The Five Cats of Chaos

Aug 212015

The Captain, using the catwalk.
The Captain was the first across the catwalk. So far, it has been successful in keeping the cats off of and out from behind my monitors. It has been, expectedly, of no assistance keeping them from trying to eat my paintbrushes.

Moxie, stalking through the door.
Slick caught Moxie stalking him from the other side of the door.

Nora, happy.
Nora is the fastest purr in the west and she would like you to pet her belly.

Oz, in my spot.
This is my spot on the sofa. Oz likes to use it when I’m not there.

Friday snuggling with The Captain.
Friday is my workshop companion cat. When I am sewing and push her away, she pouts on top of the badge station. When The Captain takes her spot, she simply snuggles on him.

I hope the cats lead you into a fine weekend.

Jan 212014

Over the weekend, we had two sunny days. The temperature even hit 50F for a short while! We opened the door and pulled back the curtains for maximum sunlight. The cats, expectedly, loved it.
Moxie, enjoying the sunshine and Nora napping in the background.
Moxie is quite cautious for being the head cat. She watched the door view for a while before laying in front of it. Nora has taken over the loveseat in the background and held it as her own for most of the day.

The Captain, enjoying the sunshine.
The Captain, interrupted cleaning. Love that expression. They like to clean in the sunshine. I wonder if it is because their fur dries faster, or if it simply feels good. Everyone likes to combine pleasures.

Friday, enjoying the sunshine.
Friday, our quirky, pretty cat. She spent the whole rest of the day curled up on the back of the fat chair, soaking up the sunlight right after The Captain moved.

enjoying the sunshine.
Oz just couldn’t stop yawning while I had my camera out. I have at least five shots of him yawning.

Four of the five cats, enjoying the sunshine.
All together, now. Nora refused to interrupt her nap, so I could only get four of the five. I love having five cats, but I have been unable to train any of them to sleep on my feet for warmth. Oh well.

Dec 172013

This is where the cats can be found during the winter months:
The boy cats, Oz and The Captain, on the furry blanket snoozing on the sofa.
In the warmest room, on the furry blanket, laid out asleep on the sofa. The living room is the heart of our house and thus, the favored room for the cats to hang out in. Oz is curled in a corner, but The Captain likes to stretch out a bit.

Three cats, Oz, The Captain, and Nora on the furry blanket, snoozing.
Nora, despite her desire to have nothing to do with any other cats, couldn’t resist the pull of the blanket.

They are funny when we come home and they’ve been sleeping. Four sleepy, blinking and bleary cats sit together to watch us come in while they wake up. Very serious about sleep.

Dec 032013

If you have Chinese food, don’t forget to eat or store the fortune cookies before you go to bed
Debris left after cats attack fortune cookies.
We suspect that the cats’ curiosity got the better of them and they couldn’t resist. They tore through the plastic and chewed enough of the cookies up to see the fortunes. But, then they left the fortune slips, instead of eating them like they normally do. Either the fortunes weren’t the ones they wanted, or they were full from all that cookie eating they had to do to get to the slips.

Oct 232013

I could really use a nap today, but I’m not going to get one. While I think about putting a sleeping bag, eye mask and alarm clock in my car, let’s enjoy picture of cats napping.
Cream kitties, Nora and Friday, sleeping on the love seat.
Nora isn’t much for snuggling with the other cats, being crazy and pissy like she is, but she will allow the other cats to snuggle against her if they don’t move her, or she grants them permission to serve as her pillow. Friday has no such restrictions and will snuggle with anycat or anyone. She is our second best snuggler.

Gray kitties, Nora and Friday, sleeping on the fat chair.
The gray kitties still sleep in a tangle of limbs. The Captain is our top-rated snuggler. He is a great combination of sweet, lovable, skinny and short-haired. It adds up to a snuggley cat.

Oz doesn't want to leave the bed.
Oz likes to sleep on our puffy comforter and he doesn’t want to leave at the end of the night when we evict all the cats from the bedroom and shut the door. Slick says, “Let’s go!” and Moxie runs out the door, Friday and The Captain sneak under the chairs to hide and stay and Oz simply gives a little bark of protest, “maw!” It has become a game between them. Slick tells him to go, Oz barks; repeat about seven times while I laugh. It is really entertaining. Maybe we shouldn’t be encouraging cat protests (no matter how cute), but we also have a surefire, never-fails way of getting the cats out. Merely walk towards the treat drawer. That’s it. They know they are likely to be bribed out of the room at night and if you head that direction the cats FLY out of the room to the treat area. Spoiled kitties.

Lots of cat pictures lately, but those are the shots I have. There is a partly finished quilt and some unfinished, secret Halloween costume pieces, but not much else going on. I need to take my camera around to see some different things.

Oct 042013

I’m back at home and getting resettled after my work travel. I know it has been quiet for the past few days while I was away, so here are some cat photos to soothe your spirits.

