize bag is awaiting delivery.

The Cat Culprit Prizebag
Ymabean is on a new shift at work, so we’ll be playing handoff with the bag to get it to her. Come back tomorrow to see what cool goodies you missed out on this time so that you’ll be ready to come back and play for the next contest!

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Apr 282014

The prize bag was delivered to our winner this round, AmyKatt. It was actually delivered last week, but I’m only now getting my act together here.

Chain Piecing Explained prize bag.
The prize bag. Woot! This is some good chocolate and so nice to run across in airports when you’re either headed towards or returning to people you want to see. Plus, pretty bags.
You can see my bunnies used to be goofier than my more recent ones. Different goals, I suppose.

Chain Piecing Explained prize bag.
The goodies. Let’s start at 0800, we have the very first 4x winner badge and an aqua Sharpie. This means AmyKatt now owns half the available TLTBE custom Sharpie collection. I’m going to have to have a lot more giveaways if you guys are going to complete your sets. Next up at 0900 is a collection of chocolate dice – it is a standard D&D set, so she could play with them or eat them. Or both, I guess. At 1000 is a set of erasers in the form of sushi, and a good fortune flag from Japan. At 1200 is a newly released Lego Friends pack, this one containing the tiger and his “beautiful temple”. Those toys are great. Next up is the placemat you are all familiar with and at 0300 are some really weird looking mushroom charms/key fobs from Japan. A sample pack of washi tape and a good luck cat keychain finish us off.

Congratulations AmyKatt!

I need to get more organized for the next giveaway. I have all sorts of things sitting in boxes and on shelves, waiting to have their turn in a prize bag. I’ll work on that – and everything else.

Jan 012014

Well, the contest was poorly timed – all my fault, of course – to coincide inconveniently with the holidays and it wasn’t until last weekend that I was able to deliver Mnemonic’s prize bag.

The bag itself:
Prize bag items!
I got to use my fox stamps again. I like them. I’m glad I could find them.

The star of this bag: Eloise the Space Fox!
Prize bag items!
She is still a young vixen so her space training hasn’t begun yet. Frankly, she might be limited to ground support on-planet due to a binge of youthful video game playing (she is the #3 ranked champion of Chicken Slayer II, to this day) which left her with a slightly crooked neck. She is self-conscious about this and wears that charming scarf at all times to distract from it. She also limits herself on the video game time nowadays.
Eloise carries Mnemonic’s family surname on her heart, so she can always feel at home.

The rest of the goodies:
Prize bag items!
A coworker went to Japan recently, so a lot of the items are from there. The big pink box is mochi – Mnemoic, I have no idea what kind of mochi it is, so I don’t know how long it will last. It was kept very cold, but you’ll have to poke at it to see if it is hard before you possibly break a tooth on it. If it is the naturally hard kind, you boil or bake it. If it is the fresh, soft kind it is probably no good and I have given you rubbish. I couldn’t figure out any of the labels and didn’t find numbers that looked like expiration dates, so definitely use caution.
Going clockwise from the mystery mochi, we have a little girl doll, a squid cell charm in a blue bubble, a turnip (?) key chain fob, a wide fan, your winner, custom Sharpies and website, winner buttons, a chocolate toffee bar, a bag of fruit-flavored candies, a unicorn horn sucker, and in the middle a sugar and spice chocolate sucker. Or at least a chocolate on a stick.

Yea and congratulations again Mnemonic!!

You can view summaries and link to all contests and prize bags on this page.

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May 102013

At last I got the prize bag to AmyKatt! I kept missing meeting up, but we played hand the bag around and made it happen.

The star of the show, a custom Dr. Who bunny as requested:
The Bunny Who, custom Dr. Who Adventure Bunny.
Bunny Who wears a tweed jacket, crisp white shirt and a bow tie. He is a dapper Adventure Bunny. He looks just a wee bit stuffy with all the clothes, but I suppose suit jackets like that should be a bit stuffy.

