Jan 042016

Pronghorns in the neighborhood.
Yesterday we had some guests in the neighborhood. Don’t know if they were checking out the house for sale, or merely taking a break in the sunshine.

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Jul 062015

Slick and I took a Friday off together to get out to Vedauwoo again. We were hoping to avoid the weekend crowds, but it was already crowding up when we got out there. We drove around the area for a bit before getting to the rocks.

Baby pronghorns on the prairie.
Baby pronghorns on the prairie. Look to the lower left section for them – the adults are on the right upper section. Click for bigger view – these guys are small. They look like wee, toy versions of the grown pronghorns.

Remains of Sherman cemetery.
The Pioneer Sherman Cemetery marker. One gravestone is left inside the fenced area. Many graves are still there and plainly observable.

Remains of Sherman .
While we were walking around, we came across what appear to be the remains of a building foundation from Sherman. You might recall that some years ago we went searching for such, and found a few rocks that were in the right place. These rocks are also in the right place, but are much more promising. That definitely looks like the remains of a foundation or simple rock wall. Apparently there are also distinct remains of the small roundhouse, but we missed them. The whole thing is on now-private property, so we try to stay close to the roads and be non-intrusive.

The Ames Monumnet.
The Ames Monument. This was originally next to the railroad, with the town of Sherman a kite-flight away. When the railroad moved south for more gentle land, the town went ghost and the Monument became more of a headstone for the remains of Sherman.

Enough faffing around, on to the rock climbing. We had to search for the least populated area and finally found a good formation with only three campers set up around it. Everyone loves Vedauwoo. We’re going to have to find another, less popular spot to romp around in.

This was a shorter, easier climb. We couldn’t get to the top without gear, so we hung out in a shaded out-cropping. From the side it looked like the mouth of a huge, rock dinosaur-like monster, but I didn’t seem to get any photos that show it as such. There, we picnicked, listened to the wind, and took some photos. The shaded rock areas provided a nourishing spot for lichen.

Vedauwoo area.
This is a wide, panoramic view from the mouth. You will need to click to see it at all.

The way out.
We circled the formation to leave, which was a nice closing walk. It was too hot for my comfort by then, so I liked the small bit of shade this gave me. The rest was ALL SUN.

The sunblock worked well.

Mar 302015

Slick and I have really been out, enjoying the amazing spring weather in Cheyenne.
This weekend, we went to two different parks and explored some far reaches of town, now that everything is thawed out.
On Saturday, after meeting friends for lunch at a “new” pizza place (turns out it isn’t new! It is the same, mediocre Mondello’s pizza – they just changed the name on their sign) and checking in at Gryphon’s Games, we walked around downtown, then headed over to Holliday Park. That’s the one with the Big Boy engine and the small lake with three thousand geese.
Holliday Park

It was too sunny for me, but the cool breeze helped out.
Holliday Park
We both got too much sun. Slick was smart and had a hat on, but his neck got burned. My sunblock is probably expired, but more likely I didn’t get enough of it on enough of me because I ended up a bit pink on all exposed skin that evening and red on a couple shirt edges.

On Sunday, our first stop was Target for fresh sunblock. After that, we explored. It was even more sunny this day.
Antelope in the shade
This pronghorn near the WYDOT agreed that it was too sunny.

We finished our day with a shade covered picnic in, then scampering around Lion’s Park – with full sunblock this time. Probably too much sunblock, but better safe after the previous day’s burn.

There was a challenge involved, and Slick climbed one of the park sign posts.
Slick, sitting atop one of the Lion's Park sign posts.
We went home completely exhausted again, but it was pleasant. Soon enough it will be too hot to romp around like this all day and I’ll be hiding in my cool basement workshop. So, better to exhaust ourselves now.

Jun 202010

Saturday, as we were driving home from the store, we saw this bunch of pronghorns sitting peacefully on the corner of Frontier Park, at Central and 8th. They seemed to be enjoying the sun and each other’s company, mindless of the nearby traffic and a guy snoozing on a blanket perhaps 100 yards away.
Bunch of antelope sitting in Frontier Park, sunning.
They were so very still that I began to think they were statues. We pulled into a nearby parking lot to get a longer look. I thought I saw one move, but after staring at them for a minute, I was beginning to think I was imagining the movement and I’d been duped.
But then …
Bunch of pronghorns sitting in Frontier Park, sunning.
one of them got up and moved to different position and its fellows shuffled around a bit before going back to imitating statues.

I spent hours today cleaning up my workshop. The longer and larger a project is, the worse my workshop becomes by the end. I’m mildly frustrated I’ve accomplished no crafty creations even though my inspiration to make stuff is in full drive, but I can’t get any serious projects going again until the workshop is cleaned up anyway. So, cleaning, organizing, straightening, putting everything aright was the order of today. Gretchen is back at the sewing desk, fabric is stashed, supplies put away, trash taken away; sorted. Although, it is a bit of a downer that I finally have the workshop workable again after the quilt and in eight hours my work week (with travel to some fresh hell, details to be sorted) will begin anew. Such is life.

Speaking of, I need some sleep or I won’t make it through the more dull meetings tomorrow. Have a good Monday, all.

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