May 192012
  • Cranky, malcontent, grumbly, kvetchy, annoyed, peevish, irritated, querulous, unsatisfied, sullen, grouchy, petulant, testy, sulky: TIRED! #
  • Perhaps 32 oz of coffee was not the best solution to my problem. #
  • What, no 'solution' jokes? Are all my nerd friends still asleep? #
  • Play hard, sleep hard. #
  • Modern day vampires. #
  • Hello internets. I've missed you, dear! #
  • Come to The Albany now and I'll buy you a beer. #
  • Bring on the guacamole. #cincodemayo #
  • All you bastards need to get on G+ so we can do Hangouts. Do it. Do it. #
  • Can't wait to get home and play with my new webcam. And drink. Possibly dangerous combo. #
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Oct 312011

1:34 PM – 4 Oct 11 via web
Yesterday-Sarcastra was such a bitch for staying up so late. Very tired.

1:35 PM – 4 Oct 11 via web
Today’s-Sarcastra is trying to figure out how to get a nap under the desk in the empty cubicle around the corner.

4:26 PM – 4 Oct 11 via txt
Well of course my fly was open.

9:44 PM – 4 Oct 11 via web
The only thing bold about this Bold Coffee is their choice to serve it lukewarm and without sugar available.

11:38 AM – 6 Oct 11 via Twitter for Android
First 5 people to msg or email addy before my flight get a postcard; inspired, carved, printed & mailed from Wichita.

11:56 AM – 6 Oct 11 via web
That was the fastest ever. All five are spoken for. Thank you all!

6:09 PM – 6 Oct 11 via Twitter for Android
Some insufferable twat behind me won’t stop whistling a cheerful tune. I am going to brain him with my suitcase.

10:05 PM – 9 Oct 11 via Twitter for Android
I need some Gripples.

10:19 AM – 10 Oct 11 via web
I know it is theoretically early in the day, but I need a nap.

5:40 PM – 11 Oct 11 via web
Have achieved proof of concept. Now going to pass out on sofa with some DayQuil. Again.

5:56 PM – 22 Oct 11 via Twitter for Android
OMG! Moon Pies in Cheyenne!

10:54 AM – 24 Oct 11 via web
So Daylight Time Shifting did not happen today, but my radio controlled clock didn’t know that. Dammit.

3:31 PM – 24 Oct 11 via Twitter for Android

3:44 PM – 25 Oct 11 via web
And now to study for my drug test.

4:51 PM – 29 Oct 11 via web
New additions to The Arches.

9:41 AM – 31 Oct 11 via web
Okay, did we get the day off for Halloween and no one told me? Or is everyone skipping meetings this morning?

11:14 AM – 31 Oct 11 via web
Could we please stop perpetuating this ridiculous fear mongering bullshit about poisoned Halloween candy?!

Apr 302011

1 Apr
Minecraft – I’m digging it.

1 Apr
Yea! Pet wolves! Now we need a doghouse and a lot of pork chops.

4 Apr
Smooshed-face lion says,”Word of advice… Don’t give her money back.” Doesn’t seem relevant.

4 Apr
Glad I was sleeping like crap and got up a bit early. Forgot I had an earlier than normal meeting this morning. Phew!

4 Apr
And the sun goes down alone.

5 Apr
Song stuck in my head upon waking today: Don’t Worry, Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin. Good day ahead? We’ll see.

6 Apr
Mediocre coffee. Still coffee. Yea for coffee. Kick in, coffee; I need you.

6 Apr
Thinking how to get out of tonight’s ‘reception’ for the show tomorrow. Isn’t it punishment enough to have to attend & pretend to care?!

7 Apr
Everyone thought they were being served cheesecake. Turns out it was lemon custard pie. Very interesting expressions ensued.

7 Apr
No. It says, “I love my boxer” NOT “I love my boner.” Thought it was a pretty weird dog joke.

8 Apr
Home! Home for the weekend. Ah, the sweet comforts of home.

8 Apr
Okay, who wants to go to the Chocolate Indulgence at the Holiday Inn with me tonight?

8 Apr
Yaaaarrrr! The cantenna scours the waves again!
The cantenna

9 Apr
Motherfucking Jehovah’s Witnesses just rang my doorbell. Be ready for your turn, neighbors.

9 Apr
Ow! Damn hail!

10 Apr
Back to the crafting table. A skeleton shot off my iron booties. #minecraft

14 Apr
Thankfully my BlackBerry is shite for texting or it would be a conduit for my rage! RAGE. My. Dark. Fucking. Rage.

14 Apr
Half seriously picturing myself throwing my work cell against a wall, crushing it with my heel while singing for the blood of my coworker.

17 Apr
Playing Portal for the first time. Feel like a lab rat and I want cake.

17 Apr
Look at me still talking when there’s science to do…

18 Apr
Daily spam: “Do you want a prosperous future, grow in money, and pat on the back:)? Today only: We can assist …”

19 Apr
“I use it so rarely! Every time I go in is like the first time.” Resisting the urge to say, “that’s what he said.” @shplinkhimself

20 Apr
Hey, that documentation is good – who wrote it? I did? When the fuck did I do that? No wonder I like it.

21 Apr
Today is April 21st, 2011. Judgement Day. According to the original Terminator movie, the machines take over today. Be warned.
by DerrenBrown Retweeted by Sarcastra

22 Apr
Want to be downstairs sewing, but also really want to play Minecraft.

22 Apr
The first step is admitting you are powerless against the lure of Minecraft.
Step two is to play Minecraft.

24 Apr
Fuck you, you centered widget text.

25 Apr
Flight delayed, delayed, delayed a third time, all next flights CANX & will miss three appointments while stuck. The drinking starts now. Hello airport Pappadeux!

25 Apr
Pirate Punch, improving my fucking night. It does drink. Drink, it does.

26 Apr
Dear gods, I’d rather be drinking right now, too.

Mar 312011

1 Mar
It finishes the work.

2 Mar
Song in my head upon waking this morning: The Future Soon by Jonathan Coulton. “..when a crazy cyborg wants to make you his robot bride..”

3 Mar
Home is the best place. It is wonderful here at home.

4 Mar
Have fun and be social, tonight at The Aches. Also, come back and drink all this beer we have. Show up at 1830 or whenever.

4 Mar
“Yes, everything sinks. Except chickens.”

4 Mar
“Next time you go above ground, grab some trees and kill some pigs.”

4 Mar
“Yeah, you spend a lot of time filling in Creepers divots.”

4 Mar
“No, slimeballs don’t have a purpose yet.”

5 Mar
Okay, that was fun, but now I’m tired.

6 Mar
So five hours later I must confess I am addicted to Minecraft.

8 Mar
Last minute, three day trip for the work; feeling a tad murderous towards my coworker.

9 Mar
Deeply sad to leave home today. And I was looking forward to the Art Walk tomorrow – there will be a printmaker’s showing.

10 Mar
Okay, Austin. Enough with the sun already. I get it, nice weather. Piss off now.

11 Mar
Austin airport busy with arrivals for SXSW. Lots of carefully constructed, casual-trendy looks. And cowboy boots.

11 Mar
Five turns of nothing. Nothing! Yeargh!

12 Mar
And tonight I sleep in my own bed again. Yea.

13 Mar
Don’t know what to do with myself. Maybe it should simply be bath time.

13 Mar
Oh yeah, relaxing bubble bath and a craft magazine. Much better.

18 Mar
Home is very good.

18 Mar
A new evil is born: Easy Cheese atop Pizza Rolls.

21 Mar
The old house is clean … enough.

22 Mar
Another beautiful, windy day in Cheyenne.

22 Mar
For some reason I suddenly want nice, frosty refreshment.

23 Mar
Welcome to our first annual Sofa Day. If you have pants on, you’re already an over-achiever on this day.

23 Mar
Yea! It has a moment ago been appraised that I am adequate. That works for me. Praise me for my adequacy!

24 Mar
? It’s a neighborly day in this beauty wood A neighborly day for a beauty ?

25 Mar
“Were you at the library when you did the gummy sex?”

25 Mar
Lessons learned tonight: take your nai lcare tips from lesbians, toasted ants taste like corn nuts.

26 Mar
Smoosh-face lion says it is past bedtime.

28 Mar
Very first Top Gun James H Harvey III just got off my incoming plane in DEN. Kinda awesome.

29 Mar
So Very Tired.

30 Mar
So, my day of ‘the work’ just took a wrong turn down a dark, smelly alley, got mugged, beaten and left bleeding in a Dumpster. Dammit.

31 Mar
I’m thinking “fuck you and your uptight, self-righteous bullshit” is not a proper response to some ‘Thanks for your understanding’ crap.

31 Mar
I see no hope of lunch. Let’s see how long this banana will hold me over.

31 Mar
You know what really improved my mood today? Blowing off my site report and playing Minecraft in the airport food court. Woot.

Feb 282011

Song stuck in my head upon waking the second time this morning: Desperado.

2 Feb
We watched The Road because my husband claimed it was a comedic romp of a movie. Not fooling anyone, huh?

2 Feb
Husband asked me to use grocery list App he’s been using. As no food in house, I eagerly agree. His list so far? 7-Up and tortillas. Sheesh.

2 Feb
Is fucking cold in my house! & outside & etc. Fuck! Going to stock up on cocoa & toddy stuffs tonight. Maybe have party for the body heat?

2 Feb Favorite Reply Delete
Kid themed snow shovels; this is a good idea. Let’s play clear the sidewalk!

2 Feb
It’s Groundhog Day …. again.

2 Feb
Well what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today!

4 Feb
‘That expense report you worked for hours to submit yesterday? We changed your code. You must retract & delete report & make a new one.’

4 Feb
Poor design all around. Good job, fuckwits.

4 Feb
Tweeples, please tell me we are going to have some social fun today or tomorrow!?! I need drinks, chatter & mild merriment &/or amusement.

5 Feb
Look at this snow!

6 Feb
Covered in paint, and not the fun, creative kind. The tedious, dull house kind.

8 Feb
Today, I am glad I’m working at a desk in a temperature controlled office, instead of on a dirty server room floor w/ frigid air in my face.

8 Feb
Whipping, howling wind here tonight, bringing in chill. Complements the strange moon last night, a cheshire cat grin glowing from the dark.

9 Feb
Hmmm, risk a sushi place with half/half or just walk across the street for mexican … again. Hey, Texas, some variety would be nice!

9 Feb
Reviews!! Half good, half bad REVIEWS! Sheesh.

9 Feb
Life is too short to have bad sushi.

10 Feb
I have good coffee to start. Good news last night. Maybe this day will continue in a desirable fashion.

12 Feb
When a story ends in paperwork and tears I think it is okay to fudge the ending. Storyteller’s prerogative for creative license.

12 Feb
Low-pressure, social fun, snacks, drinks and pizza at The Arches tonight. We’ll unlock the door at 1830. We can play show and tell, too!

12 Feb
Only three hours until the fun begins at The Arches. Are you ready?

12 Feb
It’s a zombie hootnanny.

12 Feb
Sir, is there a bus stop nearby? Sir? Excuse me, sir, you seem to be …. oozing. Aaaaak! My ear!

15 Feb
Today I am glad I have the cold, filthy dirty floor of a loud equipment room to sit on while I do the work. … Wait. No. That’s not it.

17 Feb
Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

17 Feb
It updates the spreadsheet.

18 Feb
Hello, three day weekend, my dear darling. Let’s have fun.

19 Feb
Thank goodness my top thread snapped. Tired.

21 Feb
Catching a hangnail on a pillow is much more wake-longevity effective than an alarm clock.

21 Feb
One top finished. I am behind schedule.

21 Feb
Second top finished. Catching up but still behind schedule. Gretchen and I will be up stitching late tonight.

21 Feb
Argh! Stitch wrong sides together – go back 8 spaces. You also skip your next turn.

21 Feb
Piecing the back = quilt bonus points.

22 Feb
Two backs completed. Hungry, tired, must work in the morn, can do no more tonight.

22 Feb
Anyone have a couple hundred curved safety pins I can borrow for a day? Can’t find mine, probably in a box … somewhere.

22 Feb
Graaargh! In the time it will take to clean up the mess I’ve made looking for the pins I could’ve basted both the damn quilts!

22 Feb
Now at the stage where I vow to never do it again.

22 Feb
Oh dear gods, how did Achy-Breaky Heart ever get into my head!?!

23 Feb
Enjoying the chilly winter night and that bright moon in the sky.

24 Feb
Doing the work. Still doing the work.

24 Feb
Fuck the work, I’m going to have a drink and retire to the basement for a few hours!

24 Feb
Hey, that is some serious looking snow starting down out there!

24 Feb
Always enjoy the ‘shake until frothy’ part. But once, the lid popped off & my moon plant’s leaves never recovered from the sticky explosion.

24 Feb
Drinking, sewing and rotary cutting. What could go wrong?

24 Feb
Hey, it is February! Where are those little Girl Scouts with their cookies?!?

25 Feb
There is a thick, fluffy blanket of winter wonderland outside.

25 Feb
Oh dear. That wasn’t a squeeze top lid – it was just a funny looking lid. Good thing this recipe is experimental.

25 Feb
My oven has translation issues. I set it at 350F, but it hears 500F. If these cupcakes turn out edible it will be a tiny, kitchen miracle.

26 Feb
Spooky just scared herself and had a hissing & spitting fit … at her reflection in the window.

28 Feb
Thanks, stupid BlackBerry, for suggesting ‘warbingo’ instead of ‘warning’.

Jan 312011

3 Jan
Oooh, the party is over. Not feeling up to snuff this first day back to the work schedule. Eyelids unwilling to stay open and help me out.

3 Jan
So often, I am overwhelmed by anger and frustration at our politicians. This is why I love Jon Stewart.

3 Jan
No, I am not a “control freak”, but I am a control enthusiast.

4 Jan
Bright, boundless optimism is always a good starting place in any project, otherwise one would never start.

4 Jan
Hey, @shplinkhimself , I hope you’re okay. The solicitor at my door was wearing your glasses. Nearly let him in based on that first glance.

4 Jan
@shplinkhimself What? We didn’t discuss music, just energy efficient windows, but if he comes back I’ll knock him out & we can go from there.

4 Jan
I need a video gaming recliner chair with heat, massage thingies and built in subwoofers. Perhaps “need” is not really accurate.

5 Jan
In case you missed it, the End of Year photo review: See if you made it in! Or not. Whatever.

7 Jan
Just in: I can’t get into netflix, I figured out to use your email address, but I don’t know the password it won’t accept mine.. HELP MOM

7 Jan
(Got my mom a Netflix subscription and that was her response.)

7 Jan
If you’re cutting back on coffee as a new year’s resolution, don’t bother:

8 Jan
Today is a day of CAPS and EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 Jan
Just learned that many decades ago, The Arches housed a “madame”. Excited to learn details!

10 Jan
I found a pine nut on the stove and I ate it.

11 Jan
Having a freshly bad day. Knots in stomach.

12 Jan
Sorrows drowned, paradigm shifted. Planning to be done in the morning. Or at least sometime tomorrow. After noon, perhaps. With coffee.

13 Jan
Yea for juvenile astronomy humor. Up later, fart jokes!

14 Jan
So much for a white black tiebreaker.

15 Jan
Netflix is possessed and fucking with me. It added the “Babies” documentary to my queue. WTF.

15 Jan Favorite Reply Delete
Tokyo Bowl is packed full this Sat. night. The new owner/management is working out nicely.

16 Jan
We have the fish in a bag and the pizzas, now all we need are the panties and it’s a party!

17 Jan
Note to gray cardigan guy in DEN: do not stop at the top of the escalator, those people behind you are ready to push you!