Moxie spent a good ten minutes chasing all the other cats around the house. Sometimes she is like a wee, cat-herder.

The Captain.
Now that the evenings are chilly, The Captain is thrilled! We have fuzzy blankets on the couch and he loves to burrow into them and knead and purr until he gets too hot. He’s cooling off in this shot.

Oz, about to yawn.
In his favorite spot, Oz naps through the evenings. I caught him at the start of a yawn in this shot; thought it was funny. Now that the mornings are cold, too, I get more Oz snuggle time. After I stumble out of the bedroom each morning, I am mobbed by blinking, sleepy cats. Oz merely sits nearby in the summer mornings, but now he crawls up into my lap to keep his paws warm. I will take what I can get.

That purple thing is my box of winter sweaters. Friday simply uses it as a perch to be closer to the treat drawer.

Nora was fed up with other cats for the night and went down to the workshop, so no picture of her here.

You probably know that Cheyenne is under its first snow storm (and even first snow) of the season and there are inches of heavy, wet snow piling up outside still. Please don’t ask me about the backyard or house work not done yet or something might burst inside my head. Instead: SNOWBALLS!! Fun!

Jul 212013

I noticed I didn’t have too many cat photos up lately, so I snapped these to remind you all how much of a freaky cat lady I am.
Friday, in the workshop.
Here is Friday. She is unhappy with me because I have spent the last hour telling her she couldn’t do the things she wanted to do, like play with all the cool stuff in the garbage can, hang from the curtains, or sit on the copy stand. Her being over on the shelf instead of on my table is indicative of her pouting.

Oz, in the workshop.
Oz is such an easy-going cat. Even when he misbehaves, he’s laid back about it. Oz is agreeable to the other cats in the workshop, not fighting over choice seats, allowing others to play with his toys. I think he’s not used to the room yet – too many strange new rules on the strange new furniture still. But, he is the cat you want to greet you at the door – he runs up, puts his paws on you and purrs.

Moxie, in the workshop.
Once Moxie saw the camera, she wouldn’t play along. She is either nose to lens or completely uncooperative. She likes to sit right beside whatever I’m working on, usually Friday does, too. They are my work cats.

Captain, in the workshop.
The Captain is a terror in the workshop. He is curious about everything and pawing at anything he can reach. Anything unattended gets pushed to the edge and on to the floor for toy auditions. But when he settles down from wrecking things, he curls up in a window or on a chair and snoozes, waking only long enough to purr when I pet him.

Nora, in the workshop.
This is a problem triad I haven’t solved yet. Nora on my drafting chair. She loves this chair. Sometimes she is down here sitting on that chair when everyone else is upstairs. You can tell it is her preferred spot because of the thick layer of cream-colored cat hair covering it. And this is after I cleaned it last night. So much cat hair. The second issue is that she likes to sharpen her claws on the back of the chair. This is all bad and I have to find a way to discourage her. Probably time to bring out the no-scratch spray. We haven’t used that since they were kittens, and they have kept their learned behaviors well. The last problem was that Nora doesn’t want to yield the chair to me. She growls and hisses at me when I want to sit in it, but we had a water bottle intervention and now she acknowledges my claim to the chair. Only the two problems left.

More on the workshop tomorrow when I’m not so tired.

May 082013

After a saccharine spring weekend of 70-80F, gentle breezes and sunshine, May 1st started off rough by having a fuckload of snow:
May day snow.
It especially sucked because it took a few hours to move from rain, freezing rain and sleet to wet snow, to full fluffy snow while the temperature steadily dropped to nothing. This made the snow heavy. Our bushes are all flat and we have a couple broken tree branches that failed under the weight.

Now, of course, it is back to sunshine and spring. So, the cats do things like this:
Three cats, piled by the door.
A cat pileup. Terribly cute. Oz likes the sunshine best of all the cats; I think it is because of his coat color.

The latest prize bag will be delivered very soon, then I can share the goodies. We keep missing each other, so I’m going to do a bag handoff to get it there. AmyKatt’s Dr. Who bunny was fun to make and I want to see what you guys think of it.

Apr 012013

Having five young, active cats means it is a rare happening to get them all in one shot, in focus. I feel so lucky:
All five cats.
We put one of those little Nano bugs in the ball track of the scratcher and they were attentive. Moxie could only be bothered to turn halfway around for my shot.
Those are my five cats, monsters all!

Also, do ignore the carpet debris. This is a few hours before we put together and used our new vacuum cleaner, after the unfortunate but belated demise of the last vacuum a couple weeks ago.

Feb 252013

Whenever it is sunny outside and above freezing, we open the front door for the cats.
Five cats in the doorway.
They like sunning themselves and watching the birds from a different angle. The Captain found a fly on the door. It didn’t last long among the cats.

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