All the wonderful things I have to say about my vibrating-dot-of-energy mate.

Nov 032017

Moxie and Slick.
Moxie, cleaning her face while laying on Slick.

We have both (Slick and me, not Slick and Moxie) been working very hard lately. We took a break and stayed on the couch the whole evening. It was good. I can face today with a refreshed feeling. Moxie even took advantage and spent some time being sweet while Slick snuggled her.

Jun 282017

Moxie cat, with Slick.
One of the reasons Moxie prefers Slick is because he puts up with her fussy bullshit. Even if it is 90F, she demands to be snuggled and held. Then she tries to claw your intestines out incidentally when she leaves. No thanks. But, Slick does it. He snuggles that fussy, hot, shedding cat in his arms and sometimes they watch tv together.

Had to blow out the photo a little because of the sunny window backlighting so you could see Moxie.

Dec 132016

He says he doesn’t like birthdays, but he always plays along with candles in the cake and such.

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May 272016

Moxie, being lovey with Slick.
To reiterate, Moxie is Slick’s cat. Whether he always enjoys it or not. Here she is being lovey by licking his beard.

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Apr 072016

Moxie and Slick, playing with rope.
Moxie love the rope, but she gets overly excited so Slick has to keep an eye on her and his hand so that he doesn’t come away with fresh claw injuries.

Apr 012016

I love our little Moxie, but she is not my cat. She is very much Slick’s cat. When he is not at home, this is what she does:
Moxie watching for Slick.
She watches the door, waiting for him to come home.

When he does come home:
Moxie being sweet with Slick.
Moxie sweetness and kisses, all for Slick. And only for Slick.

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Mar 022016

Nora and Slick, playing with sisal rope.
Slick recently fixed up our cats’ scratcher posts with fresh sisal rope. The old rope has become the new favorite toy, especially for Nora. She also likes sitting atop the Christmas tree box, which is why we are so delinquent in storing it away; here it still sits in March. We’re going to have to put up a shelf right there for Nora. It is her favorite television watching spot.

Nov 242015

Moxie is obsessed with a toy Slick created for her. The other cats like playing with the circular rims that come from larger plastic bottles, like milk jugs and Gatorades. Slick collects them on a string for future use. Moxie doesn’t care about them, individually, but Slick got her attention one night by swinging all the rings on the string around over his head. He swings them very fast and they make a sound vortex which Moxie is immediately drawn to.
Moxie and her obsession with a string toy.
He twirls it high so she won’t hurt herself trying to catch it, but that doesn’t stop her from rising up on her hind legs as she stares at her fascinating prey. Her head begins moving in tiny twitches as she watches it whip in a circle above her.

Moxie and her obsession with a string toy.
Wait, why’d you stop?!

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