17 Jan
Also, I’m kinda freaking out. A bit.

17 Jan
Off to Portland, OR. Tweets for the next week and a half will be drizzley, gray and trendy.

18 Jan
One night of socializing and halfway though a day of meetings. Doesn’t look promising, on many fronts.

19 Jan Favorite Reply Delete
Bloody fucking murderous intent.

19 Jan

19 Jan
Up to my ass in sleeping alligators.

19 Jan
And then there was the enforced fun.

19 Jan
If one more person gives me friendly bowling advice, I’m going to brain them with the ball.

20 Jan
Woke up homesick today.Also wearing my Twitter bird earrings. I apologize in advance if this combination leads to numerous simpering Tweets.

20 Jan
Being forced to spend time with salesmen damages my small hopes for humanity. Misanthropic thoughts ensue.

20 Jan
I am on the verge of choking on the bullshit.

20 Jan
Just nod and smile, nod and smile.

20 Jan
End, day, end!! I’ve had it with you!!

20 Jan
The day is finally ended and I am reading a novel, alone at last away from the work jackals, at peace for a bit.

21 Jan
My adjacent hotel room neighbors are having a grand, X rated time of it. Considering sending them a bottle of champagne or a dessert.

21 Jan
I did not behave so well yesterday. After sushi and a novel, I am feeling much better. Today should be comparatively quiet.

21 Jan
I am partly free! I have the whole evening and mostly two days to explore Portland (with friends) and maybe even get some sleep finally.

21 Jan
Wine, in a Target. So weird.

22 Jan
With 7 hours of sleep, I feel good. Like I could rule the world. Or at least Tigard.

22 Jan
ChocolateFest! Woot!

23 Jan
Lots of fog this morning. Visibility: two parking lots.

23 Jan Favorite Reply Delete
Brunch at the Radio Room before Bolt, then the museum. Love these gray Portland days.

23 Jan
Bolt was great, Close Knit is great. Museum better be awesome.

23 Jan
Okay, that was a good museum.

24 Jan Today’s visibility in Tigard: 1.5 parking lots.

24 Jan
Ugh, super greasy pizza and diet Pepsi. These nerds do not know how to woo a gal. I feel queasy.

24 Jan
I will give all my cash to someone who can make this monster headache go away.

25 Jan
Tigard visibility on this last day: all the parking lots.

25 Jan
Song stuck in my head upon waking today: Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay by Ottis Reading.

25 Jan
Last day of over-long work trip. Hard to stay fake-focused. Zoning out after three minutes each time. Can’t wait to get home.

25 Jan
Would you kill a man in a fair fight?

25 Jan
Or if you think he’s gonna start a fair fight?

25 Jan
Or if he bothers you, or if there’s a woman?

25 Jan
Or if you’re getting paid? Mostly when you’re getting paid.

25 Jan
OKAY! Office hallway overshare. And people think I’M weird!!

25 Jan
Hey, that was my 3001st Tweet. Now this is number 3002. Woot. I shall celebrate, later, with festivity and more Tweeting.

25 Jan
Dear Budda, please bring me a pony and a plastic rocket …

25 Jan
The clock on the wall has been stuck for days and days. It is forever either 07:41:42 or 07:41:43 depending on blink speed.

25 Jan
I am amazed at how much of this class I don’t care about and the few parts that I am quite interested in.

25 Jan
Beginning my journey home after a very long nine days away.

25 Jan
Waiting patiently in PDX.

26 Jan
Black tops, check.

29 Jan
Sis says we are now going to watch GatorZilla because it is so awesome. Has Debbie Gibson & Tiffany. Y’know, from the 80’s.

30 Jan
Can’t get away.

31 Jan
Trolley tour starts in five minutes, maybe the damned friendly chit-chat will cease then.

Jun 302010

BUT I don’t WANT to go to WORK!
1:54 PM Jun 1st via web

The work continues, but with little real progress. [weary sigh goes here]
10:12 AM Jun 2nd via web

Hey, complaining about the work is a pasttime. It helps. It helps? Does it?
10:13 AM Jun 2nd via web

Thank you, Starbucks, for always providing me with a temporary office and delicious coffee.
11:05 AM Jun 2nd via web

Oh yeah, coffee. Love ya’, babe. Sweet, sweet coffee lifting my mood. Yum. I am SO easy.
11:27 AM Jun 2nd via web

Coffee shop noise interferring with my call. Damn slackers and their loud, caffienated voices.
12:41 PM Jun 2nd via web

Finding positive cheerful things while away from home.
4:38 PM Jun 2nd via Twitpic

Sheer force of positive attitude flagging.
8:26 PM Jun 2nd via web

So tired. Boring work not helping. Desire nap but, will settle for coffee. Or someone interesting to talk to …
9:17 AM Jun 3rd via web

Maybe I can talk to myself to keep entertained and awake. Pseudo-insightful psycho-babble indeed.
9:22 AM Jun 3rd via web

Watching a guy at adjacent SB table buy candy bar from kid. What a nice guy. Not me today, but good for him. (Annoying damn kid.)
11:07 AM Jun 3rd via web

This candy sales kid is really annoying. It works for him. I’m about to give him money just to make him go away faster.
11:19 AM Jun 3rd via web

I can stall no longer; back to work. Let’s see how long the coffee boost lasts today!
11:57 AM Jun 3rd via web

End, day, end! I’m going to have to drive a stake through the cold heart of this work day!
3:58 PM Jun 3rd via web

Morning off to a rough start with corrupt files, missed deadlines and why did I have biscuits & gravy for breakfast? = Blech!
7:54 AM Jun 4th via web

Trying to patiently bide the rest of the work time today. Eager to get on plane later and get home. Lots of home enjoyment awaiting me.
9:35 AM Jun 4th via web

A watched clock doesn’t tick forward.
10:38 AM Jun 4th via web

Hey, wait a minute, that clock really isn’t moving forward. It isn’t ticking at all! I thought I was just being too impatient! It’s dead!
10:39 AM Jun 4th via web

Hello plane pulling up to my gate. You are a welcome sight.
1:41 PM Jun 4th via txt

Wondering how long this guy has been keeping watch over baggage claim in DEN.
5:33 PM Jun 4th via Twitpic

Today Cheyenne smellls of cloying lilac sweetness and peppery sage on the wind.
2:30 PM Jun 5th via txt

Woot! Time for coffee!
2:47 PM Jun 6th via web

You’d think I’d learn by now that staying up late Sunday night does NOT really effectively extend the weekend.
2:56 AM Jun 7th via web

Exercises in HFCS futility
Them: Anything to drink?
Me: Mt. Dew
Them: We don’t have Mt. Dew.
Me: Do you have Dr. Pepper?
Them: We have Coke products.
Me: Is Dr. Pepper a Coke product?
Them: I don’t know. We don’t have Dr. Pepper.
Me: I’ll have a Cherry Coke.
Them: We don’ t have Cherry Coke.
Me: What do you have?
Them: Coke products, but not Cherry Coke.
Me: I’ll have a coke.
4:01 PM Jun 7th via web

Anything for that sugary sweet caffeine!
4:02 PM Jun 7th via web

My headache is about to win, if only I could figure out how to surrender.
7:29 PM Jun 10th via web

Sometimes the best thing to do with your morning is to go back to bed.
11:15 AM Jun 11th via web

Pirate banana nut muffins – fire up the ovens!! Yar!
3:24 PM Jun 11th via TweetDeck

Phew! The quilting on the quilt is done! YAY!! Now only binding and a wash until it is finished. At about 95%, I think. So close.
1:14 AM Jun 12th via TweetDeck

Done! My quilt is done and it is BEAUTIFUL! Yay.
11:06 PM Jun 12th via TweetDeck

Coffee is the perfect compliment for a chilled, rainy morning. Small surprise Seattle and coffee are linked such as they are, then.
10:48 AM Jun 13th via TweetDeck

There’s a perverse feeling of satisfaction from tossing the occasional pulled weed into my neighbor’s untended yard.
11:22 AM Jun 13th via TweetDeck

Thinking of Esmerelda.
11:39 AM Jun 13th via TweetDeck

Okay, is Flag Day a secret holiday with new (MegaCorp) or are people just REALLY late to this conference call?!?
9:39 AM Jun 14th via web

Was on a flight yesterday with D.B Sweeney. He looks EXACTLY the same in person as in the movies. Sadly, no pic.
2:26 PM Jun 15th via web

Used up my social pool at 5hr work dinner social lastnight. Trying to recharge before lunch. Who is patron St of social?
7:18 AM Jun 16th via txt

Moron at bar whining he doesn’t have time to eat or date. But has the last hour to loudly complain to whole bar area!
5:19 PM Jun 16th via txt

If American Airlines gets the seats any closer together we’ll be in each others’ laps. Take seats out, sit on luggage!
Thursday, June 17, 2010 2:41:53 PM via txt

American Airlines seems to be INCAPABLE of getting a flight out on time. They’re the worst – and rude, too. Bastards.
Thursday, June 17, 2010 5:16:59 PM via web

American Airlines arseholes just did a last minute gate change to 20 gates away. Watching folks in suits run past w/ their briefcases now.
Thursday, June 17, 2010 6:11:20 PM via web

Glad to finally be home. Long day of meetings and travel and more travel. Looking forward to reaquainting with my bed.
Friday, June 18, 2010 12:22:37 AM via txt

If you’re going to be a bit naughty, try to hold back. If you’re going to be bad, be Very, Very Bad.
Saturday, June 19, 2010 12:13:59 PM via TweetDeck

Me and the GrassHog, taking back the back yard! Die, weeds!
Saturday, June 19, 2010 5:43:12 PM

Okay, it is nap time now, yes? My eyelids are very heavy today.
Sunday, June 20, 2010 12:18:53 PM via web

Oh, dandelion, you are my enemy. You may have more energy than me, but I have chemical poisons! We’ll see who wins.
Monday, June 21, 2010 8:56:17 PM via web

Annoying coworker is being especially annoying this morning. I WAS trying to cut back on coffee, but it seems this is the wrong day for it!
11:40 AM Jun 23rd via web

Perhaps I should have put one of those insipid smiley-wink emoticons after the instruction to kiss my ass. Hmmm.
2:06 PM Jun 24th via web

OMG my internet is down! Cue the panic and wailing.
2:55 PM Jun 24th via txt

I am a big supporter of aiming low and achieving moderate goals.
4:05 PM Jun 24th via web

Arrrrgh! We earned our flags today. Um, ooops and also tee hee! Oh well.
7:17 PM Jun 24th via web

Why have a gored, straight skirt? That does not look good.
10:14 PM Jun 24th via web

Mmmm, midday coffee. Yummy.
12:52 PM Jun 25th via TweetDeck

Somehow, out of seven black pens in my drawing bag, I grabbed the ONE that isn’t waterproof for my painting sketch. For an ink & wash. Grrr.
4:57 PM Jun 25th via web

Oh. I didn’t know you COULD reach the horizontal end of an Excel spreadsheet. Crap. Not at all like the end of a rainbow.
10:51 PM Jun 27th via web

In danger of falling asleep on my keyboard. Beware coming keyboard spam.
10:31 AM Jun 28th via TweetDeck

Fuck. I hate leaving home.
1:51 PM Jun 28th via TweetDeck

Ugh. Dry chicken, greasy cheese and wilted, brown-edged lettuce makes for an unappetizing lunch.
5:00 PM Jun 28th via txt

Damn. I had something positive to say for once but after boarding plane it is gone from my head. Everyone, please feel uplifted anyway.
5:28 PM Jun 28th via txt

OMG Denny’s! What is this fetid stench in your restaurant? Ew. Damn my late night hunger for landing me here.
8:48 PM Jun 28th via txt

First, I am WAY over-dressed for this location.
9:05 AM Jun 29th via txt

2nd, while lifting servers from floor, an exposed metal edge will leave a nasty gash down your spine.
9:08 AM Jun 29th via txt

On the other hand (RE being overdressed) I feel better about spilling breakfast on my slacks this morning.
9:17 AM Jun 29th via txt

Too bad the loose screws were in an open bag with no spares, but fortunately the runaway screw DID land in this half-full trashcan here!
9:22 AM Jun 29th via txt

Ew! Gods that was gross. That screw is a goner – I’ll figure out something else.
9:25 AM Jun 29th via txt

Well of course you don’t have shelves for your special, extra deep racks. Who wants to be prepared?!?
9:53 AM Jun 29th via txt

Before we cut the ends of that cable and remake it, how about you try plugging it in first to see if it works? Maybe?
1:26 PM Jun 29th via web

Fine, forget it. Let’s just leave everything messy. No, it is fine. Really. Dammit.
1:38 PM Jun 29th via web

Thought I was free and clear, but then a glitch snagged me. I feel like this day will go on forever before I can leave.
1:30 PM Jun 30th via web

Ooops. Had my shoes off under the desk and had to get up to meet & shake hands with boss-folks who’d snuck up behind me. Awkward.
Wednesday, June 30, 2010 2:10:44 PM via web

Neighboring cube cell phone has loud obnoxious ring while person elsewhere. Going to hide phone in his own cube.
Wednesday, June 30, 2010 2:31:36 PM via web

May 312010

The M60 makes it all worth it.
3:32 AM May 1st via TweetDeck

Doing yard work. Strange desire for a shot of wheatgrass.
11:21 AM May 2nd via TweetDeck

Bacon will make it better.
4:03 PM May 2nd via web

Need to lay off the zombie-killing video games. Makes for high-intensity dreams and fitful sleep.
9:55 AM May 3rd via TweetDeck

DFW closed for a bit of weather so here’s the tarmac in OKC. What fun.
Stuck on OKC tarmac, not looking good.
4:25 PM May 3rd via Twitpic

Now the DFW tarmac. This is still not my final destination. Suck.
Stuck at DFW, night going to suck.
7:59 PM May 3rd via Twitpic

Thank you, airports that put in tech lounges next to coffee shops. You are after my capitalist, caffeinated, techy heart!
2:59 PM May 4th via web

Yum Yum. Chocolate Indulgence takes place Sat, May 8 at Plains Hotel, 6 – 9:30 pm. $10 in advance, $15 at door.
2:34 PM May 4th via web Retweeted by you

I need to close some damn tabs already.
8:24 PM May 4th via web

Too early. Too much sunshine, in general.
7:08 AM May 5th via web

Vendor days are a special kind of sucky.
11:45 AM May 5th via web

braggadocio [brag-uh-DOH-shee-oh] means “empty boasting; bragging” So let’s reuse this word as BLOGadocio, meaning empty, boastful blogging?
11:53 AM May 5th via web

I think I hate the TSA more than the FCC. Coffee will make it better.
Mood lifting coffee.
1:50 PM May 5th via Twitpic

Thought it had snowed overnight when I looked out the bathroom window this morning. Just cherry tree blossoms, a lot of them.
10:37 AM May 6th via TweetDeck

Not snow, but cherry tree blossoms.
Cherry tree blossoms.
10:41 AM May 6th via Twitpic

Being assaulted by inane work problems and projects. Must have coffee to cope.
11:11 AM May 6th via TweetDeck

More tough tulips.
Bright red tulips in my front yard.
1:36 PM May 6th via Twitpic

Not only do they still make Big Red it still tastes just the same.
Big Red soda
2:11 PM May 6th via Twitpic

Rare, crafty bees:
11:33 AM May 7th via TweetDeck

Ever feel like an asshole for something not your fault but you’re sure if you’d got in the middle of it, it would’ve come out better? Yeah.
2:03 AM May 8th via TweetDeck

I’m off to Oregon for some fresh air, hiking and shopping with my sis. If a bear eats me, avenge my death and feed the cat.
11:51 AM May 9th via TweetDeck

Look nature and stuff.
Nature view whilst hiking.
10:19 AM May 10th via Twitpic

More nature. Sis trying to kill me with hiking. Send doughnuts!
View whilst hiking. Wishing a large bird would drop off a dozen box of fresh Krispy Kremes.
6:43 PM May 10th via Twitpic

Which will win- our campfire or the rain??
Our campfire battle against the rain.
8:29 PM May 10th via Twitpic

And just a little more hiking before we head to the airport.
View from the Butte in Redmond.
9:54 AM May 11th via Twitpic

Redmond is a small airport. Home soon.
View from the gateless Redmond airport.
11:49 AM May 11th via Twitpic
In which you walk directly from terminal onto runway, as in Cheyenne also.