The sonic screwdriver of Bunny Who.
Bunny Who carries his trusty, tiny sonic screwdriver – a great tool to help him out of tight spots on his adventures. I don’t have my magnifying lamps (garage!!) so this was rough. I swear I dropped it a dozen times during creation. Bunny Who has a small magnet in his right inner paw so he can “hold” the sonic screwdriver.

The two hearts in Bunny Who.
As a Time Lord bunny, he has two hearts in that squishy chest. I wanted them to stay lined up to each other, so I stitched them together inside a batting bag so they wouldn’t shift.

Slightly different ears on Bunny Who, custom Dr. Who Adventure Bunny.
I’ve wanted to improve the ears, to make them thinner and more shapely than in the past. The first versions had fully stuffed ears, mid versions had wires and less stuffing, the past couple had only wires and this one has wires with secure ear field stitching. This is precisely the look I wanted. I am pleased and will do the Adventure Bunny ears like this from now on.

And the rest of the goods:
Contents of the Prize Bag.
Here we have the rest of the flotsam and jetsam of the prize bag. There is less and less interesting stuff now that I don’t travel all the time, and therefore do not spend hours walking around airport gift shops. We have some fancy Post-Its, a variety of candies, some tags, a dinosaur (not on a spaceship) a teensy paint kit, a Slinky toy [why do I have so many of these?], a gummy lizard pen, badges (for winning. random art and a Tardis), and the winner Sharpies, of which AmyKatt now has three colors of the set.

Yea! Congratulations again, AmyKatt. I look forward to some more contests this year. Maybe I will do one for how many boxes I have to bring into the workshop from the garage. Or how many duplicate items I have purchased while my supplies were packed away. Or how many spiders get accidentally brought in with the boxes. Or how many cats I find sleeping in my new utility sink. Or the number of UFOs I find while unpacking. I’ll think of something.

Jan 152013

Last week, I delivered the prizebag to Ymabean for the Holiday Traditions giveaway that ended three busy, long weeks ago and here are the pictures.

The Holiday Traditions prizebag.
The final package. Perhaps is it time to revamp my tagging system. It seemed like a good thing to have a constant, repeatable tagging setup, but I’m getting a little bored with them. I still like my postage cancellation style stamp, but the other stuff… meh. And since no one takes me up on the free advertisements you get with each prize bag, there doesn’t seem to be any benefit to having a printed reminder/redeemable.
Tangent, sorry; back on track now.

Contents of the Holiday Traditions prizebag.
The main attraction of this prizebag is the custom bunny, so here he is! This is the very first production bunny; he is not a prototype, but a real made-from-the-final-pattern, not experimental bunny. He’s the first one to leave The Arches. This is Adventure Bunny #01. It was strange to let him go. My ten other prototype bunnies sit in the phone niche in the hall and I see them daily. Now there exists a bunny I may never see again. Weird.
Okay, sorry, back to the bunny. Ymabean requested an orange and green bunny, as orange and green were her wedding colors. Since this bunny was leaving the house and had a mission, I gave him a bag and a scarf for his journey.

Contents of the Holiday Traditions prizebag.
Inside his bag, we have a couple carrots and a turnip for road food, and a small, bunny-sized, green heart.

Contents of the Holiday Traditions prizebag.
The heart is inscribed with 12-12-12, Ymabean’s wedding date (coincidentally, this was my parents’ official wedding anniversary date, too). The other side of the heart bears their names. This is heart one of two. The second heart is identical and resides in the chest cavity of the bunny, for he is a custom bunny with a purpose to his existence. He carries their love inside him, and a copy in his bag so no one has to cut him open.

Self-preservation and all.

Contents of the Holiday Traditions prizebag.
His head is ever-so-slightly off kilter. Being largely hand sewn, the bunnies never turn out identically. They all have their individual quirks and differences.

