The Captain

Dec 092016

And this is what happens when you put a seat heating pad on the loveseat.

You can see that Oz doesn’t really want to share.

I love the way they tuck their paws when they sleep like that.

Even Moxie will share for this kind of warmth.

Sep 302016

Autumn is the most wonderful season. With it comes cool breezes and tumbling leaves, which the cats love. We keep the doors and windows open as often as we can.
The Captain thinks he sees a bug.
Here, The Captain thinks he may see a bug friend.

Moxie likes to play in the sheer curtains.
And you know who this is.

Moxie likes to play in the sheer curtains.
Moxie. She likes the light play on the sheer curtains and is fascinated by the limited visibility through them.

Aug 192016

Moxie, Friday, Oz, The Captain
Moxie, Friday, Oz, and The Captain all napping on the fat chair. Nora, of course, was napping on the bed by herself.

In the meantime, my workshop progress has traversed sideways instead of forward. The photo session failed – they are so shiny! I must pop out the box. My first print run was a messy, messy, sticky disaster (new ink) and my second was merely full of rejects. Couldn’t even work on the quilt because I was out of batting. I know, how does that happen?! Apparently, I’ve been making a few quilts lately and used it up.

This weekend will set me right.

Aug 012016

I’m supposed to be sharing photos of the quilt I completed over the weekend, but they suck. My white balance was off, or I left a filter on my lens, or something. Again, I was in a hurry in the morning. I didn’t look at them, just uploaded and got in the car. They suck, so I will have to try again when I have time to be at home during daylight hours, which will be tomorrow at least.

In the meantime, enjoy these photos of the cats and their new cat tower.
Cats on their play tower.
They like it. There is almost always a cat in one of the top two sections.

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