Why, WHY? Why do I have this nasty headache that won’t yield? Perhaps all this bright, reflective snow…
11:51 AM May 12th via TweetDeck

Oh man, found a schedule conflict for my class that I’m supposed to start next week. Dammit.
6:22 PM May 12th via web

Just finished reading Moby Dick. SPOILER ALERT: the whale did it.
7:13 PM May 12th via web

Fucking coworker. Making appointments for me that make no sense.
11:22 AM May 14th via web

THUNDER! And happy news. All GOOD!!
3:35 PM May 14th via web

And that’s a beer night!
6:44 PM May 14th via web

Sarcastra is home; the rejoicing may begin.
10:14 PM May 14th via web

Laid a magazine on my keyboard to read and caught myself trying to use the scroll wheel to turn the page.
11:03 AM May 16th via web

Once again we enjoyed being home this weekend and didn’t do grocery shopping. Staring at the fridge doesn’t seem to help that.
9:06 AM May 17th via web

Lunchtime already? Today is fast.
11:43 AM May 17th via web

The Cheyenne trolley cars are going for the season.
Trolley car/bus on Carey Ave Cheyenne.
2:28 PM May 17th via Twitpic

If I’d known it was going to be a morning requiring me to disable a device in my computer & respond to a bossy emails, I’d have stayed in bed.
10:15 AM May 18th via web

You need to reconsider sending me emails that start with “You need to …”
Does that sound cranky? Well, I’m cranky then.
10:48 AM May 18th via web

I’m sick and going to the grocery store. I shall cough on all the food there. Hahaha! Beware!
11:42 AM May 18th via web

Somehow, compulsively clicking on the UPS tracking web page doesn’t make my package get here faster. Like pushing lit elevator button.
1:56 PM May 18th via web

Tornado sighted south of Cheyenne. Go sirens!
3:35 PM May 18th via web

One sighted funnel shape dissipated. Clear now, just hinky weather.
3:51 PM May 18th via web

That’s a fuckload of hail. SnoCones, anyone? Syrups at my house.
3:56 PM May 18th via web

Yard work sucks.
3:37 PM May 19th via web

Eating healthy sucks.
5:08 PM May 19th via web

Being sunburned sucks.
10:43 AM May 20th via web

This yogurt is disturbingly firm.
1:12 PM May 20th via web

Bags are packed and we’re ready to head out to Maker Faire this weekend. One more work day!
5:54 PM May 20th via web

And we’re off. If we don’t return avenge our deaths and feed the cat.
Tickets for Maker Faire and Alcatraz tour.
3:14 PM May 21st via Twitpic

Spectacular mocha dump! The destructive power of coffee.
11:04 AM May 22nd via txt

Makerfaire – I am in nerd heaven.
2:03 PM May 22nd via txt

At MakerFaire. Sensory overload.
4:45 PM May 22nd via txt

@AlphaMaven Er, I had a coffee spill. Large cup of mocha from four feet high, coffee all over the door,walls, carpet. Poor wording choice.
8:54 PM May 22nd via web in reply to

The pirates are out across the street again.
9:43 AM May 25th via web

Chinese lingerie shop not open at 1030 am.
Lingerie shop in Chinatown area of San Francisco.
10:33 AM May 25th via Twitpic

Look a bridge. Am such a tourist.
Golden Gate Bridge.
5:11 PM May 25th via Twitpic

Woke up this morning nearly covered in hives. Not the best start to the day.
8:30 AM May 26th via txt

Itch & ache from scalp to toes, but made it home. Home is good.
2:16 AM May 27th via txt

New neighbors moving in next door. Too soon to tell how they’ll be, but I’m seeing a lot of stereotyping material already.
6:00 PM May 27th via web

Just welcomed new neighbors with freshly baked and decorated cupcakes.
8:06 PM May 30th via web

House drawing in icing on one cupcake was unfortunately smashed by lid, looks like cartoon penis. Not sure what message that might’ve sent.
8:07 PM May 30th via web

Hell with it, we were good neighbors, right? Right!
8:07 PM May 30th via web

Apr 302010

No, that is NOT a typo. 1400 is now 14000, to accommodate tenth minutes.
I’m going to start having my coffee earlier in the day.
11:30 AM Apr 1st via TweetDeck

Maybe I’m getting old and cranky, but I will be glad when April Fools’ day is over. A few silly bits are fine; I’m tired of it now.
4:26 PM Apr 1st via TweetDeck

Must splatter zombies with skillet. S’cuse me
7:36 PM Apr 1st via TweetDeck

Have misplaced a number of finished quilt blocks. Inconvenient as I’m ready to do a count and layout today.
10:55 AM Apr 2nd via TweetDeck

Found quilt blocks, but lost my coffee cup. Grrr.
11:13 AM Apr 2nd via TweetDeck

>> Well it’s Easter…
Chocolate cross picture by TheRevSlick
from TheRevSlick April 2, 2010 via TwitPic

@TheRevSlick Oh, for Chocolate Christ’s sake!!
8:47 PM Apr 2nd via TwitPic

Sorry neighbors; that wild laughter (and occasional snort) is because Craig Ferguson is fucking FUNNY! Can’t help it.
8:22 PM Apr 3rd via TweetDeck

There are a lot more Muppets than I was previously aware of.
1:10 PM Apr 4th via TweetDeck

Goodbye, nice weekend.
12:59 AM Apr 5th via TweetDeck

Annoying coworker: I hope you get a ticket or some other low grade badness happening to you today. Jerk.
10:33 AM Apr 5th via TweetDeck

>> @Sarcastra I know a guy who works for the IRS… I could perhaps have him audited for you…
from brianabarber 11:42 AM Apr 5th via web in reply to Sarcastra

@brianabarber Coincidentally, he is being audited so I suppose I should take enjoyment from that!
11:44 AM Apr 5th via TweetDeck in reply to brianabarber

I am downright amazed at what I can destroy with just a hammer.
12:27 PM Apr 5th via TweetDeck

DEN sublevels are packed this evening, I feel like a sardine. Oooh, now I’m hungry.
6:50 PM Apr 5th via txt

Am so frakking tired. Start, meeting, start.
6:47 AM Apr 7th via txt

I’ve got to find a different job or I’m going to stab my coworker in the eyeball with a travel screwdriver.
9:31 PM Apr 7th via TweetDeck

Feeling much better now that I’ve got some coffee; SB’s Komodo Dragon. Almost ready to deal with the work-jerks. Almost.
10:45 AM Apr 8th via TweetDeck

Butterfly scales at 20000x = wowser!
5:48 PM Apr 8th via TweetDeck

>> Is it just me, or does anyone else get irritated when they look at what the Tivoli has become?
from @brianabarber 4:13 AM Apr 9th via web

@brianabarber Yes, seeing the Tivoli now makes me feel like I’ve eaten a rat burger.
9:28 AM Apr 9th via web in reply to brianabarber
FYI the beautiful Tivoli building in downtown Cheyenne was a number of things in the past, starting as a saloon in 1892, is now shamefully plastered with pathetic political adverts and serving as a local moron’s campaign HQ.

Irksome new coworker is lucky he is 1,208 miles away. Want to throw heavy and/or sharp things at his stupid head.
6:47 PM Apr 9th via TweetDeck

first and so far only roundabout in Cheyenne
– Dull pic but this is the first and so far only roundabout in Cheyenne.
3:24 PM Apr 10th via TwitPic

I don’t mind being in a rut. I like my rut, it’s shaped like me. Very comfortable.
10:29 PM Apr 10th via TweetDeck

>> The 2010 Pulitzers have been announced and all I won was some lousy SPJ award
from @TheRevSlick 3:21 PM Apr 12th via TweetDeck

@TheRevSlick Congratulations anyway!
3:23 PM Apr 12th via TweetDeck in reply to TheRevSlick

Sometimes no Tweet is good Tweet. Tweet dreams, all.
1:02 AM Apr 13th via web

Wish my customer had been able to cancel our appointment BEFORE I spent nine hours traveling out here to meet him in the morning!
8:43 PM Apr 13th via web

Difficult to bribe myself unless I also play enforcer of rewards.
11:56 PM Apr 13th via web

Tiny airport has Fox News blaring loudly, need TVBGone. Also, can we just deport Palin already? To the moon! What an idiot.
1:27 PM Apr 14th via web

Here in Austin, the wind is picking up & the clouds are rolling in. Pleasant to witness from inside with an iced mocha.
12:48 PM Apr 15th via web

Some art in my fav Austin coffee shop, 360 Primo
– Some art in my fav Austin coffee shop 360 Primo.
1:31 PM Apr 15th via TwitPic

Nasty accident on I25 south between Wellington and Mt Vista
Nasty accident on I25 south between Wellington and Mt Vista. Traffic stopped.
2:55 PM Apr 16th via txt

>> Charlie The Unicorn
from @shplinkhimself 1:41 PM Apr 16th via web

@shplinkhimself Love Charlie the Unicorn.
4:35 PM Apr 16th via web in reply to shplinkhimself

HOME!! Home is wonderful.
4:36 PM Apr 16th via web

We got to move these refrigerators
We got to move these color TV’s
6:11 PM Apr 16th via web

Rip off the knob and beat on the dash
6:18 PM Apr 16th via web

My eyelid stopped twitching right after I ate a banana. So, we’ll see how long that lasts. It also stopped after I had coffee this morning.
6:29 PM Apr 16th via web

Nope eyelid twitching again and headache back with a pounding vengeance. Going to resort to alcohol!!! Yea!
6:41 PM Apr 16th via web

>> 6 pages to go- in Times New Roman, for fuck’s sake. APA, you’re a pain in my compulsive-Helvetica-user ass.
from @shplinkhimself 7:29 PM Apr 16th via Syrinx

@shplinkhimself Helvetica sucks!!
7:40 PM Apr 16th via web in reply to shplinkhimself

>> @Sarcastra What? Huh? Blasphemer!
from @shplinkhimself 7:44 PM Apr 16th via Syrinx in reply to Sarcastra

The alcohol didn’t stop the eyelid twitching, but I’m feeling MUCH better now … but typing correctly is supremely more difficult!
7:41 PM Apr 16th via web

@shplinkhimself Down with Helvetica. Down with all miserable fonts like Helvetica. And screw Mac and iAnything, too!
7:50 PM Apr 16th via web in reply to shplinkhimself

>> @Sarcastra Yes, ma’am. I am really sorry, I am sure.
from @shplinkhimself 7:55 PM Apr 16th via Syrinx in reply to Sarcastra

@shplinkhimself Shark farts.
8:03 PM Apr 16th via web in reply to shplinkhimself

>> @Sarcastra bubblicious.
from @shplinkhimself 8:05 PM Apr 16th via Syrinx in reply to Sarcastra

@shplinkhimself To the sarlacc pit with you!
8:06 PM Apr 16th via web in reply to shplinkhimself

>> @Sarcastra That’s some sort of Star Wars thing, right? I hate Star Wars. It’s gay.
from @shplinkhimself 8:10 PM Apr 16th via Syrinx in reply to Sarcastra

@shplinkhimself By “gay” you of course mean happy. I don’t think they were particularly happy movies, but maybe jour happy standards difer.
8:16 PM Apr 16th via web in reply to shplinkhimself

@shplinkhimself Dammit, alcohol, you are not helping! I meant *your not jour and *differ not difer. Damn you whisky! *whickey! **whiskey!!
8:17 PM Apr 16th via web in reply to shplinkhimself

>> @Sarcastra Your comment is extraordinarily more eloquent and smoothly digested when viewed in the Helvetica font.
from @shplinkhimself 8:20 PM Apr 16th via Syrinx in reply to Sarcastra

@shplinkhimself “Smoothly digested” & other fiber-filled-assistants are not required/desired by those of us young in life & spirit & whiskey!
8:22 PM Apr 16th via web in reply to shplinkhimself

Thank Buddykins! Is nice to get drunk in a place that doesn’t stink and has all my favorite music! Whee!
8:42 PM Apr 16th via web

>> @Sarcastra Still on page 3. I don’t think I’ll be making it to the data party.
from @shplinkhimself 9:07 PM Apr 16th via Syrinx

@shplinkhimself DUDE!!!!
9:33 PM Apr 16th via web in reply to shplinkhimself

Couch is snuggly with four. Like.
10:49 PM Apr 16th via web

I can take apart the remote control And I can almost put it back together
11:23 PM Apr 16th via web

And I can split the atoms of a molecule
Of a molecule
Of a molecule
11:24 PM Apr 16th via web

Woody Guthrie carves a sign into his guitar “This machine kills fascists”
Ani Difranco says “Every tool is a weapon if you hold it right”
11:59 PM Apr 16th via web

One dance with you.
One dance with you.
One dance with you.
One dance with you.
Dance with you … dance with you.
One dance with you.
12:01 AM Apr 17th via web

Do you think we’re gonna make it? I don’t know unless we try
you could sit here scared to move or we could take them by surprise
12:04 AM Apr 17th via web

You’ve got to stand up, yeah, and fight them show them what it’s all about
this man is not for sale there will be no backing down.
12:04 AM Apr 17th via web

It’s the blaze across my nightgown it’s the phone’s ring.
I think last night you were driving circles around me.
12:13 AM Apr 17th via web

I can’t drink this coffee til I put you in my closet
let him shoot me down let him call me off
I take it from his whisper you’re not that tough
12:16 AM Apr 17th via web

I winked at the wolves, they broke out of cages.
Let’s go.
12:17 AM Apr 17th via web

>> @Sarcastra >> Hey, I am finishing up my homework. I should be joining the Data Party in just a few minutes.
from @shplinkhimself 9:29 AM Apr 17th via Syrinx

@shplinkhimself Slick might be awake by then. Knock loudly.
11:51 AM Apr 17th via web in reply to shplinkhimself

The movie Kick Ass was well worth the ticket price.
8:21 PM Apr 17th via web

(volcano in Iceland pics) RT @TheRevSlick: Pictures of Eyjafjallajökull. Wow.
More Eyjafjallajökull

1:24 PM Apr 20th via TweetDeck

Large pile of fire extinguishers outside someone's door.
Maybe it was a big kitchen fire?
5:58 PM Apr 20th via TwitPic

There is a gas station instead of a cable company at the address my GPS and Google sent me to. Dammit.
7:32 AM Apr 22nd via txt

Finally, my plane! My plane is here! Quick, get aboard before it goes away somehow.
7:51 PM Apr 22nd via txt

All this fresh snow is putting a sharp kink in my spring gardening plans for today.
1:58 PM Apr 23rd via TweetDeck

At least we managed to start some yard work before the snow today.
3:35 PM Apr 25th via web

This plane smells like musty feet.
3:53 PM Apr 28th via txt

Feb 282010

Everyone at DEN is sucking today. All over the show.
2:39 PM Feb 1st via txt

Just landed in MSP. Hello, fuckload of chilly, frosty snow!
5:32 PM Feb 1st via txt

Off to slide around into the thick snow here in Rochester, MN for the work. Wish me warm, traction-controlled thoughts?
7:16 AM Feb 2nd via web

The score so far today: Rochester back roads = 1, TomTom GPS = zero. Thank goodness those two big dogs at the dead end were friendly!
8:24 AM Feb 2nd via web