Contents of the Holiday Traditions prizebag.
And the other prizebag goodies. From the left going clockwise, a glow in the dark Slinky, a bottle of maple syrup from Canada (funny coincidence that Ymabean just got back from her wedding and honeymoon in Vermont where she returned from with many, many, maple products – oh well), a small bottle of fancy lotion from a French company that always had nice stuff, a cartoon sticker-paper thing (I don’t understand the kanji, so I ‘m not sure), a tiny blue volant Moleskine, a handmade journal from a gal at ArtFest, Asian candy crayon things, a Spongebob reusable cold pack and Spongebob Band-Aids, some hard candies I like (Lemon Heads, butterscotches, and chocolate peppermints), a Kinder Surprise egg (so great! I love these!), a bar of fancy-French soap, some website buttons and two custom TLTBE Sharpies – one in the newest color, purple!
If you can see the text on that middle button, you’ll notice that Ymabean is now a three-time prizebag winner. This means that she and Random are tied now, at three wins each. [AmyKatt, you are at two wins (tied with Diva Llama) still – which is queer since you always play. I think the odds are against you somehow.]

Yea! Prizebag delivered and enjoyed; giveaway completely closed and finished. Even though the prizebag wasn’t delivered until 2013, the giveaway took place in 2012, so I am counting it as not technically having a contest this year yet. It is okay, I have a main attraction for the next prizebag already. Now I only need to find a few spare hours to start getting the goods ready to build up the bag. Lately, all my spare (non-work, non-sleep, non-life-maintenance) time goes into the workshop or enjoying time with Slick and the cats. Meanwhile, what would you guys like to see as the next contest or giveaway? I know I started off with matching photos to locations, then a “guess how many” deal, feedback entries (jokes, ideas, haikus), and a number of favorite comment giveaways. Is it time for a caption this photo deal? Maybe another guessing game. Anyway, I eagerly await your feedback. Answer in the poll to the right.

Feb 132012

Now that Diva Llama has had some close, personal time with her prize bag, let’s look at what was in there.
Favorite Sequel prize bag contents.
Beginning at the top, we have a big foam corn hat. This, the corn magnet, and the bag of rainbow popping corn to the right came from Indianapolis. Peeking out at the right corner is a postcard from Tyler, Texas. In the middle we have some novelty pens, one is a cow with light-up eyes and moo-sounds from Wisconsin, an eagle head pen from Portland, OR and a tornado pen from Wichita, Kansas. In front of that we have a set of matryoshka doll I got from a gift shop for a Russian museum. In front of them we have a pair of 3D eyeglasses from the ESPN kisosk at a show in Chicago. In the center front we have absinthe flavored chapstick from Etsy seller ForStrangeWomen from which I order my favorite perfume oil and highly addictive clove lip balm. The chapstick is laying on a teensy blanket with five colorful piggies I got in San Antonio. The yellow lollipop contains a scorpion and is from somewhere off the highway in Texas. The remaining unique item is some salmon jerky from Portland, OR and then the left side is piled with ubiquitous hotel soap. After the move to The Arches, I was backlogged with these prize items, so I only took the nicer soaps home with me and left the mediocre soaps for the next guest.

Favorite Sequel prize bag contents.
These are the TLTBE items in the bag. Two custom Sharpies will help DL towards completing her set and the buttons are my creations, three watercolors and my carved stamps and one black and white photo I took with a Holga in a downtown Cheyenne alley. The standard TLTBE and winner swag buttons are missing this time, only because they are stored in the garage with all my other workshop stuff, which I cannot reach without tearing out half the garage, and plus it was snowing all weekend.

So, there we go. Another prize bag, finally. I hope that, despite trying to get into my workshop this year, there will be a few more before we flip the calendar again. As always, if you have any suggestions for the contests, please speak up. I don’t even mind (really, do encourage) if your suggestions give you some sort of advantage! Also, because I like it when people comment, I may have to consider some sort of multiple entry bonus for regular commentators. (hint, Hint, fucking HINT!)

