Sketchbox Premium

Mar 062018

small painting from Sketchbox supplies
Got the March Sketchbox Premium over the weekend and made this painting. The box included a small canvas panel, which is uncommon, but it was nice that I had something to paint on immediately. Something besides the box, which I often do. I have very artistic trash. The bronze color is a Liquitex acrylic metallic ink. It was unusual in that it was thicker and more viscous than regular acrylic ink, and also more fluid than other metallic inks I have. Used the Princeton velvet touch brush (the handles on these are like a micro-flocked or short nap velvet feel, posh) to spread the ink on the canvas and the viscosity left swoops in the coverage. After it dried, hours later, the swoops were still there and looked like falling, twisting leaves, so that is what I went with. The box also contained a Faber-Castell Polychromos (my fav cp brand, I have the 120 set and love it) color pencil in “Orange Glaze” color, which I used to add body to the leaves. Next was a Kuretake #7 brush pen. Got one of these in the first art supply box I ever received, over a year ago, and I like it still. Did leaf outlines and details in black with this pen. Finally, the Copic opaque white watercolor ink, which has a fine, long brush tip on the end of that silly cap on the bottle. I used it for leaf highlights, but it was pretty opaque so I knocked it back with water and a stray tissue.
That’s it. Art from an art supply box, made entirely on the sofa.

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