>> @Sarcastra I know what you mean. My tomtom seems to randomly take me through the ghetto and/or random non-linear routes sometimes.
from AlphaMaven 9:34 AM Feb 2nd via UberTwitter in reply to Sarcastra

@AlphaMaven TomTom is just fucking with us. They network and say “oh, yeah? Watch what I can make MY driver do!” We’re pawns. Lost pawns.
9:50 AM Feb 2nd via web in reply to AlphaMaven

Oh MN, I get you. I’m heading down to the pub for a brew and a shepard’s pie, eh?
4:29 PM Feb 2nd via web

Planning a mini-break in Denver when you already live in Cheyenne is like planning a staycation, just less comfortable & way more expensive.
5:41 PM Feb 2nd via web

My mood has sunken into the depths and my tolerance is frayed to threadbare. Tomorrow will be a very long day already.
9:47 PM Feb 2nd via web

Gave up my seat in the boarding area because a man with WAY too much cologne sat by me. Nose in full rejection mode. A dab’ll do ya’ folks!
4:19 PM Feb 3rd via txt

Hello yet again DEN. I am so fucking tired of traveling.
7:46 PM Feb 3rd via txt

Apparently something called Super Bowl is coming up & this is very important. It’s causing me a headache with the work; I demand it STOP.
1:17 PM Feb 5th via web

Oh for fuck’s sake. Someone just said the words “and eat pizza” and my tummy rumbled painfully. I NEED PIZZA.
1:22 PM Feb 5th via web

My favorite statement from this conference call so far: “It’s one channel for Christ’s sake!” Amen from me.
1:28 PM Feb 5th via web

Nose army.
7:45 PM Feb 5th via web

@TheRevSlick I may not know much, but I know that the wind sings your name endlessly …
8:00 PM Feb 5th via web in reply to TheRevSlick

@TheRevSlick … although with a slight lisp that makes it difficult to understand if I’m standing near an air conditioner.
8:00 PM Feb 5th via web in reply to TheRevSlick

Bunny bucket?
11:31 PM Feb 5th via web

I need a nap and some sushi, not in that order.
4:45 PM Feb 6th via web

It is way too early to up for the work, but here I am. Ugh.
8:51 AM Feb 7th via web

Monsters at the Denver Museum of Natural History.
– Here be monsters.
2:53 PM Feb 7th via TwitPic

Guy 1: … She was a lesbian for, like, two or three years.
Guy 2: Who isn’t?!?
Guy 1: She was the coolest chick I’ve ever met!
7:10 PM Feb 7th via txt

Guy 1: … She was a stripper for a while …
Guy 2: Yeah?
Guy 1: She was the coolest chick I’ve ever met!
7:38 PM Feb 7th via txt

How do the work people know to have some sort of of melt-down right as our order reaches the table? Bastards.
5:15 PM Feb 8th via web

Room service at The Brown Palace in Denver
– Things taste better when you don’t have to cook serve & clean.
8:55 PM Feb 8th via TwitPic

Just when I thought I could get back in and use my workshop again finally, my scanner dies and sets off another domino chain of remodeling.
9:14 PM Feb 10th via web

And this is why Sarcastra is not allowed to have open drink containers on her desk. How does one get root beer out of a BlackBerry?
3:50 PM Feb 12th via web

For those discomfited by atheists: A video on YouTube Stick with it past the minute mark, really.
4:52 PM Feb 12th via web

In definite and serious need of chocolate cupcakes and coffee. I’ll be in the kitchen.
5:01 PM Feb 12th via web

I think ten is an acceptable time for cupcakes and coffee followed by magazine reading in the bath. A.K.A. a good Saturday morning.
10:06 AM Feb 13th via web

Oh look, tags on Flickr! They CAN be useful, they CAN be funny! Guess I need to step up my tag game.
10:13 AM Feb 13th via web

Sangria and Dr.Pepper at Hacienda
– Hacienda’s sangria plus Dr. Pepper equals YUM.
3:43 PM Feb 13th via TwitPic

Okay, I need about $7,000. Anyone up for a bake sale?
8:33 PM Feb 13th via web

Well at least I’m awake for pleasure instead of the work this time. Still really early and 18F and sunny. Dammit.
8:44 AM Feb 14th via web

>> #overheard today: “Valentine’s Day is for people who need reassurance that they are loved. I don’t need reassurance; I know I’m not loved.”
from alittlejelee 7:24 PM Feb 14th via web Retweeted by you and 6 others

Leaving for the work week. What a drag. Have a good week in Cheyenne for me, everyone! And Tweet about it!
12:06 PM Feb 15th via web

Feels wrong to eat sushi alone.
6:24 PM Feb 15th via txt

>> @Sarcastra you are never alone when you have twitter. it’s like a stalker that is always around the corner
from AlphaMaven 6:27 PM Feb 15th via Tweetie in reply to Sarcastra

@AlphaMaven That is true. Twitter is always with me; Twitter is my friend – my stalker-friend!
7:25 PM Feb 15th via web in reply to AlphaMaven

Iron, iron, iron; cuffs sharp and crisp. Step out of hotel into inches of snow and melt; cuffs limp and soggy. Grrr.
7:25 AM Feb 16th via txt

Thank you, nasty, dirty, giant SUV, for parking 8 inches from my driver door. My coat now dirty from your car scum. Bad clothing + weather day for me.
8:21 AM Feb 16th via txt

What my GPS *should* have said: “From onramp, cut across four lanes of speeding traffic to make an immediate left.”
11:30 AM Feb 16th via txt

Wireless Verizon card, VPN to the work, Airport to local site and RDC to local PC to distant PCs. Today, my Mac is a network slut.
12:52 PM Feb 16th via web

Dammit, servers, stop acting hinky! I need to leave for the airport in 10 minutes – I don’t have time for your stupid shit!
3:12 PM Feb 16th via web

Another WY telly star: RT @CheyenneWY Longhorn in the Bud Clydesdale SuperBowl commercial is from Dubois, WY. Article
3:18 PM Feb 16th via web

After my ‘special screening’, the TSA agent suggested I change careers to rocket scientist because they carry less stuff. Hmmm.
5:24 PM Feb 16th via txt

If the waitress walks away while you’re still speaking your order, what’s the decrease in odds of getting the right food? Same tip decrease, I think.
7:41 PM Feb 16th via txt

My flight leaves me banished to a sublevel of ORD, which smells funky, has no available seats & depressing lighting while tinny blues play.
8:13 PM Feb 16th via txt

My flight is delayed further. Must try to stay awake long enough to board the damn thing, at least.
8:49 PM Feb 16th via txt

Oh, woe. Woe to my beloved Kindle! Tragedy has struck my dear Kindle harshly & with twisting force. I am bereft of my reading love!
11:15 PM Feb 16th via web

Need coffee.
11:05 AM Feb 19th via web

Coffee spill on the Mac. Buttons no longer ‘clicky’ but ‘sticky’ and caffeinated. Will be licking the keyboard if you need me.
11:41 AM Feb 19th via web

(something new has been added)
5:01 PM Feb 19th via web

Neighbor's tree, covered in toilet paper.
– Neighborhood addition. Eastern neighbor’s tree has been TP’d.
5:05 PM Feb 19th via TwitPic

I’ve been eating at my computer desk for two days and now I really need to vacuum!
1:41 PM Feb 20th via web

Okay, now the snow is looking rather serious.
3:40 PM Feb 20th via web

Was woken this AM by repeated doorbell ringing and someone pounding on my door. Thought there was some sort of emergency.
10:37 AM Feb 21st via web

Turns out it was just a middle-aged woman wanting money to shovel my walk. Was pissed, thus declined. Those other kids were much more polite that what appears to be their mother.
10:39 AM Feb 21st via web

Perhaps it was the leafblowers outside my window at 0700, or the watery oatmeal, or the chewy boiled eggs, but it is caustic in my head now.
9:41 AM Feb 23rd via web

Ew, my stomach is a bit caustic as well. Blech.
9:58 AM Feb 23rd via web

San Antonio is getting (a barely visible amount of) snow right now. They are all as excited as kittens at playtime. Kinda sweet.
11:30 AM Feb 23rd via web

Was mistakenly served a vegetarian meal at La Margarita today – YUCK. Tonight I’ll have a steak to make up for it. Maybe two steaks.
12:33 PM Feb 23rd via web

It is so good to hear SOMEONE say that! RT @shplinkhimself I really, REALLY like my job.
9:27 PM Feb 23rd via web

Ah, fuck this day.
11:32 PM Feb 23rd via web

Starbucks employees are occasionally so genuinely friendly that I wonder about the positive humanitarian benefits of coffee on society.
11:30 AM Feb 24th via txt

Just tried to get into a rental car identical to mine, but not mine. Twin cars in my hotel parking lot – weird.
5:27 PM Feb 24th via txt

Have boarded first flight of the long trip home tonight. Yea!!
2:11 PM Feb 25th via txt

Surprisingly, this is my first connection through Las Vegas while at this job.
4:31 PM Feb 25th via txt

Playing a one-armed bandit in the Las Vegas airport.
– Las Vegas here we go!
4:40 PM Feb 25th via TwitPic

Lost to a one-armed bandit in the Las Vegas airport.
– Aw no win! 🙁
4:41 PM Feb 25th via TwitPic

One drive and one flight down, one more of each yet to get home. Thankfully, I’ve had a solid night’s sleep and just got some Starbucks.
5:21 PM Feb 25th via txt

Another flight down; it was a hot, sardine-tight packed one. Now for the long drive, the pilgramage, with home at the end.
8:19 PM Feb 25th via txt

Yea! Home!
11:18 PM Feb 25th via txt

Trying to cut down on my caffeine consumption, so when I get up I just have one cup of coffee.
11:13 AM Feb 26th via web

And I like to have another cup of coffee with my breakfast. And on the way to work, I like to get a cup of coffee.
11:15 AM Feb 26th via web

I like the kind of coffee you get with the doughnuts, but I never get the doughnut. I just get the cup of coffee.
11:16 AM Feb 26th via web

And when I get to work, I like to have a cup of coffee ’cause I like to have a coffee while I’m talking on the phone.
11:18 AM Feb 26th via web

But it usually goes cold and I have to get another cup of coffee and then it’s lunch .. and I have an * espresso *.
11:20 AM Feb 26th via web

The last five Tweets were brought to you in honor of Jim’s Big Ego and their fun song “Stress”.
11:21 AM Feb 26th via web

Phew. It is just glass, not a mirror. I’m fine, don’t worry.
5:51 PM Feb 27th via txt

Finally got to try Suite 1901 downtown. Overall review: meh. Not worth it and poor service.
7:24 PM Feb 27th via web

The cookies are coming! The cookies are coming!
5:06 PM Feb 28th via web

The cookies are here! Thank you, cutest Girl Scout ever. I’m taking this box of Tagalongs; you won’t see me again until they’re gone.
5:22 PM Feb 28th via web

Jan 312010

Heading off for Crafty Day with @AmyKattM and the gals, just as soon as I finish this spot of coffee.
1:36 PM Jan 1st via web

Fuck it. I’m putting on my house clothes and making fudge. May as well be happy and comfy if I won’t be productive.
6:47 PM Jan 1st via web

Where are all the Beer Night Tweets, guys? How can I vicariously BN if you don’t share?
7:31 PM Jan 1st via web

Fudge FAIL. On to other things, perhaps killing zombies or eating Chinese food, which are easier and harder to fail at doing.
7:49 PM Jan 1st via web

So much traffic today. Stop the mindless shopping, people! Don’t you remember how this all ends?
3:16 PM Jan 2nd via txt

I demand to know who came into my house and shrunk all my pants during this holiday season! Dammit.
6:06 PM Jan 2nd via web

So much for NOT staying up til the wee hours playing video games …
2:16 AM Jan 3rd via web

And thus, we close out the holiday vacation time and return to the stifling regular world and all it entails.
1:25 AM Jan 4th via web

Nice new motherboard, in preparation.
– Nummy new MoBo about to go in!
2:18 PM Jan 4th via TwitPic

>> @Sarcastra SPECS!!!! Do tell!?
from Buddykins2001 3:51 PM Jan 4th via web in reply to Sarcastra

@Buddykins2001 Is Intel Corei7, P7P55D, new fan, fat mem extra vid card & bigger, new third monitor – which is crappity crap! All else good.
6:17 PM Jan 4th via web in reply to Buddykins2001

@Buddykins2001 Oh, got monitor looking much better after faffing about with all settings; have a good looking combo now. Woot.
6:24 PM Jan 4th via web in reply to Buddykins2001

>> @Sarcastra pics or it didnt happen
from AlphaMaven 6:39 PM Jan 4th via Tweetie in reply to Sarcastra

@AlphaMaven Ah, peer pressure. How cute! I’ll play, hang on…
6:40 PM Jan 4th via web in reply to AlphaMaven

New computer upgrades and desk arrangement
– Must flip a fan before closing her up and sliding alongside desk there.
6:42 PM Jan 4th via TwitPic

Off to work in the sun for a few days. Wish me sunblock.
11:26 AM Jan 5th via web

Just landed in LA.
12:43 AM Jan 6th via txt

Note to the peoples nearby: anagrams are NOT by default palindromes.
3:29 PM Jan 6th via web

Further note to nearby peoples: global warming doesn’t mean the whole planet will have year-round summer starting with the next heat wave.
3:31 PM Jan 6th via web

I am Jack’s complete lack of interest!
3:34 PM Jan 6th via web

The vodka lemonades are being good to me tonight.
8:28 PM Jan 6th via txt

Normally, I am just chubby and out of shape. In LA, I am a beached whale! All in the perspective.
11:34 PM Jan 6th via web

Sorry whales, I didn’t mean anything negative by that.
11:35 PM Jan 6th via web

Also, I know a beached whale is a terrible tragedy & I’m sorry to imply disconcern for the whales or relatives of whales who may be beached.
11:36 PM Jan 6th via web

And LA, I didn’t mean to sound like you were all superficial and shallow as though I’d judged you based on all the thin, fit people here.
11:38 PM Jan 6th via web

Or, to summarize, LA and whales (beached or not): Go fuck yourselves! (thanks shplink)
11:39 PM Jan 6th via web

And … sleep!
2:00 AM Jan 7th via web

Just mangled my pointer finger tip in a v.heavy door. At least it wasn’t the flipping finger,only the double-duty typing finger. Fucking OW!
12:11 PM Jan 7th via web

United strikers outside LAX.
– Leaving LAX on United while they strike outside. We’ll see how this goes.
1:14 PM Jan 7th via TwitPic

This has worked out great! I made it on an earlier flight. Go strikers!
1:39 PM Jan 7th via txt

Home! I love home.
7:45 PM Jan 7th via web

Done with the work. Now, to bathe with bubbles and a crafty magazine or to do something in my workshop…
6:34 PM Jan 8th via web

And now I have killed my computer. So much for video games tonight.
7:41 PM Jan 8th via txt

Okay, computer resuscitated, newer drivers found and loaded, virtual memory faffed about with. Ready to try again.
8:38 PM Jan 8th via web

Things not working right. Going to sleep on it.
1:32 AM Jan 9th via web

Morning coffee is a different kind of good than evening coffee. I wonder if it is the same for men and their erections?
5:54 PM Jan 9th via web

Sunday = last day at home before the work again = bummed.
9:32 PM Jan 10th via web

Shame to head off for the work when Cheyenne is having such sunshiny days this week. Bottle some nice weather up for me, kitter-kats.
1:48 PM Jan 11th via web

Twitter and my BlackBerry don’t play well. The last 24 hours of my Tweets are lost to the ether. Dammit.
1:50 PM Jan 12th via web