Feb 122012

The Sequel prize bag, just before delivery to Diva Llama.
The prize bag has been delivered. The content picture will be posted tomorrow to give diva llama a chance to enjoy her prize bag spoils before you fellow readers begin envying it.

As a strange side note, it turns out I live closer to Diva Llama than I thought. Today, as I was walking to her house to drop off the prize bag, I made an effort to look up at the house addresses as I passed so I didn’t overshoot my target – all the cute little Avenues brick houses blend together. I tend to zone out into my own thoughts and outdoor enjoyment while walking and normally only manage to check for traffic before I cross roads. The truth of this statement is apparent in the fact that we’ve lived at The Arches for 16 months and only today realized I live two blocks from Diva Llama instead of four. Say our house is at the 500 block (it isn’t -don’t panic and think you forgot where I live) and Diva Llama lives at the 100 block – you would think that we live four blocks apart. This is what I thought, but was wrong. Today as I noted addresses, I discovered that the 300 and 200 blocks are missing. I don’t know why. Our avenue does a tiny bend at one intersection, but it is very minor. Yet, after that kink in the road, the addresses jump over two blocks worth of numbers. Thus, the walk goes from my 500 block, past the 400 block and then BAM, I cross a street and there is Diva Llama’s 100 block. I’d always found walking to Diva Llama’s house to be a short trip, but didn’t give it much thought.
So that was interesting.

Feb 092012

Courtesy of, the very best site for all your randomizing needs and detailed explanations of what random really means.
The winner, random selection via because they're a bit awesome.

Congratulations, Diva Llama!!

Your prize bag will be delivered to you quite soon, possibly even tonight. After delivery, the contents will be posted here for all to covet.

Thank you, everyone, for playing. I appreciate your comments and participation. Sometimes it feels like I’m blogging into the darkness, which is fine. I like the darkness, I don’t mind blogging to it. But, when I know people are checking in, it tends to motivate me to keep up with some posts – I am lazy, you know.

Stay tuned for kitten pictures.

Jan 312012

It has been a year and a half since the last prize bag, but you may now unpack your excitement, dust off your competitive spirit and get ready to comment, because this is The Return of the Prize Bag!

The Return of The Prize Bag
In case you’re wondering about this terrifically bad graphic, I was in quite limited conditions when I made it. This is the trade off, you get the contest sooner, but the graphic is tacky and silly.

In recognition of this (hopefully triumphant) return, I think our prize bag comment theme should be sequels, the return of movies or television shows we love.

What is your favorite return of? The Jedi? The King? The Living Dead (as horribly altered above)? Lethal Weapon 2? The second generation Kindle? Home Alone 2? The third season of Friends? The second series of Sherlock on BBC? We can’t forget movie sequels to television shows either, like Serenity was to Firefly, or some of the Star Trek movies. Looking the other way, Buffy the Vampire Slayer television show was a sequel to the entirely forgettable BTVS movie. I don’t care, I won’t be too picky. Comment with your favorite sequel below to be entered in the giveaway drawing. I will give you all until 2359 on February 8th, next Wednesday, to get your comments entered.

Summary: Enter a comment about your favorite sequel of any type before 2359 MT Feb 8th.

The SFP (The Standard Fine Print):
You must be a registered user for this blog – because that is how you can make comments! You may have only one entry into this contest. If you make multiple comments, you will still get only one entry, so comment as desired. You must either live in a place I commonly drive to or past or be willing to submit a mailing address to me to receive the prize if you win. I’m happy to mail the prize anywhere in the world where it is legal to do so. The prize bag contains items I have collected, been given, picked up, found, bought, made myself, or somehow obtained (probably not stolen, though) for whatever reason and may be desirable, useful, useless, or merely silly to you; I make no guarantees to the value, usability or likability of the prize, although they have been historically well received. The prize bag contents are of my own choosing and are not being provided in exchange for any influence or services from you beyond your comment entry and your eternal, undying devotion to this blog and; therefore, my ego.

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