Coffee and an adorably sprinkled mini-doughnut.
– the work day ends. finally.
3:34 PM Jan 12th via TwitPic

Missing Slick and Spooky in this big, empty bed far from home. Watching sad, romantic heartbreak of a movie didn’t help any. Sleep well all.
11:04 PM Jan 12th via web

Supposed to be two hours into the work, but they’ve mistakenly installed all the servers in wrong locations! Have to drive hours to get the right ones back. Dammit.
9:33 AM Jan 13th via web

Okay, one server swapped out, but I lost my sunglasses. A sacrifice to The Work Gods, I suppose. What will they ask of me next?
11:31 AM Jan 13th via web

Cornucopia satellite.
Second server rescued. Discovered a cornucopia satellite dish. Day completely off schedule.
1:15 PM Jan 13th via mobile web

Trying to have dinner alone in a loud, packed restaurant is awkward but better than eating a tuna snack pack in my hotel room. I think.
5:52 PM Jan 13th via mobile web

I am really hit or miss with the light chit-chat thing. Today is looking like a big, fat MISS.
8:44 AM Jan 14th via web

Doing the work in tech lounge next to a Starbucks in DFW. Coffee, desk, power, quiet, nice chair – what more could I want for a 3 hr wait?
2:37 PM Jan 14th via web

HOME!! Geez I love home and am very glad to be here. Thank you, thank you.
9:28 PM Jan 14th via web

My MacBook Pro got its end dented somehow – don’t know when, I baby this stupid Mac! Must figure out how to fix the damn thing.
9:41 AM Jan 15th via web

Stupid, malleable aluminum casing. Stupid, movable Mac guts. Stupid, arrangement of wires next to delicate casing edges. Stupid Mac.
10:09 AM Jan 15th via web

This has been a busy morning. I really need some coffee otherwise I’m going to start responding to my annoying coworker in ALL CAPS!
11:22 AM Jan 15th via web

AND I just ripped a big hole in the ass of my house jeans. I did NOT desire chilly ventilation in that area.
11:43 AM Jan 15th via web

Who’d like to provide lumber pick up and delivery service for me? Please? I have to get those shelves built so I can have my workshop back!
2:19 PM Jan 15th via web

Phew. Lumber near to house, at least. That much closer to getting my workshop back.
7:57 PM Jan 15th via web

It is way too early to be up on a Sat morning, but I am. Up, dressed, ready for the day, having coffee. Now what!
9:02 AM Jan 16th via web

And now, off to brunch. That’s right, I said brunch. What of it?!?
10:24 AM Jan 16th via web

Brunch cocoa, Ymabean's hands in background
– Brunch bitches!
10:47 AM Jan 16th via TwitPic

Too late for a nap, too early for bed, just about right for zombie slaying.
7:20 PM Jan 16th via web

Donkey is as donkey does.
11:15 AM Jan 17th via web

Tired, bruised, sanded, aching & splattered with bits of paint. Shelf parts are drying, pre-assembly. Will they be done tonight? Bath first.
7:36 PM Jan 17th via web

What is this? Hot red nail polish in my toiletries box! Is this mine? How old is this stuff?! I don’t even wear nail polish.
9:54 AM Jan 18th via web

Off to the work until late Friday night. Wish me luck and more importantly, wish me patience!
11:49 AM Jan 19th via web

Just landed in Milwaukee. It’s no LA.
5:32 PM Jan 19th via txt

Today is Edgar Allen Poe’s birthday. He is now 201 years old.
from The RevSlick10:18 PM Jan 19th via TweetDeck

@TheRevSlick Poe tribute ends?
10:39 PM Jan 19th via web in reply to TheRevSlick

The work is a clusterfuck this morning. At least I’ve had coffee this time.
9:36 AM Jan 21st via web

Rockin’ out to some Phil Collins and other mid 80’s hits. Wisconsin is so cool.
11:07 AM Jan 21st via web

[heavy sigh]
3:12 PM Jan 21st via web

This weekend has gone too fast and I’ll be on a plane again tomorrow. Grr. But, my workshop is looking better with shelves done & filled.
12:13 AM Jan 25th via web

Just landed in DFW. 8:47 PM Jan 25th via mobile web

Need my own SuperCharge. Killing some zombies, some good coffee, some sugar and chocolate. (yawn) Need some kind of pick me up.
8:52 AM Jan 26th via web

I am awake at this hour and in Texas – this is all wrong.
3:48 AM Jan 27th via web

The work is done for now! Just waiting for the signal to pack up for the day. Woot.
2:14 PM Jan 27th via web

Spazmatics, in downtown Austin, TX
– Spazmatics!
9:19 PM Jan 27th via TwitPic

Today is falling to bitty, shabby pieces, but I don’t care because at the very end of it I shall sleep in Slick’s arms tonight.
1:47 PM Jan 28th via web

Looking forward to that comfort – cat snoring notwithstanding.
1:55 PM Jan 28th via web

Home! Glad to be back in my rabbit hole. Now to unpack, do laundry, sleep in & enjoy the workshop before I go back out to the work again.
10:43 PM Jan 28th via web

Oh, very bad. Just tried to breathe margarita – doesn’t even work as well as water. Dammit.
11:01 PM Jan 28th via web

I am far too tired for witty banter. Fill in the blank here.
4:24 PM Jan 29th via txt

What are my hard drives doing? Shut up in there! I’m busy! Be quiet.
8:22 PM Jan 29th via web

I could survive for 26 SECONDS after kicking a bear in the balls from @oatmeal
11:11 AM Jan 30th via web

Isn’t it enough that my hair is clean & shiny? Do I really have to brush it & make it lay down instead of waved and sticking out? Meh.
11:20 AM Jan 30th via web

Sweet dreams, fellow Tweet-heads. Or maybe tweet dreams. (I know, so bad.)
1:02 AM Jan 31st via web

Am in deep regret and remorse for the second doughnut I had with my coffee this morning.
2:42 PM Jan 31st via web

The waiter seemed disappointed that I didn’t want a second sangria. Wonder if he mixed it himself.
4:56 PM Jan 31st via txt

Dec 312009

– Office humor
In case you can’t read it clearly; “Hello sir.. yes sir.. I am taking a flex day today.. Oh, I just don’t feel it today.. everything is ok, I just feel kinda fat. Thank you sir.”
8:46 AM Dec 1st from TwitPic

Found a Flat stowaway in my purse. Hope he doesn’t eat much.
12:30 PM Dec 1st from txt

I wasn’t sure it would ever happen, but I’m working a maintenance window with someone else’s company, far from home, tonight. Weird.
1:37 PM Dec 1st from web

Steven Seagal has a cop show – I will watch it just to see people be in shock about being arrested by Steven Seagal.
12:34 AM Dec 2nd from web

Good, I now have evidence of complete failure of some other piece of gear. This is worth the lack of sleep.
2:24 AM Dec 2nd from web

Missing home and all it includes.
4:43 AM Dec 2nd from web

I would hurt someone for a cookie right now.
7:53 PM Dec 2nd from web

Best remix EVER!

9:46 PM Dec 2nd from web

Tonight: maintenance, training, Robot Chicken and coffee.
10:42 PM Dec 2nd from web

Work done. No Robot Chicken, but problem solved anyway. Why are no restaurants open now beside that nasty Waffle House across the street?
3:09 AM Dec 3rd from web

This foreign waiter calls me “my lady” instead of ma’am or miss. I approve of this.
5:06 PM Dec 3rd from txt

Must pack, must sleep. Don’t wanna get up in the morning, but then I get to go home, so it will just have to happen.
8:57 PM Dec 3rd from web

Snow! In Houston! I AM FUCKED?!?
11:18 AM Dec 4th from txt

45 min drive to IAH took nearly 2 hours. Flights canx & delayed all over. Thankfully Frontier is not halted by this bit of snow. Woot!
1:34 PM Dec 4th from txt

NASA children's jacket
– Please tell me my little gosling needs this jacket – they don’t come in my size! Wah!
1:58 PM Dec 4th from TwitPic

Sleet piling up on my airplane window
– About to get plane de-iced before takeoff. Woot!
2:33 PM Dec 4th from TwitPic

Am so thirsty, but the water bottle in my car is frozen solid. Like one of those evil Got Milk commercials.
5:34 PM Dec 4th from txt

Beer Night drink lit up by laser pointer.
– Boy these Beer Night drinks are weirdly strong.
7:30 PM Dec 4th from TwitPic

Love being home. Nice here.
1:29 AM Dec 5th from web

Cheyenne is again a pristine winter wonderland of glowing white sparkling snow. I won’t ruin it by shoveling the walk.
11:03 AM Dec 6th from web

It is still zero degrees here in Cheyenne. Hope this doesn’t affect my flight out in an hour. Would be a stumbling start to the work week.
9:03 AM Dec 7th from web

What the hell made me think that giving Great Lakes flying out of Cheyenne another chance was a good idea? Mistake!
10:28 AM Dec 7th from txt

Supposed to be landing in DEN in one minute but Great Lakes hasn’t even boarded us in CYS yet. Bunch of unreliable yahoos. Never again!
10:39 AM Dec 7th from txt

Phew! Drove to DEN and will make later flight. Sheesh!
2:04 PM Dec 7th from txt

So flipping early.
5:57 AM Dec 8th from txt

The work is done! No problems today, this may be a first.
9:30 AM Dec 8th from web

This is my serious face. Very serious. I am so very focused on the work and very, very serious. Really.
2:22 PM Dec 8th from web

Sticker graffiti on lightpost in Indianapolis.
– Sticker graffiti on a lightpost in Indianapolis
3:47 PM Dec 8th from TwitPic

Koi in table-side pond at sushi restaurant..
– Fishies by my lunch table, watching me eat fishies.
3:50 PM Dec 8th from TwitPic

“The moving walkway is coming to an end. Please, watch your step.”
“The moving walkway is coming to an end. Please, watch your step.”
3:51 AM Dec 9th from web

“The moving walkway is coming to an end. Please, watch your step.”
3:52 AM Dec 9th from web

My gate at IND is next to the end of the moving walkway. The repeated warning is wearing on my sleep-deprived nerves.
4:00 AM Dec 9th from web

Fortunately, I am too tired and weary to work up any real ire about it.
4:01 AM Dec 9th from web

Nose hairs frozen, lips chapped, heel bruised. Must press onward.
8:18 AM Dec 9th from txt

The work in Milwaukee was postponed due to their 15″ of snow, thus I am home. Very cold here. Have been up since 0200 MT, need sleep.
11:52 AM Dec 9th from web

It is NOT spelled “Astronaught”, Sarcastra – wake the fuck up or go to bed super early, but that spelling is for naught.
6:42 PM Dec 9th from web

Time is a sneaky fucker! Moves swiftly, quietly while you are busy and *BAM* dates on calendar are closer than they appear!
7:09 PM Dec 9th from web

Irritating morning: waking up to vague, inexplicable and possibly non-existent problems with the work. Argh!
10:56 AM Dec 10th from web

About to begin the downward slide from my sugar & coffee high. Watch out below!
3:22 PM Dec 11th from web

The endless parade of cookies continues in my kitchen. My feet hurt.
9:11 PM Dec 11th from web

Coffee & cookies = completely-worth-it cookie exchange.
10:32 AM Dec 13th from web

Oh fuck today; I want a drink.
5:38 PM Dec 13th from web

Not to suggest that anyone take up drinking at night or anything, but sometimes an over-sized, good margarita is THE best close to a weekend.
12:47 AM Dec 14th from web

Dreams: Alyson Hannigan and I got caught up with road pirates and nearly shot by laser guns while we tried to retrieve a box.
9:51 AM Dec 14th from web

Anyone want to come over and holiday-decorate the house for me? I will pay you in cookies.
11:32 AM Dec 14th from web

Ever had a longing to back up all your data on your new, enormous hard drives? That’s not just me, right?
11:51 PM Dec 14th from web

Some days need a reset button.
6:30 PM Dec 16th from web

One of the great things in life is a winter day warm enough to make coffee while naked.
1:29 PM Dec 17th, 2009 via web

Antiques that confuse even the sellers.
– Antique shopping enigmas.
2:25 PM Dec 17th, 2009 via TwitPic

Heading out for the night and I recall that my Fuel Low light was on for a while, last time I was out. Might be walking home later tonight!
6:58 PM Dec 18th, 2009 via web

My chip stack and whiskey. Not exactly winning.
– Poker, bitches!
10:11 PM Dec 18th, 2009 via TwitPic

Buddykins2001 wearing my hat while we await waffles.
– Waffles? Bitches? Where is my hat? WTF?
1:20 AM Dec 19th, 2009 via TwitPic

I can already feel the hangover starting. So tired.
2:18 AM Dec 19th, 2009 via web

I’m going to bed. Someone wake me before the party starts, please.
2:26 AM Dec 19th, 2009 via web

Avatar : wow. Just . . . Fucking wow.
3:13 PM Dec 20th, 2009 via txt

Pondering over the yearly complete back up of all files. What a mess. Or I am just a lazy, lazy, data-loving nerd.
1:23 AM Dec 21st, 2009 via web

Oh, I think I finally was able to deactivate my Facebook account – yea! Screw you, Facebook, I hope you die! Wooot! Fucking WOOT! Am FREE!
1:19 AM Dec 22nd, 2009 via web

Snausages and sangria = perfect chilly afternoon snack while toiling away with Photoshop. Yummy!
3:42 PM Dec 22nd, 2009 via web

Me: Ooh, take leftover snausages over with you!
Him: To the vegetarian’s house?
Me: Er, maybe take the leftover veggie tray? That’s safe.
3:55 PM Dec 23rd, 2009 via web

Want to take a long, hot bath, but don’t want to ruin this awesome hair day I’m having.
4:02 PM Dec 23rd, 2009 via web

Must be getting tired. Have lost pronouns, even in inside-head thoughts. Becoming primitive while sorting?
1:18 AM Dec 24th, 2009 via web

Wait, where did Thursday go?
3:12 AM Dec 25th, 2009 via web

Bundle up kitter-kats, it is neg 21F with our windchill currently. That makes for a stiff breeze.
8:54 PM Dec 25th, 2009 via web

Sushi at Tokyo Bowl. Las Vegas Roll = Garlic!
– Prepare for the reign of the Garlic Dragon!!
4:14 PM Dec 26th, 2009 via TwitPic

Everyone likes cupcakes; that’s why they’re called cupcakes!
1:19 AM Dec 27th, 2009 via web

Not pleased. Tired of folding fabric. Flagging. Need coffee.
6:59 PM Dec 27th, 2009 via web

Can’t believe it took me this long to think of it, but ALCOHOL will make it better! Too late for coffee anyhow. GO ALCOHOL! Look out liver!
7:25 PM Dec 27th, 2009 via web

All this down time at the work means the passwords are getting a bit fuzzy in my head.
9:03 AM Dec 28th, 2009 via web

Looking to hire an Oompa Loompa or wee working elves to fold the rest of my fabric for me. So tedious.
11:37 AM Dec 28th, 2009 via web

Spooky, snuggled in the box of fabric I'm sorting.
– Spooky is NOT helping.
1:26 PM Dec 28th, 2009 via TwitPic

My wrist is aching so there will be no more fabric folding tonight. Phew! Thank you barometer!
7:34 PM Dec 28th, 2009 via web

We’re headed to Shari’s, in case anyone wants to join us. Tasty CF steak and PIE!! Yum.
6:34 PM Dec 29th, 2009 via web

Well, the pie was great but those fries were a mistake. Ugh.
8:54 PM Dec 29th, 2009 via web

Having a hard time getting started today. The coffee didn’t help at all. What will?
4:23 PM Dec 30th, 2009 via web

Was wondering why my little purse felt so heavy; found roll of quarters in the bottom from last poker game winnings.
8:47 PM Dec 30th, 2009 via web

Nov 302009

Thought I heard a turkey gobbling outside this morning, but it was just an over-excited dog with an odd bark. Now I want turkey & stuffing.
8:43 AM Nov 1st from web

Fucking Daylight Savings bullshit. Forgot about it. Why are we still doing this crap?!
9:06 AM Nov 1st from web

I very much need coffee. My breaks between getting things done are MUCH longer than the doing of the things. I’m a slacker. Time for coffee.
12:21 PM Nov 1st from web

Phew. Patchwork binding made and attached to quilt. Halfway done – the easy half, of course. Now about 1/5 through the back side stitching.
7:14 PM Nov 1st from web

Put new batteries in my electric toothbrush and now my teeth are energized!
1:17 AM Nov 2nd from web

After disengaging from a dramatic, four-bird aerial battle, a crow broke itself against my windshield with a loud crack. No corpse found.
3:04 PM Nov 2nd from txt

Our electric kettle has died. This is a TRAGEDY! It will now take x minutes longer and more steps to get me to my coffee!
5:04 PM Nov 2nd from web

Another week, another flight, another book, another hotel, another car, another customer, another city, another system up, another paycheck.
10:13 AM Nov 3rd from txt

Long meeting. Thank goodness for coffee.
3:06 PM Nov 3rd from web

-We’re down to port, the night must be nearing an end. Right?
8:05 PM Nov 3rd from TwitPic

This work dinner and drinks will never end!!
8:13 PM Nov 3rd from txt

Tired, but at hotel now. Eyelids are heavy already. Have a hectic day ahead of me tomorrow. Maybe I should take up drugs.
9:37 PM Nov 3rd from web

Pretty fall trees here in Saint Louis. Lots of brightly colored leaves trembling and floating in the cool breeze.
12:02 PM Nov 4th from txt

Must unwind. I should take up drinking.
7:03 PM Nov 4th from web

The latest doctor I saw did his job – he is my new doctor now; others fired. Yea for blood tests! I just have pneumonia, easily fixed.
10:19 AM Nov 5th from web

Guy Fawkes Night! Wish I’d remembered so I could be prepared to burn these president effigies. Damn.
2:16 PM Nov 5th from web

Sushi for dinner
– Dinner!
4:48 PM Nov 5th from TwitPic

RT @MikeHasTweets Maine expanded medical marijuana laws, took away same-sex marriage rights. Confused about how to stereotype Maine now.
7:04 PM Nov 5th from web

Okay, I’ve decided. FUCK YOU MAINE! Yeah.
7:11 PM Nov 5th from web

Washed up, dressed, coffee, funny cat videos, EMS at neighbor’s house scare, work emails, check. My morning is a check so far.
9:57 AM Nov 6th from web

Oh MacBook Pro, you make the work so much more difficult than it needs to be. Alas, what choice do I have. Woe to I, woe due to Mac.
11:07 AM Nov 6th from web

All my errands are done. I’m changing into my work-around-the-house clothes & not changing out unless it is for pajamas or a bubble bath.
1:26 PM Nov 7th from web

Dreams: long, involved, multi-location zombie dream. Ah! All back to normal now.
10:16 AM Nov 8th from web

Just paid 2kids to rake & mulch the front yard which is awash in leaves. At least these kids asked for $10. Support the economy & my laziness!
10:51 AM Nov 8th from web

Lessons relearned this morning: (while sewing) blood and chocolate taste disturbingly good together.
1:32 PM Nov 8th from web

What if napping were cumulative and tangible? What if my cat is really working on her life’s masterpiece creation?
4:20 PM Nov 8th from web

Good side of map drawers storage: they’re huge & hold lots of stuff. Bad side of map drawers storage: they’re huge & hold lots of stuff.
5:05 PM Nov 8th from web

Just broke out the 24oz coffee mug to address my chilly WY afternoon coffee needs. Look out!
4:06 PM Nov 9th from web

Got to ride in an electric car tonight – an electric car made in 1980! Cool. Almost as fast as a moped, too.
7:43 PM Nov 9th from web

Don’t understand why the moronic, fundamentalist Xian, far-right, pyramid scheme marketing Tweeters keep following me! BLOCK!!
9:29 PM Nov 9th from web

I give up Monday. Another day gone and the To Do list rolls over to the next. Dream well.
1:13 AM Nov 10th from web

Come on, coffee, get me through this home stretch of the work for today. Then we can discuss you fueling me into some sewing later.
4:33 PM Nov 10th from web

Yeargh!!! I hate you Facebook!!
7:07 PM Nov 10th from web

Facebook won’t let me deactivate my account. Bastards. Unfriending people now.
7:27 PM Nov 10th from web

Obviously I’m getting derailed from the work now.
7:28 PM Nov 10th from web

Now. Now. No, now. Not just then, but now. Why do I say now so much when I’ve obviously just hit the “update” button which means NOW?!?!
7:33 PM Nov 10th from web

Thanks, @AlphaMaven . That is funny stuff.
8:13 PM Nov 10th from web

Yeah, I give up; no more of the work tonight. I’ll pick it back up tomorrow. Ah, the wonders of working from home.
9:07 PM Nov 10th from web

Waking up to ugly work issues is not so fun. At least this wasn’t a real issue, just a PEBKAC thing.
12:07 PM Nov 12th from web

This day has not exactly sucked, but really close to it. Hey, Friday the 13th! Okay, Friday will be better, good. Yea, stupidstitions!
12:18 AM Nov 13th from web

Choices this morning: workout or go back to bed. Went back to bed. Now, workout or take a long, hot bath with a book. Hmmm.
10:45 AM Nov 13th from web

Careful if you’re out on the roads in Cheyenne tonight. That bit of snow that melted today has turned into a layer of ice.
1:03 AM Nov 14th from web

Don’t want to leave the house, but I am out of the right kind of thread for my project. Dammit. Maybe I can mail all these prize boxes, too.
1:01 PM Nov 14th from web

And home again. That took forever. Hopefully some pumpkin pie and coffee can get me on track; I have lots of sewing that needs DONE already!
5:28 PM Nov 14th from web

Need an L or an L hook to make zoology
– I will trade you a mini-donut for an L.
12:39 PM Nov 15th from TwitPic

Eyes tired, back stiff; cannot sew any more. Have now selected wrong color pen, twice. Need nap. Or something.
7:14 PM Nov 15th from web

This is one of those days I want to just give up on and go back to bed. I am Sarcastra’s complete lack of motivation and energy.
9:26 AM Nov 16th from web

Day One of trying to cut back on caffeine: Mt. Dew for breakfast, truffle coffee for lunch. Caffeine restriction FAIL!
2:48 PM Nov 16th from web

Percentage of bolts that will fall off the bottom of my office chair before I deem it necessary to fix:75%. But I’m feeling much better now.
3:23 PM Nov 16th from web

Oooh, only four more hours before we can play L4D2!!!
5:49 PM Nov 16th from web

First person shooter (FPS) = good. Killing zombies in FPS = even better. Now add melee weapons? Kick ASS!
7:13 PM Nov 16th from web

So far my favorite melee weapon from the L4D2 demo is the skillet, closely followed by the machete. So gruesome. Game release in one hour!
9:09 PM Nov 16th from web

Over-caffeinated, Tylenol taken, gaming gloves on, pre-game food eaten, office heater on, all check. Ready to kill zombies in 5 min! #L4D2
9:55 PM Nov 16th from web

WTF Valve!?! Let’s go – can’t you tell time – I HAVE ZOMBIES TO SMASH! Move it!
10:32 PM Nov 16th from web

Was planning to play L4D2 upon release to stay awake & see the Leonids meteor shower. Come on, Valve, help us use zombies for astronomy!
10:49 PM Nov 16th from web

WOOT!! Fuck yes!!! Zombies to be smashed now! Thanks (finally) Valve!
11:10 PM Nov 16th from web

Productive day; sewed, Left 4 Dead 2 played, meteor shower witnessed. Now I must sleep before my eyes bleed.
3:17 AM Nov 17th from web

Stocking sewing done! Have three whole days to finish up seven projects. No problem, right? Right. But first, sleep. Dream hard, you.
1:20 AM Nov 18th from web

Farewell for now, enjoy dreamland.
1:39 AM Nov 19th from web

If my life were a movie, my mornings would be the part when everyone sneaks off for a snack and soda.
10:37 AM Nov 19th from web

The problem with an anvil being miniature is that it becomes so easy to misplace. Honestly, who loses their anvil?!
10:48 AM Nov 19th from web

Just made a spectacular mess using as tools; pumpkin pie covered in Cool Whip, a laptop and a fork – go physics!
10:57 AM Nov 19th from TwitPic

Cuteness to help healing after finishing The Shield.
IRT @Buddykins2001 watching the last episode of The Shield: You’re gonna need some of this …
11:03 AM Nov 19th from web

Cuteness to help healing after finishing The Shield.
IRT @Buddykins2001 watching the last episode of The Shield: .. and you’ll need one of these …
11:07 AM Nov 19th from TwitPic

Cuteness to help healing after finishing The Shield.
IRT @Buddykins2001 watching the last episode of The Shield: .. and you’ll need some of this …
11:11 AM Nov 19th from TwitPic

Cuteness to help healing after finishing The Shield.
– IRT @Buddykins2001 watching the last episode of The Shield: .. and you’ll need one of these.
11:15 AM Nov 19th from TwitPic

IRT @Buddykins2001 watching the last episode of The Shield: Apply those as needed until the whistling sound near your soul-hole lessens.
11:16 AM Nov 19th from web

Freaking out about getting all my swap projects done in time. Send out date is tomorrow. I’d hate to be a late sender, so I am working hard!
4:22 PM Nov 19th from web

Okay, freaking out less now that I’ve got everything together – I’m 69% done and have until tomorrow night. Phew. BREATHE!!
9:06 PM Nov 19th from web

Is it too early to have a lunchtime nap? My coffee is broken.
11:16 AM Nov 20th from web

Once again I reign as Garlic Dragon! Fear my breath!
2:42 PM Nov 20th from txt

Which one? Brown or black trilobite? Most of wardrobe is black, but brown goes okay.
3:54 PM Nov 20th from web

Slow Saturday. Should go for a walk while the weather is still nice, but it is very sleepy here.
1:13 PM Nov 21st from web

Star Wars Legos.
– Might have to buy myself some Lego toys.
1:46 PM Nov 23rd from TwitPic

Woohoo – carpet being installed now. Loft bedroom completion imminent! Exciting for me, useless info for you.
1:27 PM Nov 24th from web

Our newly carpeted, almost finished loft.
– We have a loft!
2:53 PM Nov 24th from TwitPic

Our newly finished loft is a haven for sleep. So quiet and peaceful. Now, if we could train the cat to start coffee for us in the morning.
12:38 PM Nov 25th from web

We’re off now to do our shopping before all the craziness begins. Wish us luck and send us your wishlists!
1:26 PM Nov 25th from web

Thought I’d found zarfs, was excited. Not zarfs. Dammit.
3:24 PM Nov 25th from txt

Cupcakes in Ft. Collins
– And break!
4:46 PM Nov 25th from TwitPic

I’m worried. Slick has now gathered the parts he needs to test the 120dB dual air horns he picked up today. Dual. 120dB.
8:00 PM Nov 25th from web

@shplinkhimself First test at low pressure. I’m seeking my headphones now.
8:04 PM Nov 25th from web in reply to shplinkhimself

@Buddykins2001 He says he wants to mount them on my car. Something about incongruity.
8:07 PM Nov 25th from web in reply to Buddykins2001

So who is going to make a turkey & stuffing dinner for us then deliver it here tomorrow? Volunteers? Anyone? Don’t make me call on you!
8:40 PM Nov 25th from web

Today I am thankful for finally beating the ultimate level in L4D2. Had to do it on easy, but it is done for now. Harder settings later!
6:16 PM Nov 26th from web

Is it safe to go out to the shops yet? Need a curtain rod, but don’t want to get trampled to death. Maybe suffer the AM light one more day?
4:08 PM Nov 27th from web

@marpup69 Ooh, good thought. Maybe I can get dinner, too. Wait, does that defeat my purpose? Dammit!
4:52 PM Nov 27th from web in reply to marpup69

I’m thinking Random needs this:,169124879
6:30 PM Nov 27th from web

To coffee or not to coffee. To nap perchance to dream? The weekend moves so quickly and planes & rental cars loom in my future.
9:58 AM Nov 29th from web

Freaking out.
1:30 PM Nov 29th from web

Today is full of errands and crossing of my To Do list. This sucks.
3:58 PM Nov 29th from web

Ordered drives and parts from Newegg. Reeling from the uneasiness of hitting that $$ Checkout $$ button. Eugh.
9:51 PM Nov 29th from web

How long do you wait on a conference call before you decide you’ve been stood up? Five minutes past start time is good, right?
9:04 AM Nov 30th from web

Trepidation about leaving home for the work week. Don’t want to go. Must appease myself with books and thoughts of paycheck.
9:51 AM Nov 30th from web

Goodbye home, see you in a week!
11:53 AM Nov 30th from web

Oct 312009

Dreams: dinosaurs, zombies, projects, YouTube, hover flats, bread, work. Big variety this time around.
10:09 AM Oct 1st from web

Come on, coffee. Help me get things done today!
12:11 PM Oct 1st from web

Quilt top: done. Quilt back: done. Now the hard parts: quilting and binding. Must find batting before I can continue.
3:17 PM Oct 1st from web

Oh look, batting! A whole package in the right size, even. Thank goodness for labels. Love labels.
3:28 PM Oct 1st from web

Ugh. Done with quilting for tonight due to sewing injury. Was tired of quilting anyway. Now maybe blogging, less dangerous.
8:22 PM Oct 1st from web

Downtown Cheyenne: the mailboxes that used to be on the 2100 block of Carey Ave are now on the 2100 block of Pioneer. Just circle the block.
2:52 AM Oct 2nd from web

But it was fun to watch car after car, their windows rolled down and mail in hand, pull up to the place where the mailboxes USED to be.
2:54 AM Oct 2nd from web

I’ve tried 3x now to Tweet last night’s dreams, but no go. Thankfully, they weren’t that interesting, so you’re not missing anything good.
9:59 AM Oct 2nd from web

Shit. I am completely unprepared to decorate for Halloween.
1:01 PM Oct 3rd from web

Winding down an exciting day at the races, gathering and Zombieland with a nice round or two of Left 4 Dead. Later: frozen pizza & Fringe!
7:59 PM Oct 3rd from web

And that’s Numberwa … er … a Saturday.
1:41 AM Oct 4th from web

Desperately want overpriced, yummy, creamy designer espresso drinks. But that requires getting dressed, leaving house. Settle for french press @ home.
11:10 AM Oct 4th from web

Fuck. I am never quilting anything this big again. My wrist is killing me & I’m only 3/5 of the way through. Still have binding to do, too.
2:25 PM Oct 4th from web

Ahhh! Finally, the quilting is done. I’ll worry about the binding later; I’m fed up with the quilt for now. On to different projects.
4:02 PM Oct 4th from web

And then there were none.
12:33 AM Oct 5th from web

This last week, which I was working at home for, was just perfect for watching autumn in Cheyenne.
10:20 AM Oct 5th from web

Off I go again. Unwililng, but going. Wish me safe and swift travels. Maybe I’ll pick up some neat prize bag items this trip.
12:35 PM Oct 5th from web

Hustling through the airport while wet from the rain does not make my top ten list of enjoyable activities. At least it is done!
3:20 PM Oct 5th from txt

Fortunately for me, the weather in Sioux Falls is just like the weather in Cheyenne recently.
4:51 PM Oct 5th from txt

This rental car is huge. I could fit three adult bodies in the trunk. Or two obese bodies. Or my entire closet contents. Or about 50 pillows.
5:29 PM Oct 5th from txt
Not bad. Enjoying a buffalo steak in downtown Sioux Falls with a view of the river in the cold rain. Good start to the trip of the week.
5:41 PM Oct 5th from txt

Well of course they have delectable carrot cake.
6:15 PM Oct 5th from txt

Someone in the adjacent hotel room is snoring, deeply and loudly. Wish I found that comforting in some way.
11:06 PM Oct 5th from txt

Yar!! Here be nerds!
8:26 AM Oct 6th from TwitPic

Ss.s. ..s. server room is COLD! (ss. s…sh. shivvv .. vv.vv err)
10:26 AM Oct 6th from web

Why are things not working? Again?!?
10:55 AM Oct 6th from web

And now that everything is working, we’re going to move it all around and undo all the work I had done. FINE, NO IT IS FINE, REALLY! Grr.
1:42 PM Oct 6th from web

Am stuffed on really good steak. Did manage to pass on dessert, so I think my tummy won’t burst. Maybe.
7:51 PM Oct 6th from web

After cutting the bandage off my finger, I managed to slice the next finger. Frustrating.
10:44 PM Oct 6th from txt

Annoying & slightly insulting emails from salesman coworker before my alarm even goes off is a bad way to start day. Not helping headache!
8:05 AM Oct 7th from web

Sioux Falls is entirely enjoyable, other than this rancid headache I have.
2:57 PM Oct 7th from txt

Too tired to blog. Thank you, Twitter.
10:25 PM Oct 7th from web

Sweet holy fuckity fuck – there is snow covering my yard! SNOW!! YEA! SNOW!
9:05 AM Oct 8th from web

Went to put on bunny slippers (in celebration of SNOW) but found I’ve worn large holes in the soles. Time to repair, or just buy new ones.
10:16 AM Oct 8th from web

Planned to do yard work and Halloween decorations today, but the snow changed my plans to buffing my fingernails. They gleam and shine now.
11:07 AM Oct 8th from web

Anyone in the Cheyenne area want a treadmill? Works great, just come pick it up and get it out my house and therefore my way!
11:07 AM Oct 8th from web

Very frustrated by stupid people busy covering their ass & trying to look smart instead of just doing the minimum of their fucking job!!
12:02 PM Oct 8th from web

No one? No one wants a pretty nice treadmill? It has incline and a built in fan! And more importantly, I need it out of my dining room.
12:21 PM Oct 8th from web

Oh. Okay, that’s it. I’m making some stickers.
1:37 PM Oct 8th from web

Have officially succumbed to the cold; turned thermostat up to 65F and might wear worn out slippers anyway.
1:54 PM Oct 8th from web

This link is crafty-painful: RT @chantalbernard:
2:38 PM Oct 8th from web

How do I have 29 types of glue, 12 types of tape and NONE of them are removable/temporary?!
4:47 PM Oct 8th from web

Okay Slick, I’m officially calling it. No one wants our treadmill; you are clear to dismantle it and appropriate parts as desired.
6:06 PM Oct 8th from web

Now at the stage of tired where perfectly average words look weird and wrong. Going to sleep. Dream well.
2:43 AM Oct 9th from web

Dreams: time- jumping! Yea! Finally back to dream territory I know instead of that dull, stupid non-dream shit. Ahhhh. Better.
9:12 AM Oct 9th from web

Keep forgetting what I’m doing, very distracted this morning. Maybe this delicious cup of coffee can set me on the right track?
9:47 AM Oct 9th from web

There is another enchantingly gentle snowfall in Cheyenne now. Love it.
11:47 AM Oct 9th from web

Craft Night email SENT! Check your inboxes, gals.
12:14 PM Oct 9th from web

Need to drop off mail and pick up some milk & bread to make cocoa & toast (perfect snow weather snacks) but don’t want to leave the house!
4:38 PM Oct 9th from web

FYI, Beer Night guys: if this blizzard keeps up, I will NOT be offering my normal designated driver services – you can hoof it home!
7:17 PM Oct 9th from web
Guess I got my “snowed in” wish. There’s no way I could leave my house even if I did want to.
9:48 AM Oct 10th from web

Left snow shovel in shed & can’t get it without going through 40′ of drift. Those kids that came to the door with their shovel just made $5. I know, they only wanted $5!
3:49 PM Oct 11th from web

Okay Snow, it is Monday and I have to get to the airport – lay off already. Oh yeah, sunshine to get some melt going would be good, too.
9:47 AM Oct 12th from web

Left for DEN early due to weekend snow, but roads were fine after thick fog while leaving WY. Now I sit and wait.
2:07 PM Oct 12th from txt

I know I don’t watch much television, but who gave Tyra Banks a show? I thought it was a joke. Well, it IS a joke …
11:08 PM Oct 12th from web

More telly thoughts: that Progressive insurance with Captain Ahab, that was funny.
11:19 PM Oct 12th from web

My Netflix queue sucks. I may delete the whole thing. I don’t want to watch those movies. Was I drunk?
11:48 PM Oct 12th from web

Difficult to follow conversation with ADHD, multi-tasking customer. Like a ferret on speed! I need coffee to keep up & around.
10:05 AM Oct 13th from web

10:32 AM Oct 13th from web

Partying it up at the casino! Woot!
(the internet really needs a sarcasm tag.)
7:19 PM Oct 13th from txt

Dying from second hand smoke in one night.
8:30 PM Oct 13th from txt

My hair now reeks of cigar smoke, my sweater requires washing and my throat is harshed. Damned smoking bastards.
9:07 PM Oct 13th from web

Dreams: puffins run over by yacht, workman smashed by pallet of falling materials. Are my dreams trying to tell me something?!
7:59 AM Oct 14th from web

Isn’t it time for Girl Scout cookies or those school fund raisers yet? Where are those tempting things – I could go for tasty cookies.
11:59 AM Oct 14th from web

And now off to dinner at a snooty Italian restaurant. Can’t I just have that tasty food in a place where I can wear jeans and a sweater!?
4:34 PM Oct 14th from web

Consternation! Snooty place booked, now at seafood place where everyone is wearing jeans and sweaters. Yargh!
5:08 PM Oct 14th from txt

Resisting dessert, resisting a visit to the neat gift store, resisting, resisting. I am a resistor! Only so much, though.
7:20 PM Oct 14th from web

Frontier has oversold their earlier flight, thus I have zero chance at standby. Now what to do for 5.5 hours in STL airport?
12:53 PM Oct 15th from txt

With this much time I can do everything. To start, I shall watch the boarding of the earlier flight I have no hope of getting a seat on.
1:05 PM Oct 15th from txt

Just saw a STL airport cop zip down the flatscalator whilst riding a Sedgeway. Fast!
1:09 PM Oct 15th from txt

This plane can’t fly fast
Enough into the sunset,
Swiftly to my love.
5:13 PM Oct 15th from txt

And ….Traffic! Damn you construction!
9:47 PM Oct 15th from txt

I’m up and I’m mostly dressed. I’ve had coffee, I’ve checked the internets. What excuse do I have for not getting down to business?!
11:05 AM Oct 16th from web

Cheyenne Oktoberfest this Saturday in the Depot Plaza.
4:36 PM Oct 16th from txt

We’re off to Beer/Craft Night. Woot!
6:28 PM Oct 16th from web

Need coffee-making robot for these chilly, lazy mornings. I’ve been consulting the internets oracle for an hour -without coffee! The horror!
9:43 AM Oct 17th from web

Enjoying a late breakfast at Penny’s Diner. And by breakfast I mean an excuse to eat sinful pie.
11:23 AM Oct 17th from txt

Too late for coffee, too early for bed. Just right for arson.
11:06 PM Oct 17th from web

Phew, Twitter is back. I know it wasn’t down for everyone, but it was for me. I almost logged on to my blog and posted. I know, the work!
11:43 AM Oct 18th from web

Ah, Internets. You are still there. Hello and good morning, my favored oracle.
8:59 AM Oct 19th from web

My craft desk is overflowing with project pieces and parts. I am intimidated, but must forge a path. If only I had a plow …
12:43 PM Oct 19th from web

Was really enjoying a long and loud post-lunch belch before I realized my car windows were down … and so were those of the car next to me.
2:26 PM Oct 19th from txt

Who likes to rock the party? We like to rock the party!
8:18 PM Oct 19th from TwitPic

Dreams: another serial killer, brightly colored, rare kestrels, old trucks, socks. Halloween pranks and old houses.
10:41 AM Oct 20th from web

After an exciting evening of stocking up on toilet paper, pillows & paper towels, then playing three rounds of Scrabble, I am beat. And a very dull person.
1:46 AM Oct 21st from web

Scrabble is just fucking with me now.
12:41 PM Oct 21st from TwitPic
Was wondering why my computer’s sound seemed so quiet til I realized I had my headphones (hanging behind monitor) still plugged in. Need more coffee.
2:30 PM Oct 21st from web

In my dream this morning, I had the perfect coffee. Alas, it was but dream coffee.
10:52 AM Oct 22nd from web

Godiva chocolate truffle coffee is just sinfully good. Like I need more excuses to drink more coffee!
11:58 AM Oct 22nd from web

I think we’ve accidentally stumbled upon playing themed Scrabble.
7:35 PM Oct 22nd from TwitPic

Woke up with nasty headache. Seems an ominous start to the day, but I shall combat such superstition with modern science = pain pills, FTW!
10:09 AM Oct 23rd from web
Forgot I had my speakers on and the automated virus database update message startled me out of my chair!
6:38 PM Oct 23rd from web

Caffeinated, crafting, ordering on Amazon. Must crash soon .. can’t … go on. .
12:55 AM Oct 24th from web
Sleep= FAIL. Too much caffeine yesterday. Guess this means I get an early start today. Hell must be pretty cold right now.
7:34 AM Oct 24th from web

No, I don’t want you to show me how you knit, I don’t like it! Are people daffy?! They’re like knitting evangelicals. Back, knitters, BACK!
9:19 AM Oct 24th from web

OMG Dansko makes boots – I am in trouble.
11:12 AM Oct 24th from TwitPic

Was really tired when I misread this as “farting goat”. RT @1953diygal I want a pet Fainting Goat.
7:43 PM Oct 24th from web

About to watch Slick in his big screen debut at the Lincoln downtown.
12:50 PM Oct 25th from txt

Goodbye wonderful, long weekend of joyous fall and romping. Hello looming week of work.
12:09 AM Oct 26th from web

Way too early.
6:03 AM Oct 26th from web
Very busy at the work. Holding up a wall. Not kidding.
11:14 AM Oct 26th from txt

Well the wall can officially hold itself up now. On to plugging in machines.
2:34 PM Oct 26th from txt

Okay, that sunrise was really pretty and all that, but I would much rather have been asleep. Damned the work, getting me up this early.
7:24 AM Oct 27th from web

Lessons relearned this morning: just because you can fit the whole thing in your mouth doesn’t mean you should.
10:25 AM Oct 27th from txt

Have a serious need to kill some zombies today.
1:07 PM Oct 27th from txt

Snow! Beautifully falling fluffy snow!
5:16 PM Oct 27th from web
Worried about traveling to the work in Denver tomorrow since they just closed parts of 80 and the snow has barely begun yet. Fret!!
6:40 PM Oct 27th from web

This show needs to end! My feet are killing me.
5:02 PM Oct 28th from txt

This long day is almost over. Just a little bit more and I can sleep!
9:37 PM Oct 28th from txt

Dreamed I was fighting a ghost that was trying to smother me. Snorted awake to find my face pressed into a pillow wedged against headboard.
12:01 PM Oct 29th from txt

Damned ghosts.
12:02 PM Oct 29th from txt

Thought I was free from the stupid dinners, but it looks like I might get roped in still. Dammit!
6:28 PM Oct 29th from web

Am I free? I think I’m free. Free to be me! Whee. No, I have not been drinking. Yet.
6:50 PM Oct 29th from web
Mistakenly got Strange Brew instead of the movie I intended. Wondered why there were artifacts in what was supposed to be a new movie.
8:50 PM Oct 29th from web

The highway to my home has been closed for two days. How will I get to my wonderful home tomorrow if it doesn’t open!! Damn you, snow.
9:19 PM Oct 29th from web
WTF is with the continued door-slamming at my hotel?! You loud fuckers have cost me an hour of sleep!
7:16 AM Oct 30th from txt
Last day of standing for hours with a smile pasted on my face. My feet already hurt. Just a few more hours.
9:25 AM Oct 30th from web
Why is the highway still closed, but only in the direction and stretch I require to get home tonight?!
12:13 PM Oct 30th from web
Can’t believe I have been waiting for over three hours for a pallet and some shipping boxes. Suck!
4:46 PM Oct 30th from txt
Gave up on boxes, filled out claim info, shrink-wrapped the hell out of everything we had. Shipping the rest from home. Leaving! At last!
5:53 PM Oct 30th from txt

My arms are tired from hauling servers blocks to the parking garage. But we are leaving!
5:54 PM Oct 30th from txt

And that is the distinct sound of a dead battery!! Woot!
5:55 PM Oct 30th from txt

New battery in! On the road, finally. For reals this time. I have hope!
5:59 PM Oct 30th from txt
And traffic. Denver end of day traffic. Still headed home, but at 20 MPH now.
6:07 PM Oct 30th from txt
HOME!! I am home! I love home, home is great. I’m glad I’m here. I like it here. HOME!!
8:21 PM Oct 30th from web
Continuing my vacillation betwixt and between misanthropy and philanthropy.
11:36 AM Oct 31st from web
OH! Oh! Glue explosion! Gem-tac everywhere!
12:13 PM Oct 31st from web
Ah, it’s Halloween! That’s why everyone is dressed funny.
3:27 PM Oct 31st from txt
Ewww, coffee on top of sushi is not so good. Cucumber plus mocha equals unpleasant.
3:39 PM Oct 31st from txt
Hey, Surly Bookstore Guy is dressed all out as a pirate. Nice costume!
3:41 PM Oct 31st from txt
Ah, um… Surly Bookstore Guy isn’t working today. He’s just lurking. In costume.
3:45 PM Oct 31st from txt

Time to dust off the old witch hat. No, really. It is covered in dust.
6:59 PM Oct 31st from web

8:48 PM Oct 31st from TwitPic

So far we’ve had a total of four trick-or-treaters. WTF kids! Is it really so hard to put on a mask and ring the doorbell for candy?!?
9:15 PM Oct 31st from web

Jul 312009

Left GPS at home. Thought Google Map directions were going to get me carjacked, but made it just fine to the damn fine doughnut shop. Rock.
6:33 AM Jul 1st from txt

And now to fill the next five hours while enduring blisters (no walking to kill time) and without spending extra money (on crap I don’t need, like more prize bag stuff).
8:47 AM Jul 1st from txt

From plane to car: 1901 steps. Now to begin the drive home.
4:46 PM Jul 1st from txt

The new look for Followers is annoying – I want the people I block to be completely gone promptly. Don’t need to see pornbot avatars linger!
10:30 AM Jul 2nd from web

Note to self: beating cell phone against desk does not resolve issue that angered you. Leave poor cell phone alone!
10:36 AM Jul 2nd from web

>> @AlphaMaven wrote: I was just rick rolled in ATL at 6am 🙁
4:08 AM Jul 2nd from TwitterBerry

@AlphaMaven Rickrolled in ATL at 0600? Was it better than being duck rolled?
9:56 AM Jul 2nd from web in reply to AlphaMaven

>> @Sarcastra umm, maybe? i don’t know what duck rolled is, and google wasn’t much help on that. though a 0600 rickroll after a redeye wasnt fun
12:06 PM Jul 2nd from Tweetie in reply to Sarcastra

@AlphaMaven Duckroll: Same type of thing, instead of a misdirect to a video or song, it was a misdirect to a picture of a duck on wheels.
A duck on wheels, AKA: #duckrolled.
12:09 PM Jul 2nd from web in reply to AlphaMaven

>> @Sarcastra is that like the bunny with a pancake on its head?
Bunny with a pancake on its head, AKA: #BWAPOIH.
12:29 PM Jul 2nd from Tweetie in reply to Sarcastra

@AlphaMaven Yes, so much so that I tried to work out how I could fit “bunny with a pancake on its head” into the previous Tweet, but failed.
1:56 PM Jul 2nd from web in reply to AlphaMaven

>> @Sarcastra what about the tag #BWAPOIH ?
3:19 PM Jul 2nd from TwitterBerry

Yeah, #BWAPOIH ! I can get behind that!
3:33 PM Jul 2nd from web

Win the latest prize bag …. and have a laugh while you’re at it.
3:36 PM Jul 2nd from web

Oh yes, blond dingbat in coffee shop, I’m sure it is a shock to your delicate & refined sensibilities that ANOTHER Robinhood movie is coming! Sheesh. Chill out.
4:41 PM Jul 2nd from txt

Bunny with a pancake on its head, AKA: #BWAPOIH.
My day right now feels like #BWAPOIH.
4:43 PM Jul 2nd from txt

Long weekends mean luxurious baths with breakfast and books.
9:42 AM Jul 3rd from web

Ever had an unexpected nap and felt like all your sleep gathered and pooled on the side of your face you slept on? No? Just me then, huh?
5:34 PM Jul 3rd from web

Just saw another nasty accident at Converse & Dell Range. That intersection is cursed, I swear.
7:57 PM Jul 3rd from txt

Constantly running on the ticker tape across brain: “Well it makes sense in my head!”
1:56 AM Jul 4th from web

Funniest thing in my dreams this morning: bunnies with leopard spot fur.
10:45 AM Jul 4th from web

Immediate responsibilities fulfilled. I am now free to play computer games as desired. Free! FREE!!
4:31 PM Jul 4th from web

Thanks, Cheyenne, for yet another absolutely smashing and spectacular fireworks display. Well done.
1:45 AM Jul 5th from web

Most mundane dream item this morning: one ounce tube of toothpaste. I was very excited. Too much travel.
11:39 AM Jul 5th from web

Alright, computer games are really fun, but the time flies.
1:59 AM Jul 6th from web

Coolest item in my dream this morning: paddle wheel personal airship. Oddest: outlined goat women.
9:48 AM Jul 6th from web

Cheyenne is getting pelted by an impressive hail storm right now. Spooky is freaking out.
2:55 PM Jul 6th from web

Well, that was an incredible hail storm. The cat is checking the house integrity now. The rose blooms have been battered to death.
3:09 PM Jul 6th from web

Dreams: Had to break up a showing of the Church of Irony, w/ the Sacred Iron Scroll on display. They had a permit, but were run by a madman.
9:24 AM Jul 7th from web

Did I sleep next to magnets and erase part of my memory? Why can’t I remember my passwords this morning?!
9:49 AM Jul 7th from web

No, stupid retail pattern, I will not do paper piecing – you suck. I shall conquer you with MATH! Take that, lameness. Later. After coffee.
10:29 AM Jul 7th from web

So, Cheyenne, the free movie in the park tonight is “Iron Man” at the Lions Park amphitheater. That may be worth a sunset walk & picnic.
1:29 PM Jul 7th from web

Internets, I am ashamed of you. Enough of the grief porn already. There is a world beyond celebrities & melodrama, I swear it.
3:21 PM Jul 7th from web

Again with the hail!
3:49 PM Jul 7th from web

Werewolves? No. Very werewolves? No.
12:53 AM Jul 8th from web

10:09 AM Jul 8th from web

Screw it all. I’m going to play games.
2:23 PM Jul 8th from web

Dreams: Tried to visit my sister in California while there for work. Rental car turned into a moped after I wondered about CA cell phone use
9:51 AM Jul 9th from web

Dreams: An old friend had a heart attack after being razzed. Recovery included listening to an uncharacteristic pop song in ambulance.
9:56 AM Jul 9th from web

Dreams: Visited a Scientology center. They tried to get me to use auto grease as hand cream. And their walk-in freezer was turned off.
9:57 AM Jul 9th from web

Ooof, killing zombies really takes it out of you. Need sleep.
2:22 AM Jul 10th from web

Dreams: if an ensorcelled lacey coverlet falls in love with one on Halloween, just go with it. Easier than the bitter, rejected coverlet taking revenge.
9:51 AM Jul 10th from web

Denver traffic sucks!
5:10 PM Jul 10th from txt

Dreams: was very, very tired, but had to make it though the woods before I could sleep. Kept losing path, heard pranksters about, kept going …
9:35 AM Jul 11th from web

Dreams: Made it to clearing with great relief that I could finally sleep safely. New dream: ran in to an friend I last saw 12 years ago.
9:36 AM Jul 11th from web

Dreams: She showed me some of my drawings had been published, then mocked my software. Nice to see her. Lots more crap, not worthy of type.
9:38 AM Jul 11th from web

Am in significant need of steak, eggs & coffee. And foot rub. And dessert. And shoes before I can leave the house. Wake up, Slick!!
10:48 AM Jul 11th from web

For the love of all that is atheistic, be kind to shaggy-haired gals, today. Please.
11:40 AM Jul 11th from web

Dreams were too epic length for Twitter. You are excused from dream recollection today as it may interfere with coffee making and drinking.
9:39 AM Jul 12th from web

Two Swallowtail butterflies are playing in my back yard. Pretty.
11:55 AM Jul 12th from web

My workshop is a Sarcastra convection oven, despite my attempts to make the fans REMOVE the hot air. The battle continues.
11:53 PM Jul 12th from web
ATTN: Clothing manufacturers; please make tops for busty gals! We can’t help where we gain our weight! Don’t make us resort to DIY clothes!
10:25 AM Jul 13th from web
Wouldn’t you think that an old west place like Cheyenne, WY would have real fabric stores? We barely have quilting fabric stores. For shame!
11:00 AM Jul 13th from web
Day was derailed by last minute meeting in Ft. Collins. Got almost nothing done besides that. Would like to be playing games. Maybe tomorrow.
11:19 PM Jul 13th from web
Changing to Entourage on my laptop after umpteenth critical failure of Mail. Now importing emails from 6/2008 – slow! Going to have cereal.
9:50 AM Jul 14th from web
And now I get to experience the mind-numbing trial of reorganizing all 982 emails to new folders. Better be worth it or we’ll be scrubbing!!
12:10 PM Jul 14th from web
Imported now up to 1160! I cannot sort as fast as Entourage can import from Mail. Emails are storming the folders, Bastille-celebratory-like.
12:40 PM Jul 14th from web
Lo! Behold! I am the Great junk store Scourer! I shall find all the 10 pack of zippers for $1.50 and ancient snaps! Yield to my crafty will!
5:59 PM Jul 14th from web
Crafty inspiration burning bright … and right when I’m hungry. Poor timing, Muse.
9:50 PM Jul 14th from web
Moodlet: Inspired!! Woot!
1:17 AM Jul 15th from web
Dreams: summary; nanotechnology can be an amazingly cool and a coldly terrifying thing in the future of floating buildings and platforms.
9:25 AM Jul 15th from web
I DON’T WANT TO GO!! I’m having work resistance. I’ll be fine once I’m on the road, but I can feel my heels digging in while I’m still here.
11:19 AM Jul 15th from web
DEN economy East is full. Haven’t seen that before.
2:28 PM Jul 15th from txt
(was meant to read DEN economy lot)
I hate you, BlackBerry! You increase my typos.
2:36 PM Jul 15th from txt
A salad can be so unsatisfying when one really wants pizza. Damn hard-to-reprogram brain!
2:56 PM Jul 15th from txt
Rental car smells heavily of Old Spice. Sort of comforting.
6:18 PM Jul 15th from txt
Yes, my Tom Tom XLS burns through battery faster than my BB, but I don’t care. I would feed it fresh blood if it wanted. This thing is great!
6:37 PM Jul 15th from txt
My show is missing scenes. Each missing scene is labeled as missing. Distracting! The down side of downloading your telly.
9:03 PM Jul 15th from web
Not a fan of early morning meetings in a forward time zone. Makes for very short nights and I like my nights.
12:19 AM Jul 16th from web
Waiting patiently in the cool morning weather to be let into the building where I will do the work.
7:46 AM Jul 16th from txt
The work got a bit messy and the hopeful plan for my day cracked and shattered into tiny, tired pieces. Hungry, tired, wired.
6:09 PM Jul 16th from txt
Why are all the people on the telly fat? Why are the cars all squat? What is this “ratio” button on the remote?
11:35 PM Jul 16th from txt
Tired, Present me promises Future me she can sleep as long as she wants tomorrow.
7:42 AM Jul 17th from txt
Hope I get a second wind for the drive from DEN to Cheyenne. Then a third wind for Craft Night. Then a LOT of sleep before the work again.
12:46 PM Jul 17th from txt
Damn you, flight delays! You are personifying into a demon for me.
12:58 PM Jul 17th from txt
Craft Night with the lovely AmyKat was very nice and now I will collapse in exhaustion. Tweet you guys in 10 hours or so! Dream hard!
10:17 PM Jul 17th from txt
My workshop is so hot I’m tempted to knock a hole in the wall and cram an AC unit into it. Tempted.
3:01 PM Jul 18th from web
Dreams: Zombies? Zombies! Lots of damned zombies. Ammo resupply. And before that, school buses, one old and one new. Dull dreams, over all.
8:56 AM Jul 19th from web
Woot! Most of the work done! Now I just have to pack so I’m not stumbling around at o’dark thirty and falling over my suitcase.
2:05 PM Jul 19th from web
Hearing the Frontier Days concert from my house clearly. Hmm.
9:03 PM Jul 19th from web
Just finished a long walk in the light rain in downtown Cheyenne. My hair is a snarled tangle, but that breeze & cold raindrops felt great.
10:00 PM Jul 19th from web
Solo Cow Game is predictable. ALL YOUR COWS ARE BELONG TO ME! No fun with no passenger to play with.
7:53 AM Jul 20th from txt
DEN security lines very bad this morning: 52 min. Add a far away gate change & I nearly missed my boarding. Missed breakfast, regetting now.
8:20 AM Jul 20th from txt
I think that when your own, overblown security is preventing you from fixing bugs and problems, you should reconsider. And seek therapy!
3:16 PM Jul 20th from web
The work is dissolving into a hot, sticky mess. Not having fun. Maybe the problems will just go away if I get some sleep. #wishfulthinking
5:15 PM Jul 20th from web
Just had 6,000 calorie dinner at a grimy Waffle House. Will now either culture a disease, yak, or go into grease coma. Taking bets, weigh in!
7:51 PM Jul 20th from web
People! Give me the information I need! I hate sitting here while the clock is running and I’m NOT doing the work! I am here for a reason.
9:57 AM Jul 21st from web
More data entry! Accidentally, periodically zoning out.
5:03 PM Jul 21st from web
It seems that the added stress of working three hour late can be unwound with a snifter shot of Jameson and a rare steak.
7:01 PM Jul 21st from txt
How is it only Tuesday?? It feels like Thursday. Suck.
10:50 PM Jul 21st from web
Just heard a tiny girl spouting that “if you don’t read the bible you don’t love Christ”. She can’t read yet. Brainwashing starts so early.
11:40 AM Jul 22nd from txt
Today has turned out a lot better than yesterday. I don’t think a medicinal whiskey will be required after the work this evening. I hope.
3:41 PM Jul 22nd from web
Just had one of those surprise naps, when you didn’t mean to nap, barely recall laying down, but wake up an hour later, fully napped. Nice.
7:18 PM Jul 22nd from web
And now it is very late, or very early depending on which side you’re looking at it from. My side is the one that will be tired tomorrow.
12:40 AM Jul 23rd from web
So far today has been lots of fluff, emails and frustration, little productivity. It could be worse, I could be on fire. I do have a job.
9:33 AM Jul 23rd from web
Watching streaming of CFD parade on laptop while I wait for the work. I must be homesick.
9:44 AM Jul 23rd from web
10:07 AM Jul 23rd from web
The work is trying to kill me. Just now quit for the night. Knackered!
7:20 PM Jul 23rd from txt
The countdown clock on the work has started! Only a few hours till I can begin the long trip to my wonderful home.
8:47 AM Jul 24th from web
Rain in Houston is weird. The heat and humidity don’t go away, there are just room temperature raindrops added.
10:38 AM Jul 24th from web
Finally! Finally on a plane that will get me closer to home. It has been a very long workweek. This weekend should keep me sane before more.
1:45 PM Jul 24th from txt
The word “fuckstick” just sounds so … priapic, don’t you think?
9:35 PM Jul 24th from web
I am up before 0800. Something is wrong with my life.
7:58 AM Jul 25th from web
Dreams: snake worshipers burned down our house with copious amounts of gasoline. We saved Spooky, our stuff, then got a big insurance check.
8:01 AM Jul 25th from web
Sushi for breakfast = life is getting back on track. I approve.
1:26 PM Jul 25th from web
I am the Garlic Dragon! Fear my breath!
2:21 PM Jul 25th from txt
Finally got some crafting done. Now to pack for ANOTHER week away for the work. I’m getting cranky about all these long, away stretches.
8:03 PM Jul 26th from web
Time at home goes way too fast.
1:37 PM Jul 27th from web
Actually, I don’t mind waiting 3.5 hours due to a delayed flight this once. I have a lot of email and such to get done. Works out for me.
6:52 PM Jul 27th from web
I am overscheduled. I need a way out. I have to get my swap stuff done. If only I got sick more easily … Nah. Maximize weekends? Yeargh!!!
8:44 AM Jul 28th from web
I miss home. I miss Spooky. I miss Slick. I am tired and need sleep. This is not a good Tweet.
5:25 PM Jul 28th from txt
Okay, two problems down. Now to actually start the work and see what pops up. Wish me luck!
7:47 AM Jul 29th from web
Wow. Less than one hour into the work and already a major meltdown. I’m going to start looking for a new job. Or hide under a rock, maybe.
9:44 AM Jul 29th from web
Well of course they are testing the alarm system here with me. When and where else would they do it?!?
11:08 AM Jul 29th from web
At the cougar bar in Frontenac, feeling out of place.
4:57 PM Jul 29th from txt
I’d ask the lady next to me where she got her great purse, but she is really busy getting too close to the very senior guy next to her.
5:39 PM Jul 29th from txt
Phew!! The work obligation of a big dinner and conversation in a nice Tuscan restaurant is fulfilled! Now I am free!
7:45 PM Jul 29th from txt
Yesterday went surprisingly well. Now if nothing blows up before I get out of here, I’ll be grateful.
8:41 AM Jul 30th from web
And there it is! The big meltdown of the work I was afraid would happen. Dammit.
10:16 AM Jul 30th from txt
Should know better than to get my hopes up-it stings when they’re dashed. Better to have simple plans that can be tossed-no hopes attached.
11:10 AM Jul 30th from web
Okay, the work is about halfway done for today. Just waiting on more information, as is often the case.
11:56 AM Jul 30th from web
This is going to be a long night.
4:50 PM Jul 30th from web
That’s Numberwang!!
9:09 PM Jul 30th from txt
Slick has diverted my itching into bitching. Not sure if this is an improvement.
2:10 PM Jul 31st from txt
Had caffeine!! Love coffee!! Feel great now! Woot!
7:01 PM Jul 31st from txt
Note: dead cat background with I am a sucker text.
9:12 PM Jul 31st from txt

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